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Moving Shefford

Moving Shefford

Year 2020-21, with the COVID-19 pandemic, has seen the real estate market being extremely active, and 2022-2023 looks like it will be the same. Many people have decided to leave their condo or apartment from a big city to buy a house in the suburbs, or even go into regions.

With the teleworking phenomenon that is growing and seems to be there for a very long time according to some, people do not need to be in a large urban area for their work anymore. That is why many people have made the decision to move to Shefford.

Shefford offers a great living environment, surrounded by nature with its many mountains and lakes. That is a very interesting place to live for everyone, and now that many people can work from home, why not doing it from a great environment?

To help you moving Shefford, you can count on the professional and experienced movers working for Demenagement Total.

Enchanting Living Environment

Shefford is a small town of slightly over 6,000 inhabitants, located in Estrie (Eastern Townships), that is favourably located about 20 km from Granby, 15 km from Bromont, 40 km from Magog, 70 km from Sherbrooke and 90 km from downtown Montreal.

It is located just next to the highway 10, so a moving Shefford project does not mean you will be out in the countryside far from everything.

But you will still be surrounded by nature; the region features many impressive mountains to go hiking during the summer and skiing during the winter. You also have numerous major lakes in the area, like the lakes Brome and Memphremagog, to do water activities of all kinds.

Do not forget this is the birthplace of the snowmobile, so what better place to practice this sport? In summary, a wonderful environment to explore all year around, even if it is just for the wonderful fall colors.

Contrary to other sectors of small municipalities in Quebec, the Shefford area in Estrie, because of its proximity to many urban centers all around it, has excellent high-speed Internet connections. That is an important factor to consider for moving to Shefford.

That way, you will be able to work from home, while gazing at the stunning mountains from your home office, and you will be able to take plenty of fresh air during your breaks.

Moving Shefford thus allows you to combine the best of two worlds: nature and an excellent connectivity to the rest of the world. Hard to find a better living environment to live and work in all serenity.

Long-Distance Moving from or to Shefford

moving Shefford

Since Shefford is situated about 90 km from Montreal, leaving from the Greater Montreal Area to move to Shefford will be considered a long-distance move. Of course, that is also the case if you do the distance in the other direction.

Our company, Demenagement Total, considered long-distance moves to be one of its specialties. We often transfer belongings, up to a full household or a business, over long distances, not only across the street or across town, and we always do it in total safety.

A long-distance move requires some additional precautions, including making extra sure everything is tied up in place inside the moving truck for a long journey or a rougher terrain, among others. Our experts will take all the measures to ensure the security of your belongings when moving Shefford.

Our teams are well trained, and they have done hundreds of long-distance moves, within the province of Quebec or all over Canada. We are professional and we know exactly what we are doing.

Home Appliance & Furniture Delivery to Shefford

But, perhaps, what you need is not a complete moving Shefford, but a delivery. Maybe you have found the furniture or household appliance of your dreams in Montreal? Or perhaps it is a piano or a pool table to entertain yourself?

Not so many stores in the Montreal area offer the delivery up to Shefford. Fortunately, you can count on Demenagement Total to offer you this service.

We can pick up for you any item, whether it has been bought in a store or from an individual, and bring it to Shefford, or anywhere else in Estrie. Our service is quick and efficient. After all, we are the expert in transferring heavy or bulky items.

Commercial Movers in Shefford

Most of us think about residential moves in Shefford, but we can also take care of any kind of move to Shefford, including the move of office spaces, retail stores and even industries.

We have the experience and the specialized equipment to transport in total safety any kind of furniture, household appliance and even machinery, in trucks of all sizes.

Moving Company in Shefford

moving Shefford

As you can see, there are many good reasons to consider moving Shefford, or in the surrounding towns. You can take advantage of a much better life environment, while still being well connected to the rest of the world.

Nature will be at your doorstep and you will be able to immerse yourself in it at any time, with the many outdoor activities possible in the area.

If moving Shefford, or anywhere else in Estrie, do not hesitate to contact us, Demenagement Total, to discuss your project and see how we can support you in this process.

Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial move, we have the expertise and experience to meet all your needs and fully satisfy you.

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