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Moving Rawdon

Moving Rawdon

Do you need to move from Montreal to Rawdon, Sainte Julienne, Saint-Calixte, from Montreal to Chertsey, Saint-Alexis or to Sainte-Marcelline-de-Kildare?

For your cheap move to Lanaudière, our company offers an outstanding service with professional and experienced movers.

Déménagement Total only hires diligent and responsible people. They are trained movers, whose mission is to provide the best service at the best price possible while moving Rawdon.

Their expertise, attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction make each Rawdon move an undisputed success.

Residential Moving Rawdon – Specialized Services

Moving Rawdon - 2

Local or long distance, your ‘moving Rawdon’ process will be easy, stress-free and very fast with our efficient and friendly movers.

We guarantee a fast and successful turnkey moving service, furniture delivery, piano moving or pool table installation in Rawdon, whether it is a complete house to be moved locally or a partial stuff for your chalet in Rawdon.

Following the latest events related to the pandemic in Quebec and around the world, our company has taken all health and precautionary measures, namely:

  1. We regularly disinfect our trucks
  2. We wear protective masks in any closed space if the client requires it as such
  3. We disinfect hands before starting each move
  4. We monitor all of our employees on a daily basis for COVID-19 symptoms.
  5. Our movers are authorized to cancel any work when we have customers showing symptoms

Known for the high performance when moving Rawdon, our movers will always listen to the customer, regardless of the complexity of his or her project.

They will disassemble and reassemble the furniture safely, they will protect your belongings well by covering them with thick and clean moving blankets, and all this with great humour and professionalism.

Moving Rawdon
Moving Rawdon

During a residential moving Rawdon, our movers will follow this procedure:

  • each client will be called before our arrival to ensure that he/she is waiting for us at home
  • we park the moving truck, making sure that we do not disrupt local traffic and we do not disturb the client’s neighbours
  • we enter the client’s accommodation and walk around the entire house in order to give a more precise idea of ​​the circumstances of the move and the duration it could take
  • we estimate a total budget
  • we give guidelines and optimization advice to those present
  • we sign the moving contract and we start the process.

Commercial Moving Rawdon

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Our movers in Rawdon will deliver any type of heavy commercial object to you with a high level of professionalism. The commercial moving service in Rawdon is intended for large or small businesses, restaurants, daycares, schools, government institutions, etc.

The commercial component also includes the office and workstation assembly service; moving safes, moving heavy objects such as conference tables, pianos, gym equipment, photocopiers and commercial printers, etc.

Rawdon, a charming municipality in Lanaudière, is a dynamic and booming place, home to a wide range of establishments, from educational institutions to lively restaurants and bars.

In this context, commercial moves are common, whether for the relocation of a school, a daycare, a restaurant or a business.

To meet these varied needs, our Rawdon moving company offers comprehensive services, using a range of trucks of different sizes, from 16-foot trucks to large 53-foot trailers, suitable for long distances.

Moving Rawdon
Moving Rawdon

The Flexibility of Rawdon Moving Trucks:

When schools or educational institutions want to relocate, they often turn to professional moving companies.

These moves require precise coordination and vehicles of varying sizes to transport supplies, furniture, and sometimes even specialized equipment.

16-foot trucks are ideal for smaller moves, while 32-foot trucks can accommodate more belongings. For Rawdon schools that need to transport heavy sports or science equipment, larger trucks provide the required capacity.

Long Distances and 53 Foot Trailers:

When Rawdon establishments plan to move to other regions of Quebec or even Canada, our Rawdon moving company demonstrates flexibility by offering 53-foot trailers.

These spacious trailers are designed for long distances, providing maximum protection for goods transported over long distances.

Déménagement Total – as a professional moving company in Rawdon understands the importance of security and integrity of goods, whether school equipment, restaurant equipment, or office furniture.

Transitions Made Easy:

Moving Rawdon
Moving Rawdon

Commercial moving in Rawdon is not limited to educational institutions, restaurants and bars. It also includes daycares, stores, offices, and various local businesses.

Thanks to expert teams and suitable vehicles, these moves are hassle-free, allowing businesses to relocate quickly and efficiently.

Collaboration between moving companies and commercial establishments helps ensure a smooth transition, minimizing disruption and business shutdowns.

In summary, our commercial moving company in Rawdon is a complex undertaking.

The range of trucks in different sizes, from 16 feet to 53 feet, allows us to adapt to all needs, while our expertise ensures an efficient transition for schools, daycares, restaurants, bars and others commercial establishments in the region.

Whether it is a commercial move from Montreal to Rawdon or from Joliette, Terrebone, Laval, Boisbriand, Brossard to Rawdon, we will always be attentive to your most delicate commercial relocation needs with our specialized moving trucks.

Long-Distance Moving Rawdon (from or to)

Moving Rawdon

We do all kind of relocations in Rawdon. Starting from a local small move up to a very longue distance from or to Rawdon and its neighbouring cities. We are never afraid of working honestly for our customers and, perhaps, that is why our Rawdon clientele is constantly hiring us.

There are no obstacles for our long-distance movers as to the routes to be traveled in Quebec or anywhere in Canada. We go everywhere, from east to west and from north to south.

The provinces most served by Déménagement Total are (a percentage breakdown):

Quebec (85%)
Ontario (10%)
New Brunswick (2.5%)
Nova Scotia (2.5%)

Here are some moving directions that we regularly perform throughout the year:

Moving from Montreal to Rawdon and moving Rawdon to Montreal

Moving between Montreal and Rawdon is a frequent transition. Our moving company offers comprehensive services to facilitate these trips, whether leaving the urban life of Montreal for the tranquility of Rawdon or doing the opposite, ensuring that the process is smooth and worry-free.

Moving from Laval to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Laval

Moving from Longueuil to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Longueuil

Moving from Quebec to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Quebec

Moving from Ottawa to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Ottawa

Moving from Gatineau to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Gatineau


Moving from Berthierville to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Berthierville

Moving from Charlemagne to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Charlemagne

Moving from Joliette to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Joliette

Moving from L’Assomption to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to L’Assomption

Moving from L’Epiphanie to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to L’Epiphanie

Moving from Lavaltrie to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Lavaltrie

Moving from Mascouche to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Mascouche

Moving from Saint-Charles-Borromee to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Saint-Charles-Borromee

Moving from Saint-Lin-Laurentides to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Saint-Lin-Laurentides

Moving from Saint-Paul to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Saint-Paul

Moving from Terrebone to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Terrebone


Moving from Saguenay to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Saguenay

Moving from Chicoutimi to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Chicoutimi

Moving from Sept-Iles to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Sept-Iles

Moving from Val-d’Or to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Val-d’Or

Moving from Toronto to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Toronto

Moving from Mississauga to Rawdon and moving from Rawdon to Mississauga


Moving Rawdon to Saint-Sauveur

Moving Rawdon to Sainte-Adele

Moving Rawdon to Mont-Tremblant

Moving Rawdon to Halifax

Moving Rawdon to Blainville


Moving from Drummondville to Rawdon

Moving from Trois-Rivieres to Rawdon

Moving from Sherbrooke to Rawdon

Moving from Magog to Rawdon

Moving from Boucherville to Rawdon

Moving from Beloeil to Rawdon

Moving from Rigaud to Rawdon


Moving Rawdon Quote

Moving Rawdon
Moving Rawdon

Move into nature, move to Rawdon with Déménagement Total!

Déménagement Total invests very aggressively in its fleet of trucks of different sizes and that is why we are really very flexible in terms of satisfying our customers, regardless of the distance, the obstacles, the travel period, year, etc.

The company has robust trucks and trailers from 16 to 53 feet all well equipped for small as well as large or very large moves in Rawdon.

Our customer service representatives will welcome you in our sales offices or by phone to give you the best answers to any concerns regarding your future moving Rawdon. So, do not hesitate to contact the best movers in Rawdon now!

For locally or long distance moving to or from Rawdon, Get A Quote or call us at 514-652-7955 and we’ll try to provide you with the best price on the market and, certainly, with the best ever service.


What is the hourly rate for a moving service in Rawdon?
The hourly rate that movers usually charge in Rawdon off season is between $110 and $150 per hour of work plus travel time fees and during high moving season (between May and July) is $140 at $250 per hour.
How much do piano movers charge in Rawdon?
Depending on the size and type of the piano as well as the stairs to climb and/or descend, a local move of an upright or grand piano can cost between $500 and $1500.
Who should I entrust with my move in Rawdon?
You must rely exclusively on a reputable moving company that offers: 1. competitive prices 2. estimates on site, online or by telephone 3. pricing conditions with no hidden costs 4. clean trucks of different sizes 5. flexibility of date 6. good insurance 7. complex services, including disassembly and reassembly of standard furniture 8. exemplary customer service.
How to move in winter to Rawdon?
Winter moving services (removals) are possible subject to snow removal and access to the loading and unloading address. Apart from drastic weather conditions, professional movers in Rawdon can move for any residential or commercial move.
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