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5 Steps How to Prepare for a Move

5 Steps How to Prepare for a Move

How to Prepare for A Move?


Now that you have made the decision to move, no matter the reason, and that the date is set, the next decision to make to prepare for a move is to determine how you’ll transfer your belongings from point A to point B. The choice is usually between doing it yourself (with friends to be paid with pizza and beer), with all the unforeseen events that this entails, or opt for the professional services of a moving company that can take care of everything for you, professionally.

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The option to use professional movers is the most reassuring way to prepare for a move. Those professionals will take great care of your belongings, which will arrive at the destination in perfect condition. Demenagement Total is an excellent choice to accompany you in this important transition that is a move.
Then, you have lots of small and large details to take care. Here are some tips for you.

1. List of Things to Do

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Just as any other complex task, you’ll notice that to prepare for a move, you’ll need to complete many tasks. With all these things you already have to deal with daily, like work, kids, etc., it could be very easy to forget a few. That’s especially true if you haven’t moved in a while. The best approach is thus to make a list of things to do (the checklist). This list will be relatively long and will have different sections for various themes.

Since that checklist will be long and it will have many pages, you should store those sheets in a binder or a mini file folder, to sort everything nicely. A small accordion folder will also allow you to include important documents for moving day, like your new lease or purchase agreement, your contract with the moving company or the truck rental company. That’s an excellent way to prepare for a move, since you’ll have all the important documents at the same place.

2. Change of Address

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Of course, with a move there’s a ton of changes of address to complete, since we are registered in a great number of places. Hopefully, there are ways to simplify your life when you have to prepare for a move.

We think, of course, to major institutions, like banks, credit card and insurance companies. A tip that will save you lots of troubles as you are planning to prepare for a move: two months ahead of your move, begin to pile all your incoming mail at the same place. This way, you’ll have the complete list of things coming to your home and it will be easier to make the changes of address.

Then, the government of Quebec offers the Service quebecois de changement d’adresse (Quebec service for change of address) which is a one-stop-shop for changing your address to seven ministries and agencies in one simple operation. However, we must not forget the federal government, in particular the Canada Revenue Agency.

Finally, as an additional safety net, also ask Canada Post to forward your mail, to catch up everything you might have forgotten.

3. Sorting Your Belongings

Whether or not we want it, we all pile-up things that we don’t use or need anymore. We all have furniture that won’t be useful at the new address, because they’re too old or because the new location is too small. One great thing to prepare for a move is first to do an inventory, formal or not, of your belongings and see what will go to the new place.

For the rest, you have many options when you are ready to prepare for a move. You can do a yard sale, place your items on Kijiji, on Facebook or eBay to make a bit of money. For unsold items or other items, look for charity or second-hand stores around you, to recycle instead of throwing away.

4. Packing

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Packing your belongings is a real puzzle, because you first need to have enough quality boxes, besides all the other required supplies. A good way to prepare for a move is to leave the packing of your goods to professionals who will be able to offer you a turnkey solution and free you of this daunting task.
But, if you choose to pack yourself, here are a few tips related to packing to keep in mind to prepare for a move.

  • Use boxes in good condition;
  • Do not mix up fragile items with those that are not—and properly identify boxes with fragile items;
  • Do not overload boxes.

5. Pack your Suitcases

Another great idea to prepare for a move is to pack a suitcase for each family member. Do as if you were going on a one-week vacation and pack clothes and other things, like toiletries, you’ll need for the first few days at your new place. If possible, store in the bed sheets you have used for your last night at the old address, to have everything easily available once at the new address. This could be a game for the children, and they’ll have the impression to go on a vacation with a few of their toys.

Furniture and Appliances

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During the very last days before moving, make sure all the drawers of your furniture are empty, because that will greatly ease up their transportation, besides reducing the risk of breakage. One element most people forget as they prepare for a move is the household appliances.

You need to empty both the fridge and the freezer completely and, of course, defrost the freezer if needed. If you want to keep food, transport it in your car and use a cooler. It’s also important to unplug the fridge and other appliances many hours before the move, to give them time to cool down. For some appliances, like the stove, the washing and drying machines, our expert movers could take care of the unplugging for you.


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It is important to be well prepared for a move, and using the services of a professional mover like Demenagement Total will help you in this complex operation. Those tips will facilitate your preparations and reduce the stress of this major event. Moving isn’t a fun operation, but it can be experienced with less stress if you prepare yourself well, and not wait until the last moment to do everything at once.

A good planning, with a good tracking of things to be done, and the help of professional and experienced movers can totally change your moving experience, and that will allow you to see that important change to a new environment more positively.


What are the most important steps when preparing for a move?
Make the checklist; sort out your belongings; wrap everything you can; pack your suitcases.
Should I empty my fridge before moving?
Definitively yes. By emptying the fridge or the refrigerator, its weight will be less heavy and and the food will be transported in separate containers safely.
Should I unplug the washer and dryer before moving?
It is strongly recommended to unplug all the appliances before the moving process. However, the movers are used to that procedure.
How can I save some money for my move?
Get well prepared, pack properly the boxes, undo the furniture, unplug the appliances, take with you essential, heavy and large objects only.
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