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Best Movers in Laval

Best Movers in Laval

How to Choose the Best Movers in Laval: Tips and Advice

Déménagement Total is the top moving company in Laval for many reasons. But it really boils down to one thing. We provide the very best moving services for the most competitive price. What more can you ask for in a moving company in Laval?

We’re ready to be your resource for moving all over Laval, the province of Quebec and all of Canada. Finding the best movers in Laval is easy when you rely on Déménagement Total to handle your move. Whether big or small, our expert Laval movers have you covered.

What Makes Us the Best Movers in Laval?

At Déménagement Total, we take moving seriously. Moving is a multifaceted process and doing it the right way requires more than a guy and a truck. You need experts who understand the intricacies presented in a moving situation.

Our Laval movers have gone through a rigorous training process in the following disciplines:

  • Packing Services. Packing involves understanding the structure of packing materials and understanding the physics involved in packing items in a way that maintains the structural strength of a box. Our goal of offering professional packing services is to guarantee your precious items are kept in pristine condition during transport. We do this so meticulously, our moving company in Laval guarantees it!
  • Disassembly Services. Our Laval movers go through a dynamic training procedure where they are exposed to many of the popular brands of furniture and educated in how to properly disassemble it. We then will wrap each piece of disassembled furniture in blankets, pads, and plastic wrap to protect the finish of each piece. Done incorrectly and fine furniture can be scraped or scratched, causing permanent damage to the pieces. Our Laval movers are very serious about ensuring your items are properly cared for during the moving process.
  • Reassembly Services. When your furniture finds its new home, our Laval moves will reassemble each item. Each washer and screw will be returned to its original place. Our Moving Company in Laval carefully trains each mover to know the skills involved in this delicate task making us the best movers in Laval.
  • Unpacking Service. Once the truck is unloaded and all your boxes are safely in the correct rooms of your new home, our Laval movers will unpack your items and put them away in their new spaces. This will be done with care and precision, treating each item as if it was a valuable piece of art.
  • Heavy Item Moving. Our best movers in Laval are professional piano movers and pool table movers. This is a specialized trade in its own right. There are many things to know about moving a piano or pool table that makes it nearly impossible for an amateur to move it without causing any damage. Our movers have years of experience moving both of these large household items. We can even replace the table felt for your pool table or for snooker table. Make sure you call the best movers in Laval to get these big jobs done right!
  • Recycle removal. When all is said it done, our best movers in Laval won’t just walk away leaving a mess. We will remove all packing materials and trash from your premises. We will leave your home spotless and looking as if we were never even there.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Our moving company in Laval considers this the pinnacle of a successful business. Our customers are number 1 and every employee of Déménagement Total will treat each customer with respect, kindness and understanding in all situations. You never have to worry about a rude mover. Our movers have proper etiquette, are polite and will work their hardest to give you the best experience while moving.

When it comes to the best movers in Laval, Déménagement Total takes first place. Our Laval movers have made moving a career and they pride themselves in providing the very best service for the very best pricing in all of Laval. When you call us for a FREE estimate, you will notice that we offer reasonable prices for high-quality services. Imagine getting the very best quality for a great price? That’s what you get with Déménagement Total.

Check Us Out

best movers in LavalIf you’re still not convinced that we are the best movers in Laval, check out our website. You will see by our transparency that we have nothing to hide. We are an honest and hardworking moving company that genuinely cares about providing top notch service to our customers.

You can read through online reviews to see the excellent experiences our previous customers have had with our moving company in Laval. Many of our customers are customers for life. Calling on Déménagement Total for all their moving needs throughout the years.

We have left a lasting impact on our customers because when you do what you love, people love what you do. We love moving and it really shows in the quality of our workmanship.

Check out our YouTube channel here to see how we love sharing tips with our customers. We are here to serve you and help make moving a stress-free experience for you and your family or business making us the best movers in Laval.

We Offer Residential and Commercial Services with A Smile

Our Moving Company in Laval offers both residential and commercial moving services to our customers in Laval. So, whether you are moving a small apartment to a large estate home, our movers are happy to help you with the details of your move.

If you are moving your business and need our commercial services, we can assist you with that as well. We have moved restaurants, bars, offices, warehouses, medical facilities, bakeries, just to name a few. We have various truck sizes, and the specialties equipment and know-how to move even the largest commercial equipment and appliances.

Need to Consolidate Your Move? No Problem!

best movers in LavalIf you have a small move and don’t have many items a consolidated move may be right for you. Our Laval movers will come and take your things and store them if need be in one of our storage facilities. When a truck is ready to take your things to your final destination, your items will be shipped along with others moving to Laval. This is a great option to save some money if you are going through a divorce or separation, moving a small number of things, or even a student moving out of their parents’ home. We even have student rates available!

Déménagement Total Is Totally Professional

Being the best movers in Laval requires dedication, hard-work, perseverance and excellence in service, every time, no exceptions. We make that promise to our customers, no matter what kind of move you are making, we are here to provide you with an exceptional experience, every single time. We don’t like to toot our own horn, but when it comes to the best movers in Laval, we call it like it is. We are the cream of the crop. Find out for yourself today! Give us a call or click the link to get a FREE estimate to get started with your move to Laval.

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