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Moving from Brossard to Shawinigan

Moving from Brossard to Shawinigan

For people thinking about leaving the Greater Montreal Area, moving from Brossard to Shawinigan could be an interesting idea, taking you away from the big city and bringing you closer to nature. In fact, when moving to Shawinigan you will be surrounded by nature.

Moving from Brossard to Shawinigan is a move that takes about 200 km, so that requires a bit more planning from the start and more precautions in the packing of your things to be moved.

Hopefully, there are professionals with lots of experience in that area, like Déménagement Total, and we can help you by taking care of all the details.

We can help with your residential move or your commercial move, no matter its size.
A professional moving company also offers complementary services, like delivery and short-term storage.


Shawinigan is a town of about 50,000 residents, located north of Trois-Rivières. It is a town with a rich industrial past that was especially active in the wood and hydroelectricity industries.

Although floating wood is almost gone nowadays, the forest industry is still very active in the area. Moving from Brossard to Shawinigan is thus a choice towards living among nature.

The electricity industry is also still very present, which is why the city has been named “City of the Energy”. During generations, this industrial birth place was at the heart of hydroelectricity and metal work through its blacksmiths. Today, it is still a perfect spot for industries of various types.

Located along the shores of the St.-Maurice River, which literally splits the city into two distinct entities, the town of Shawinigan is surrounded by forest and wild nature where you can practice a lot of sport and outdoor activities throughout the year.

Businesses, just like families, have many good reasons for moving from Brossard to Shawinigan.

There are many small industrial plants establishing their operations in Shawinigan to take advantage of the entrepreneurship mindset of the region, while professional consultants of various nature can easily expand by opening a new branch there.

Residential Move from Montreal to Shawinigan

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Most of those moving from Brossard to Shawinigan are individuals and families wishing to get away from the Greater Montreal Area and to get closer to nature.

A minority of those people will establish a secondary home in Shawinigan area and continue to live in Brossard.

But whether it is for a complete move or for creating a secondary residence, you will need to transport all your belongings between those two cities about 200 km apart. Such a move is considered a long-distance move, and it calls up for special measures to be taken.

Besides a better planning of the human and material resources required for moving from Brossard to Shawinigan, a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, will take care of wrapping all your belongings in a way that ensures that they will reach the destination in perfect condition.

Large furniture pieces will be disassembled in order to pack their various components individually. Of course, those furniture items will be totally reassembled later so they can recover their usual function.

A great care will be given to your household appliances in order to store them properly within the moving truck and secure them in place, preventing them from being damaged by hits and bumps along the trip.

Commercial and Industrial Move from Brossard to Shawinigan 

Industries also consider moving from Brossard to Shawinigan, because this small town has a long industrial history, and has played a major role in the country’s development.

This glorious past has created vocations and incited many people to specialize in various jobs related to the industrial sector, creating a mass of workers that are both interesting and interested.

If an industrial company, small or large, settles down in Shawinigan, it is most likely to completely transfer its operations there.

It is also the case for small boutiques or retail stores. However, firms of consultants or professionals might consider expanding in the area by opening a branch instead of moving to this small town.

But no matter the size of your business, moving from Brossard to Shawinigan must be done with the preoccupation of reducing the downtime linked to the move of your company. Moving professionals from Déménagement Total has the necessary experience to make it efficiently.

Delivery and Storage

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Shawinigan is an isolated small town where it is sometimes hard to find some items more difficult to come by, or to get a specific model. Our delivery service can deliver to your Shawinigan doorstep any article of your choice, no matter its size, that you might have found in the Greater Montreal Area, but for which the delivery is impossible or too costly.

Making a delivery is a lot like moving from Brossard to Shawinigan, but at a smaller scale. Our moving specialists are thus the experts you need to get the furniture, household appliance or industrial machinery of your dream from the Greater Montreal Area.

It is also possible that you might consider moving from Brossard to Shawinigan in two steps and that you need to store some belongings for a short while. We can store your items in our safe and monitored warehouse.

Moving Company from Brossard to Shawinigan

Shawinigan is a small town with a rich industrial past surrounded by nature and forests. This is the birthplace of many industries, and it is still a location enjoyed by many industrial companies for the entrepreneurial mindset that is cultivated there.

But families also dream of moving from Brossard to Shawinigan in order to get surrounded by nature and leave behind the stressing environment of the Greater Montreal Area. Since this is a long-distance move, it is much better to entrust the operation to a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total.

We also offer complementary services, like the delivery and the short-term storage, in order to facilitate your life.

If you are moving from Brossard to Shawinigan or between any other cities in Canada, contact us today to see how we can help you. We will establish a detailed quote, customized for your needs and budget.

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