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Moving from Brossard to Gaspésie

Moving from Brossard to Gaspésie

With the COVID-19 pandemic, vacation trips were pretty limited these past few years. In 2020 and 2021 (even in 2022), people living in the province of Québec have discovered a new passion for Gaspésie region.

Tens of thousands of people have visited this region on the eastern edge of the province to get away from others and have fallen in love with the region’s charm.

Many have not only considered moving from Brossard to Gaspésie but have actually made the move, whether to move their principal residence there or to establish a secondary residence in this wonderful region.

In both cases, this implies the transportation of many items over a very long distance. It is so much better to deal with professionals to complete a move over such a long distance.

A professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, has the expertise in addition to the human and material resources to ensure an efficient and safe move over a long distance, like the one required when moving from Brossard to Gaspésie.


Gaspésie is a region that covers an immense territory in the eastern portion of the province of Québec. This region is delimited by the St.-Lawrence River and its Gulf on its western, north and eastern sides, by the province of New Brunswick on the southeast side and by the United States on the southern side.

With its 30,000 square kilometers, the Gaspésie region is as vast as some countries like Belgium!

Over this vast territory, there are only two urban centers that could be considered as cities: Matane and Gaspé. Both cities have roughly 10,000 inhabitants each. So, moving from Brossard to Gaspésie is really making a radical change in your living environment and turning towards nature.

Inside its peninsula, the Gaspésie region offers mountains and forests as far as you can see. The edges are peppered with fishing villages. Those fishers work either in the river, in the Gulf or in open sea.

After moving from Brossard to Gaspésie, you will never be far from water or the ocean. It is probably this salty air that makes the people of the Gaspésian Peninsula calm and live at a very different pace than the in the big cities from the Greater Montreal Area.

Residential Move from Brossard to Gaspésie

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After spending their vacations there, many families dream of settling down in Gaspésie. Some opt to buy a secondary residence there and use it as a summer home, enjoying some well-deserved time off from the frantic pace of living in a large city, while others chose to transfer their primary residence there.

Whatever motivates your decision of moving from Brossard to Gaspésie, you will find peace and harmony with nature. Even if you choose to settle by the water, the forest is never far in Gaspésie.

Moving the whole contents of a house with its many boxes, its furniture and its household appliances is never a straightforward task.

This operation is even more complex when you need to do it over a very long distance, like when moving from Brossard to Gaspésie, thus the importance of using the services of a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total.

We will take great care of your belongings and we will protect your household appliances so they do not get bumps during the long trip. Whenever possible, our expert movers will dismantle your large furniture pieces in order to pack each component individually.

This will not only ease up their handling but will also enhance their protection. Of course, those furniture pieces will be reassembled once at the new address.

Commercial Move from Brossard to Gaspésie 

Not only families consider moving from Brossard to Gaspésie, some businesses make similar plans. With businesses, they usually plan a total relocation towards this region, rather than an expansion. The cost of local spaces is much lower in the Gaspésie region than in the Great Montreal Area.

Déménagement Total has a lot of experience moving many businesses.

Whether you have a small retail shop, a restaurant, a professional firm, a call center or even an industrial plant, we can help you moving from Brossard to Gaspésie, while minimizing your downtime so you can resume serving your clients as soon as possible.

We have all the necessary material resources, with many robust moving trucks, trade specialized equipment and accessories to help with the task of making a safe and efficient transfer of your business’s property and goods. We also have the trained and qualified personnel to use all this equipment.

Long-Distance Moving from Brossard to Gaspésie

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Moving from Brossard to Gaspésie is done over a distance of about 900 km (± 100 km, depending on your final destination), which is a textbook illustration of a long-distance move.

This type of move requires a bit more planning to ensure you have all the human and material resources at hand to maximize the work and avoid unnecessary round trip.

Such a move especially requires more precautions protecting the items. It is really important for the items to be well packed individually and well secured in place aboard the moving truck when moving from Brossard to Gaspésie, because the trip will be very long and the truck contents will shift a lot, receiving bumps and vibrations if they are not properly secured. This differs greatly from a local move.

We can also offer you the service in the reverse direction, meaning leaving from somewhere in the Gaspésie region for a move towards the Greater Montreal Area.

Moving Company from Brossard to Gaspésie

The Gaspésie region attracts not only tourists, but also new residents who want to drastically change their life environment and consider moving from Brossard to Gaspésie.

Since this is a long-distance move, it is clearly preferable to deal with a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total.

Moving from Brossard to Gaspésie is not something that can be improvised. This needs to be well planned and to take the proper measures to give additional protection to your belongings for the long road to be covered.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and needs, and we will give you a detailed, customized quote.

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