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Moving from Laval to Drummondville

Moving from Laval to Drummondville

Drummondville is a city located in the Centre-du-Québec region, which is famous for many things, including poutine. It is a small town where life is good, far from the madness of larger cities. It is for this latter reason many people consider moving from Laval to Drummondville.

Whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move, it is important to do business with a professional moving company, especially since moving from Laval to Drummondville is considered a long-distance moving operation.

Beyond the simple transportation of your belongings or goods from point A to point B, a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, can offer you many complementary services like delivery, packing, installation of your appliances and equipment to ensure you return to your comfortable routine as quickly as possible.

We also offer you a short-term storage service to hold your belongings during renovations, for example.


Drummondville has about 70,000 inhabitants, which is a large enough size to have all the basic services for a community. So, when moving from Laval to Drummondville, you will not be stuck in a small village far from a city; you will rather be in a small charming and peaceful city.

This town from the Centre-du-Québec region is famous for its poutine, because this is one of the contested places of birth of this iconic dish. This Quebec symbol is celebrated annually in Drummondville with a poutine festival, featuring food and music. Another popular attraction in Drummondville is the Village québécois d’antan (“Quebec village of the past”), recreating Quebec’s life during the 19th century.

Since Drummondville is about 120 km away from Laval, moving from Laval to Drummondville is considered as a long-distance move.

This implies different methods to be used and more precautions than a simple local move. It is thus best to enlist a professional moving company with experience in this kind of move.

Of course, you can also contact us if you want to go the other way around and leave Drummondville for the Greater Montreal Area. Since choice is often limited in smaller cities, dealing with a company from the metropolis could be a great choice.

Household Move from Laval to Drummondville

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For a residential move, people leave the Greater Montreal area to settle down in more peaceful and quiet places, which also have a lower population density.

COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated this transition since families are looking not only for a quieter environment but also a more isolated one to reduce risks related to the pandemic.

The boom of remote working has expanded the options and moving from Laval to Drummondville is now a good choice professionally.

Items found in a home are pretty standard and all residential moves will have their assortment boxes, furniture and household appliances.

Some furniture (like a large bookcase or a massive bed) could be dismantled by our experts to ease up their handling, protection, and transportation. Of course, they will be reassembled once they are at the new location after moving from Laval to Drummondville.

Some families have less standard items, like a piano, a pool table or an aquarium. Those items are both massive, heavy and fragile. They must be handled with care by people with experience handling them who have the proper tools/equipment at their disposal to do the job safely.

This is the case of our expert movers at Déménagement Total; we can ensure that those complex articles, like many others, will be moved safely to their new location.

Commercial Move from Laval to Drummondville

For a commercial move, the variety and quantity of items to be moved are larger. It is thus important to partner with a professional moving company that has all the experience to handle situations like moving from Laval to Drummondville, but also enough trucks of the right type to do the job.

A long-distance commercial move requires lots of planning, and we can help you right from the start of this crucial stage when you consider moving from Laval to Drummondville.

We will assign as many trucks and employees as necessary to complete the move within the agreed deadline.

We understand the importance of reducing your company’s downtime, because that affects the service you give to your clients. Our objective will always be to reduce this downtime that is unavoidable during a commercial move.

Other Moving Services from Laval to Drummondville

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Unlike other moving companies, including famous ones, Déménagement Total offers you a variety of complementary services to facilitate your moving from Laval to Drummondville.

First, we offer you a turnkey solution, with which we will take care of everything: from planning to the installation of your furniture and equipment in the new location.

We will also take care of packing and unpacking your goods, to dismantle and reassemble your furniture, to connect your equipment or household appliances, etc. We can do everything for you or simply support you in a few tasks.

We also offer a delivery service for items that you could have found in Laval, but that cannot be delivered to Drummondville. Such a delivery service is a bit like moving from Laval to Drummondville, but at a reduced scale.

Finally, we also offer you a short-term storage service if you want to temporarily store some items.

Moving Company from Laval to Drummondville

Drummondville has a lot to offer for tourists, but also many elements to attract people to move there in order to enjoy a better life, while having a reduced city environment.

Moving from Laval to Drummondville does not mean you will be lost in the countryside, but rather that you will be in a small town with an exciting cultural life.

If your business or your family thinks about moving from Laval to Drummondville, it is important to team up with experts in long-distance moving to ensure a full protection of your belongings. You will be able to delegate all the tasks you want to a company like Déménagement Total.

Contact us today to discuss your moving project or any other needs you might have related to the transportation of goods.

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