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Moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke

Moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke

Individuals, families and even businesses can think about moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke for many reasons. People may want to get closer to family, young people may want to get closer to their college or university, while companies may want to expand their market or even totally transfer their premises.

Sherbrooke is a mid-size city with lots of attractive features for a lot of people and it has lots of nature and space to offer to those wanting to move there.

Moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke is considered as a long-distance move because of the 150 km distance that separates both cities. Such a move requires more planning and more precautions than a simple local move across the street.

To make it happen, we also need more trucks to avoid doing useless round trips and thus save both time and money.

A professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, can offer you, beyond the simple transportation of your belongings, many services complementary to your move.


Sherbrooke, with its 170,000 inhabitants, is the 6th largest city in the province of Quebec, and by far the largest city in the Estrie region (also known as “Eastern Townships”).

Its size makes it possible to offer virtually all the services and benefits of a larger city, but on a smaller scale. Moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke is thus leaving the frenzy of the Greater Montreal Area to settle down in a city closer to human dimensions that still offer most of the services you will ever need.

This university city (2 universities, one in French, one in English) is an environment in which both French and English communities co-exist in harmony and thrive. It is also a city where culture is very present with its many concert venues and festivals.

Although it seems there are many people living in Sherbrooke, the population is spread over an immense territory, so the density is quite low. The town is split up by the St.-François River and it is surrounded by many lakes and stunning mountains offering a magical setting for any outdoor activity, during any season of the year.

We can thus easily say that moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke is a way to get closer to nature in order to fully enjoy it, in addition to getting away from the big city.

Residential Move from Brossard to Sherbrooke

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Most of the moves carried out are residential moves, because individuals and families move more frequently than businesses. When moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke, the distance to cover complicates things for protecting your belongings.

This is often where professionals set apart from amateurs, because professionals will take a better care in protecting and handling your belongings to make sure they are not damaged. Read more here about the main differences between a professional mover and an amateur.

Our professionals could disassemble your massive furniture pieces in order to pack and wrap each component individually to maximize their protection. Once arrived at the destination, of course, those components will be reassembled into the furniture piece, so it retrieves its charm and functionality for many more years of service inside your new home.

When moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke or simply to move around large objects within your current home, our specialists are experts in handling complex items like pianos, pool tables, aquariums, etc.

They have both the experience and the specialized tools/accessories to do the job correctly and in all safety, both for themselves and for your items. All your belongings, whatever their size or weight, will be in total safety with our expert movers.

Commercial Move from Brossard to Sherbrooke

Now and then a business can think about moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke. Sometimes, it is to relocate all its operations and we will need to transfer everything from Brossard to new premises near Sherbrooke.

At other times, however, it will only be for an expansion with the opening of a new office or a new branch to serve new clients or explore a new market.

No matter the reasons making you consider moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke, or the nature of your business, you can count on the experience of the professionals from Déménagement Total to move any type of businesses: from a small retail shop to a factory plant, including office spaces of all sizes.

Our professionals could create boxes and other custom-fit packaging in order to better protect your unusual items or those with non-standard sizes: from art pieces decorating your offices up to heavy industrial machinery. We can even use cranes for bringing upstairs extremely heavy and bulky objects.

Other Moving Services from Brossard to Sherbrooke

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A professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, can offer you many other services, complementary to the basic transportation of your belongings or goods when you are moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke.

We offer you services directly related to a full-blown move, like our turnkey solution, with which we take care of everything, from packing to the final installation of your appliances or equipment at the new address.

We also offer you a temporary storage service to allow you, for example, to complete your move in two stages.

Our short-term storage service can also be quite useful when you are renovating your new home or business premises, before or after moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke.

We also offer you a delivery service for items that you could have found in the Greater Montreal Area, but for which a delivery up to Sherbrooke is not available or is extremely costly.

Moving Company from Brossard to Sherbrooke

So, the city of Sherbrooke has a lot to offer to tourists and residents alike, that is why many people choose to settle down in this smaller city. Among those people, some are moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke.

Since this is a long-distance move, some additional precautions must be taken right from the start to better protect your belongings and a better planning of human and material resources must also be done upfront.

Beyond the basic transportation services required when moving from Brossard to Sherbrooke, a professional company like Déménagement Total can also offer you many other complementary services related to your move.

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