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Fixed Price Moving Services

Fixed Price Moving Services

Fixed Price Moving Services in Montreal, on the South Shore and the North Shore

When we think of fixed price moving services, we think of an all-inclusive package price for a small delivery, a small move, a small furniture assembly, a piano move, a pool table move or a long-distance move.

Each of the moving companies in Montreal, in Quebec and in Canada has its own pricing policy and personalized pricing rules for its clients. Déménagement Total always tries to be flexible in terms of the price offered and to adapt to the needs of each of our customers so that they are satisfied with the option provided.

At this level, our company quite often offers all-inclusive fixed prices for certain types of services. These are all-inclusive flat-rate prices that lead to less customer stress, no matter the circumstances of the process.

However, to offer you fixed price moving services, our company has established a set of rules according to the service as follows:

Small Delivery at A Fixed Price

It’s really seldom when we charge an hourly rate for a delivery of a few pieces locally or over a long distance. Therefore, we almost exclusively offer fixed prices for such a service.

The all-inclusive price for a delivery always depends on:
– effects to be delivered or moved
– stairs at both locations
– the distance between the two addresses
– the delivery date

Usually, the price for local delivery ranges between $250 and $400 and this includes from 1 to 4 items. The price can also be adjusted in the case of dismantling a fridge, additional stop, unplugging a washer and/or dryer, etc.

Small Move at A Fixed Price

Fixed Price Moving Services - 2
Fixed price moving services

We also offer fixed price moving services for a small move to Montreal if dealing with no more than 5-7 heavy objects (furniture and appliances) and up to 5-7 small items (boxes, suitcases, bags, etc.).

The pricing in the case of a small move is formed out according to the information provided by the client, which must correspond 100% to reality in order to avoid extras.

We are eligible for adjusting the price if the customer changes the list of the stuff without previous notice. We are transparent and we do rely on the transparency of the information provided by the client. This is the key factor for a mutual transparency.

We do not offer fixed price moving services, even for small removals as such, if there are such circumstances as:
– need to dismantle and reassemble the furniture
– parking the truck away from the front door when working hours are longer
– snow removal to have access
– elevator not reserved for delivery and when the waiting period is long

Small Furniture Assembly at Fixed Prices

When assembling furniture there can always be unforeseen events. This is why fixed prices are applied less often.

However, our company offers a fixed price for the furniture assembly service if it is standard furniture (1 or 2 pieces) like IKEA, BRICK or STRUCTUBE when we have norms and standards for working time.

In the case of several items of furniture to be assembled or when it comes to non-standard furniture to be installed, we will apply hourly rates depending on the complexity of the project and the number of assemblers.

All-Inclusive Fixed Price Moving Services – Long-Distance

fixe price moving

For any type of delivery or move over a distance of more than 300km between the two addresses, we offer all-inclusive fixed prices. The idea of the flat rate is to make the process easier for the customer and to avoid charging the expenses related to mileage, gas, motel, packing material, etc.

As always, Déménagement Total takes a very careful approach to the rates offered for long-distance moves. In order to offer a transparent and all-inclusive price for a long-distance move, our representative will ask you for several relevant information for an accurate estimate.

Usually, we only accept online quote requests for a long-distance move with an exact list of stuff to be moved.

We also visit our customers for on-site estimates. However, taking into account the current circumstances linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are avoiding home visits as much as possible.

Fixed Price Movers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Fixed Price Moving Services - 5
Fixed price moving services

The advantages of fixed price moving services are:
– less stress for the customer
– no surprises on payment
– no truck travel costs
– very advantageous in the case of long-distance moves when we provide you with a turnkey service, since all the expenses related to travel (gas expenses), packaging, accommodation, etc. are included in the price

The disadvantages of fixed price moving services are:
– if the customer deviates from the exact list of the stuff, additional costs might occur and the price could be adjusted according to the new circumstances
– in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as snow removal from the entrance, dismantling or reassembling the doors of a fridge for example or an entrance door or furniture, the working time will be much longer and, therefore, the fixed price will be adjusted

Fixed Price Moving Services With No Extra

fixed price moving

Dear potential and existent clients !

We want you to understand that, even offering you fixed price moving services, the total cost of a move is formed out according to the pricing rules in the case of a move paid by the hour (please see our prices).

That is to say, we approximate the working time and we take into account the distance to be covered between the addresses and we multiply at the hourly rate according to the time of the year, the difficulty of the work, the number of movers as well as the equipment we use.

In conclusion, the aim of our offer of fixed price moving services is to reduce stress for the client, to avoid unpleasant surprises with extras and to avoid as much as possible misunderstanding between the client and us at the time of the explanation of the calculation formula for the whole move.


Why is it better to take advantage of a fixed price moving service?
In the case of small moves or deliveries of a few items, the fixed price moving service is much more logical, because no unpleasant surprises are tolerated (there are no hidden costs, no extras, no travel expenses).
Is it good to hire a fixed price moving company for a long distance?
Definitely YES. In the case of a long distance move, the most suitable package for the customer would be a long distance move at a fixed price, which will eliminate any additional costs from the very start and so that a budgetary transparency is well established.
How much does a fixed price moving service cost?
The price of a fixed price moving service is established according to several criteria such as: the date, the number of items to be moved, the distance between addresses, stairs or floors, heavy or fragile objects to be moved, etc. Usually, such a service in Montreal costs between $300 and $600.
Why do many moving companies not offer fixed price moving services?
The service of a fixed price move is a fairly responsible task since a very rigorous estimate is required in order to establish the right price without making mistakes. It is an exercise requiring a lot of effort on the part of the appraiser who considers all the circumstances of the move.
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