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Moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant

Moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant

Over the last years, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have thought about leaving large cities, like those found in the Greater Montreal Area, in favour of the countryside. It is thus not surprising to see people moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant.

Mont-Tremblant is a small resort town within the Laurentides. It is paradise for every outdoor lover of the family, during every season of the year. Moving to a less-densely populated area, like Mont-Tremblant, also facilitates the task of isolating yourself from the virus and its effects.

Moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant is a move over a long distance, it is thus important to take special measures, right from the beginning of the planning. A professional moving company with experience in such moves, like Déménagement Total, will know exactly how to handle all steps of this move.


This small resort town with barely 10,000 souls living in it is located in the vast natural region of the Laurentides. It is the perfect setting for outdoor sports and leisure activities, for lovers seeking a romantic weekend getaway just as for families looking for a week-long vacation.

During the summer, there are wonderful outings to do in forest and on mountains, in addition to the various water sports you can do on many rivers or lakes in the region. During the winter, skiing is the primary activity in the surrounding mountains. Moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant is really like getting out of the city to immerse yourself in nature, sometimes wild nature.

Many people have first visited Mont-Tremblant as tourists and have fallen in love with the location, to a point of wanting to settle down there. Since there are about 150 km between the two cities, moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant is considered as a long-distance move.

Although Mont-Tremblant is the only “city” of the vast Laurentides region, its small population makes it impossible to offer all the services you would find in a large city. However, the omnipresent nature all around you will quickly make you forget the city’s skyscrapers.

Residential Move from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant

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Many families move into the Mont-Tremblant area. Some are setting themselves down to live there all year around, while others choose to establish a secondary home there to spend their weekends or vacations throughout the year.

There is definitely more than one likely reason behind the choice of moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant.

Whether it is for a primary residence or a secondary one, you need to move boxes, furniture and household appliances of regular sizes, just as with any other residential move.

Our professionals can also handle any larger than usual furniture by disassembling them in order to better protect each one of its components to achieve a complete protection.

Since moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant is done over a long distance, additional precautions must be taken right from the beginning of the planning stage in order to assign the right amount of human and material resources to the moving operation.

Other special measures must also be taken regarding the packing and protection of your goods inside the moving truck, because your items will spend much more time in that moving truck than during a local move.

Our professional movers can support you during all the process, from the planning stage to the installation of your household appliances. We fully adapt to your needs and requests.

Commercial Move from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant

Since there is really something for everyone in the immediate region of Mont-Tremblant, this attracts tourists, future residents and even businesses looking to conquer this highly lucrative market.

From service companies to luxury boutiques, there are constantly new businesses that consider moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant.

Just as it is the case for families wanting to totally move within the sector or only establish a secondary residence, a company could want to completely transfer its operations to Mont-Tremblant or simply open a new office or branch there.

No matter the motivation behind your decision of moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant, the area has a rather wealthy population—in addition to the tourists constantly flocking in—to offer to a business researching new clients. People settling down in Mont-Tremblant are looking for high-quality products and services.

Particular Items

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It is frequent among people moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant to have items a bit less common to move. Let us think about a piano, a pool table, an aquarium, etc. All those items should be handled and transported with great care in order to prevent costly accidents.

When we think about art pieces, like paintings or sculptures, we often need to be creative to pack them well enough to ensure their protection. Our experts can create custom-made wooden cases for each of those items in order to optimize their protection and ensure they will arrive in perfect condition.

Obviously, it is also the case for your massive furniture pieces, which will be disassembled to ease up the process of moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant. Furniture items will be disassembled, each component will be individually wrapped and stored safely aboard the moving truck.

The items will be unpacked and reassembled to recover their full beauty and functionality.

Moving Company from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant

Whether you are a family or a business, that you want to completely move to Mont-Tremblant or simply establish a secondary home or a branch, it is best to do business with a moving company with years of experience, like Déménagement Total.

Moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant is a long-distance move, so it is important to better protect and secure your furniture, household appliances and boxes onboard the moving truck to prevent them from being damaged during the long trip.

Our moving professionals have the expertise and the skills to safely handle and transport all kinds of items you may have. Whether it is while moving from Brossard to Mont-Tremblant or simply to move around a piano inside your home, we are there for you.

Call us today to see how we can help you.

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