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Moving L’Epiphanie

Moving L’Epiphanie

Real estate market is booming with the COVID-19 sanitary crisis; many people want to leave large cities like Montreal to go to a smaller and more isolated environment.

Around Montreal, suburbs extend and the greater acceptation of teleworking makes it more possible to work from home instead of having to go to a downtown office. Thus, it is not surprising that affordable houses are now located farther and farther from the island of Montreal.

Many have made the choice to go farther, and some have decided that moving to L’Epiphanie was the right choice in their quest for tranquility and nature, or simply to have a house at an affordable price.

Whether you are thinking about moving L’Epiphanie or that you are already there but need to have some larger items delivered from Montreal, Demenagement Total is the best partner to help you.

Commercial & Residential Movers in L’Epiphanie

moving l'Epiphanie

Moving L’Epiphanie, or elsewhere in the Lanaudiere region, from the Greater Montreal Area, or make the move in the opposite direction and come to settle down in the city, requires many steps. You will have to do most of those tasks on your own.

However, you can get help for the most complex tasks related to transferring your belongings, from packing to their installation in the new location. That is where we come in.
Doing business with a trustworthy partner, a well-established and well-known moving company, is the best way to ease up this complex operation.

In order to help you in your transition while Moving L’Epiphanie, our specialists can, of course, take care of the transportation of your belongings between that little town and the Montreal area.

During the moving operation, your large furniture pieces will be disassembled to better protect them and facilitate their handling. Our specialists will reassemble them back once arrived.
But, besides the simple transportation of your belonging, our experienced movers can also take care of all the other steps in the moving process, from packing to unpacking, with our specialized equipment and boxes.

For example, our wardrobe boxes will make the transition of your clothes a breeze. We offer you a large array of services to accompany you if you are thinking about moving L’Epiphanie. All you have to do is tell us what you need and how we can help you.

Furniture & Appliance Deliveries to L’Epiphanie

Although we mostly think about moving companies for a full-blown residential move, many companies, like Demenagement Total, also make deliveries.

After all, a delivery is like a miniature move. So, do not hesitate to buy this furniture piece you dream of in Montreal; we are there to help you bring it home and install it, no matter where you are, even after you made the decision of moving L’Epiphanie.

Large Objets to Move to L’Epiphanie

Another service offered by moving companies that is too often neglected is the move of heavy objects. Thanks to their experience and their specialized equipment, some professional moving companies can easily move around large objects for you, either simply move that object alone or as part of a moving operation.

Thus, you do not need to be moving L’Epiphanie to take advantage of our services to move large objects. Whether it is a piano, a pool table, a massive bookcase or any other large furniture piece, our professional movers have the expertise to move them around safely, both for their own safety and the one of your items.

Those moves can be made from one building to another, or simply from one room to another one within the same building, or the same house. This could be for a household, a commercial, a business or even an industrial item.

We can take care of any type of move of large objects for you.

Advantages of L’Epiphanie

L’Epiphanie is a small town (about 5,000 inhabitants), located in the southern part of the Lanaudiere region. That is a rather rural and quiet environment, but located just about an hour from downtown Montreal.

It is not surprising to see people moving to L’Epiphanie, or at least considering it, to get away from the big city. Although it is in the Lanaudiere region, it is now considered as part of the extended Greater Montreal Area, because it can easily be reached by highway 25.

Moving L’Epiphanie does not rhyme with “getting lost in the country”. You can get the benefits of being in a much calmer living environment, with all its natural highlights. That is a rather flat region, perfect for hiking and cross-country skiing, among so many other activities.

Moving Company L’Epiphanie 

moving company l'Epiphanie

There are many reasons people are thinking about moving L’Epiphanie, but so do businesses. Maybe what you need is not a full-blown move of your belongings, but rather a delivery of a single furniture piece or household appliance, or even just move around something heavy or bulky in your home. In all those cases, Demenagement Total is there to help you and make your life easier.

Our many years of experience allow us to serve you well and to take extreme good care of your belongings during their transportation. We offer you many services, including our turnkey solution, to simplify your move towards this town of Lanaudiere, easily accessible from the Greater Montreal Area.

Do not hesitate any longer and contact our professionals to see how we can help you and get your free quote. You will see that getting first-class professional services does not have to cost a fortune.

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