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Planning A Big Move to Montreal?

Planning A Big Move to Montreal?

Big Move to Montreal


A big move is a transfer that implies a large volume of belongings. That could be the case for a large home, a store or an office. Often, those articles fill up many trucks. You then need to have the required skills and resources to manage such a massive transfer, and ideally in a single trip to shorten the duration of the move itself, especially if it’s done over a long distance, because then round trips are costly in both time and money.

If you have to make a big move to Montreal, or in the surrounding cities, you need to use the services of a reliable and experienced company, like Demenagement Total, to skip all the worries and bring you a great peace of mind, because you’ll know that all your belongings, big and small, will be transported with great care. We can even handle the packing of your items using the most appropriate boxes.

Big Move = Massive Resources

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Déménagement Montreal

Like everywhere else, you need to have massive resources to carry out effectively a big move to Montreal. Moving a large quantity of belongings implies one of two things: a small vehicle and many round trips to transfer everything, or large trucks to do as few round trips as possible.

At Demenagement Total, we have massive resources in terms of trucks and movers to take care of a big move to Montreal. We have all the resources to handle the biggest moves, whether they are residential or commercial.

First, we have a large fleet of trucks, including big ones, of course, to transfer a large volume of belongings in a single trip. We can easily assign multiple trucks to your move, as needed. Each truck is equipped with all the supplies to transport your items and is accompanied by two or three movers.

Besides having the necessary massive material and human resources, Demenagement Total also has the required expertise for all the beforehand planning of a big move to Montreal. The greater the number of items to move, the more important the planning is in order to ensure to have all the appropriate resources to complete the move as quickly as possible.

Meticulous Packing Service

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Déménagement Montreal

A big move to Montreal means not only a lot of items to transfer but also often large furniture or heavy household appliances, as well as a ton of items more or less fragile. Our professional movers can take care of disassembling your large furniture (like bookcases, bed structures, pool tables, etc.) to better protect them for the move, while reassembling them once at the destination, of course.

Our expert movers can take care of the transportation of your belongings in total security, they can also take care of your items right from the packing moment, ensuring they are packed and protected properly for a big move to Montreal.

We have all the boxes, cases and other resistant container appropriate to ensure a meticulous and careful packaging to protect your belongings, no matter their size or their fragility. We even have wardrobe boxes to easily transfer your clothes while keeping them on the hangers during a big move to Montreal.

For larger or more fragile items like art pieces, we can create boxes and crates to perfectly fit around them for an optimal protection.

Across the Street, or the Country

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Déménagement Montreal

For a small or a big move to Montreal, or anywhere else, we offer you an excellent service at an unbeatable price. Whether you move across the street, the city, the province or even the country, our teams are at your disposal for any type of move, over any distance.

Our multiple teams of movers and our many trucks can easily handle a big move to Montreal, whether it’s to the Montreal area, or from the Montreal area to any other part of the province or the country.

To carry out the transfer of a large home or a business over a long distance, it’s very important to have many available trucks as well as people going with them. We also have many partners in other cities. If you want to carry out a big move from Montreal to Toronto, for example, you will only have to pay the driver of each truck to go to Toronto, because we’ll have employees from a partner there to unload the truck. So, if six movers loaded two trucks, only two drivers will go to Toronto, saving you lots of money this way.

In Summary

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Déménagement Montreal

As we just saw, taking care of a big move to Montreal can be a very complex operation because of the sheer number of items to pack and transport, or that can be very simple. To make it a simple operation, opt to enlist the help of an experienced and professional team that has all the material and human resources to carry out the transfer of your belongings successfully, no matter how big your move can be.

Demenagement Total can easily handle a big move to Montreal and assign to it as many moving trucks and movers as needed to complete the operation in the shortest possible time. We also have many teams of movers who can pack up, transport, and unpack your belongings in a quick and professional manner. Our teams of professionals can meticulously pack your items, as well as disassemble then reassemble all your big furniture in order to facilitate their transfer and their protection with the proper wrapping.

We can easily take care of your big move to Montreal as well as to any other destination in the country, professionally and with a turnkey solution.


How to smoothly organize a big move?
Hire a reputable moving company only; make properly the boxes; plan the move a few months beforehand, if possible; sort our your belongings.
What is the normal weight of a moving box?
Generally, the weight of each box should not exceed 20-25 lbs (9-12kg), so that the mover would be capable to carry 2-3 boxes at a time without significant efforts.
How many movers should I hire for my big move?
A big move is commonly performed by 3, 4 or 5 movers. Note that a surplus of people working at the same time could cause chaos.
How much would it cost to carry out a big move to Montreal?
The price is proportional to the total duration of the moving process according to the personal effects of the client.
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