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Moving from Brossard to Ottawa

Moving from Brossard to Ottawa

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of people have left the Greater Montreal Area to settle down out in the countryside or, at least, in smaller towns to be more comfortable. Among those people, some have been moving from Brossard to Ottawa.

Since those two cities are located about 220 km from each other, it is considered as a long-distance move, which requires more skills and precautions considering the time spent by your belongings and goods inside the moving truck.

But you can count on Déménagement Total to manage everything related to moving from Brossard to Ottawa, whether it is a residential move or a commercial move.

Our teams of professionals can easily handle all types of moves, residential or commercial, local or over a long distance. We have specialists and sturdy trucks to take care of all tasks efficiently.


Ottawa is Canada’s capital, and it is located in the province of Ontario, right near the border with the province of Quebec. Ottawa counts about a million inhabitants and the French and English languages co-exist there in harmony.

It is one of the many selling points that make people consider moving from Brossard to Ottawa.

Since it is the national capital, Ottawa hosts many national museums covering all topics from history to space exploration. Plus, you are just one bridge away from the province of Quebec; the communities on both sides of the Outaouais River live in great symbiosis and harmony.

If we forget all the paperwork related to a change of province, moving from Brossard to Ottawa is almost like moving within the province of Quebec.

Ottawa has a very active cultural life, with many festivals throughout the year, professional sports teams, etc. On top of that, the Ottawa region has a population large enough to offer to the entire region first-class services of any type; everyone will find what they need.

You will find green spaces and outdoor leisure activities spots all over and around town, including the famous Rideau Canal, which is a popular place during anytime of the year.

Residential Move from Brossard to Ottawa

Moving from Brossard to Ottawa - 2

Making the decision of moving from Brossard to Ottawa is an excellent decision to get away from the insanely fast speed of life in the Montreal area and settle down in a smaller town with a more relaxed pace.

Our moving specialists could easily manage the safe transfer of all your belongings. They will first disassemble your biggest furniture pieces to ease their handling, then will pack them carefully before securing them well inside the moving truck.

Your household appliances will also be covered with clean moving blankets, which will be kept in place with adhesive tape. All those heavy objects will then be safely placed inside the moving truck to prevent them from being damaged or shifted around during the long trip.

Moving from Brossard to Ottawa requires securing all objects inside the moving truck in order to protect them, because there could be many movements or shocks affecting the items inside the truck when large distances are covered by highways.

We can also take care of large items you could have in your home, like pianos, large wooden beds, pool tables, etc. We have moved complex items of all kinds for many years now, and we know exactly how to handle just about anything.

Commercial Move from Brossard to Ottawa

Not only individuals and families consider moving from Brossard to Ottawa; some businesses could think about it too. For a business, it is mostly motivated by the opening of a new office or branch in Ottawa, rather than a complete move of their activities, which means the volume of things to be moved can be smaller, while being just as varied.

Whether it is for a complete move of your company or just for an expansion, our team of movers has all the expertise and necessary equipment to make moving from Brossard to Ottawa a successful operation for your business.

If needed, they will create custom box crates or metal frames to better handle and protect your complex items or equipment. Just as they would do for a residential move, our professional movers will be able to disassemble your furniture and other big items in order to handle them and to protect them in the best possible way.

Long-Distance Move from Brossard to Ottawa

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As we have already seen, moving from Brossard to Ottawa implies a transport over 200 km, so it is obviously a long-distance move.

Such a move requires more care and precautions to be completed without a problem, because the distance to be covered is an important factor to consider during the packing of goods and their storing inside the moving truck.

Over such a long trip, there will be many turns, variable road conditions, etc. All those changes of direction and impacts will be transferred inside the truck and will shift any item that is not correctly secured in place.

Unlike a local move, during which the goods spend only minutes inside the truck, the time spent inside a truck for a long-distance move is counted in hours and days. Thus, all those items need to be carefully packed, protected and secured aboard the moving truck.

Moving Company from Brossard to Ottawa

Many people think about moving from Brossard to Ottawa in order to leave the immediate surroundings of the Greater Montreal Area and settle down in smaller cities to get closer to nature. For these reasons alone, Ottawa is a great city to move to.

Whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move, it is a long-distance move, for which it is important to be more careful about various aspects.

It is thus important to entrust the complete operation to a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, that can take care of all your belongings, no matter their size or nature.

Whether you consider moving from Brossard to Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada, contact us right away to discuss your projects and needs. We will see how we can help you, while still respecting your budget and deadline.

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