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Moving Saint-Colomban

Moving Saint-Colomban

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Montrealers move away to the suburbs and even in the country to find some tranquility and a better life environment. So, hundreds of them have taken the direction of the Laurentides and opted to move to Saint-Colomban and other locations around the regional pole of Saint-Jerome.

Many families and teleworking people have chosen that nature-rich region, with its many lakes and forests. It is a very attractive living environment.

Besides the people who made that choice, businesses also consider doing the same in order to follow the migration of the population. Moving a business is much more complex than moving the belongings of a family, because the goods are much more diversified and in much larger volumes. The businesses having to move to Saint-Colomban call upon the services of professional movers, like Demenagement Total.

Residential Moving Saint-Colomban

When we think about the word “moving”, we mostly think about a residential move, because that is the type of move we will have to do most often in our lives, even when it comes to plan and carry out a move to Saint-Colomban.

Demenagement Total has many teams of movers and a large fleet of trucks. All our trucks are equipped with all the necessary accessories to take care of all your moves, big and small. Your move will be assigned all the required human and material resources to complete the operation quickly, and at your complete satisfaction.

A move to Saint-Colomban does not have to be a sprint or an obstacle course. Our movers can take care of packing all your belongings professionally, then transport them safely before unpacking them for you in your new location of residence.

Commercial Moving Saint-Colomban

Besides carrying out moves involving the contents of a residence, we can also transfer whole businesses, including their inventory and their equipment.

That could be a retail store, a restaurant or offices, we can handle them all, and we will help any business willing, or needing, to relocate their operations from one location to another.

With the migration of people towards the suburbs and the country to avoid the crowds of the city, some businesses will make the same move to follow their clientele, so they will move to Saint-Colomban, or to other locations all over the Laurentides.

You need the help of commercial moving professionals to transfer all the big furniture pieces found in a retail shop or an office space, because you want that to be done correctly and break nothing in the process.

The personnel and the equipment of Demenagement Total will greatly facilitate your ‘moving Saint-Colomban’ process, or if moving anywhere else in the area.

Big or small, light or heavy, fragile or not, we can transfer all your items, furniture and appliances of your business.

Move or Deliver Large Objects to Saint-Colomban

One of our specialties during moving operations, whether they are residential or commercial, is the transportation of large objects. That could be large furniture pieces (like a large bookcase, a bed, a pool table, a piano, etc.).

Those massive furniture items can partially be dismantled to facilitate their safe transportation and prevent damage, by packing up certain pieces separately.

Our professionals will, of course, take care of reassembling them once at the destination. Dismantling large pieces is the safest way to transport them when moving Saint-Colomban.

Even you are not doing a complete move of all your belongings, you can contact us to ensure the delivery of furniture or household appliances you have bought from a store in Montreal, for example, to your house.

A delivery to Saint-Colomban is much like a small move to Saint-Colomban. Our movers will pick up your purchased item at the address of your choice to bring it to your place, quickly and safely.

Local Moving Saint-Colomban and Long Distance Movers 

moving Saint-Colomban

Although we mostly make moves within the Greater Montreal Area, we also do moves from Montreal to any other location within Canada regularly. We can then easily take care of entire operation when moving Saint-Colomban.

Whether you move in the same city, elsewhere in the province of Quebec or anywhere in Canada, we will take care of the transportation of your items with all the professionalism you can expect, but at a fraction of the price.

A “long-distance” move occurs when the distance between the starting point and the destination point is beyond a certain threshold. For example, a move to Saint-Colomban from the South Shore of Montreal would be considered a long-distance move.

The other moves, carried out over smaller distances, are called local moves. However, no matter the distance, we are there to help you go through this important event more easily.

Moving Company in Saint-Colomban 

moving company Saint-Colomban

A move to Saint-Colomban can be a complex operation if you do not have the required resources, but it can be very easy if you call up trustworthy movers, like Demenagement Total.

We will take care of all your belongings, even taking care of their packing if you want to, thanks to our turnkey solution.

Whether you need to move your place of residence or of business, across the city, the province or even the country, our experienced movers will offer you a first-class service.

We offer you a quick and professional service, but at a better price than the competition. So, if moving Saint-Colomban, or elsewhere in the Laurentides, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your moving project and we will see how we can help you, even for a last-notice move.

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