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Moving from Laval to Gaspésie

Moving from Laval to Gaspésie

After spending their summer vacations in Gaspésie in 2020 and 2021, many people from the Greater Montreal Area have made a big decision and move in the vast and wonderful region of Gaspésie. Among those people, there are, of course, people from Laval who consider moving from Laval to Gaspésie.

Gaspésie has a lot to offer along the shores of the St.-Lawrence River and its gulf. That is an enormous maritime region, mostly untouched and still covered with forests and mountains.

Everywhere, we find tiny fishing villages with a few small towns in strategic locations, with massive mountains inland.

Moving from Laval to Gaspésie is obviously a move over a long distance (over 900 km), which requires a bit more preparation and better equipment than a local move.

Hopefully, there are professional moving companies specialized in such moves, like Déménagement Total.


Gaspésie is an immense territory mostly covered with mountains and forests, which spreads over 30,000 sq km. To give you an idea of the size of this massive region of Quebec, the size of Gaspésie is comparable to the one of Belgium!

Gaspésie begins with the village of Sainte-Flavie and goes east towards the gulf. It is delimited by New Brunswick on the eastern side and by the United States on the southern side.

With no doubt, moving from Laval to Gaspésie is a transition towards nature, light years away from the craziness of the Montreal area, since most of the territory is occupied by forests.
There are only two agglomerations that could be considered as towns in the entire region, having about 15,000 inhabitants each: Matane and Gaspé, which are distant by about 300 km.

The rest of the territory is mostly fishing villages along the coast and a few mountain villages. Of course, the entire region lives to the rhythm of the ocean. The tides guide the daily schedule.

Moving from Laval to Gaspésie is now more possible than ever with the expansion of remote working and the desire among a growing number of people to get away from large cities. Now they can really isolate themselves and face fewer risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residential Move from Laval to Gaspésie

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Without too much surprise, moving from Laval to Gaspésie is mostly a family thing. Individuals and families look for a way to escape the fast-paced life of the Greater Montreal Area to lose themselves in a natural environment, especially if that environment is filled with the sea breeze.

Of course, such a move to be in a region far from any important city requires a bit more planning and precautions. That is why it is so important to use the services of a professional moving company.

It is very likely that you have in your house massive furniture or other oversized or fragile items. We can easily think about large bookcases, a pool table, a piano, an aquarium, and so many others.

If they can be dismantled to ease up their handling, protection and transportation, our experts will take care of that in order to wrap up each individual component. Of course, our experts will reassemble all furniture or other items once at the destination to let them be fully functional again and in perfect condition.

Our skilled employees can even rebalance or level your pool table and change its mat, so it provides you with many hours of entertainment.

Commercial Move from Laval to Gaspésie 

For a commercial move, even though the volume and nature of items to be moved are different, the professional approach to be very careful about the safety of every item remains essential.

Moving from Laval to Gaspésie is also for businesses of all kinds. Whether it is for a small retail boutique, an office, a call center, a restaurant or an industrial facility, our specialists will ensure that all your items will be correctly protected.

If needed, wooden crates and metal frames will be custom made to ease up the handling and improve the protection of various non-standard items.

No matter the size of your business moving from Laval to Gaspésie, we have all the material and human resources to carry out this transfer in the best possible delays and reduce the downtime of your business to a minimum.

This way, you will be able to resume serving your clients and start doing business again quickly.

Long-Distance Move from Laval to Gaspésie

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Depending on the sector you are moving to when moving from Laval to Gaspésie, the distance to be covered could vary between 800 km and 1,000 km.

So, this is definitely a long-distance move. This type of move requires better moving trucks (sturdier and better maintained) and they need to be in large enough number to transfer all your items in a single wave, to avoid doing unnecessary round trips.

This also requires a better protection of the goods inside the truck, with more moving blankets, better straps, etc. All our moving blankets are clean and in good condition, just like our trucks.

We can absolutely take care of everything related to moving from Laval to Gaspésie, no matter the size or the complexity.

Rare are the professional moving companies able to serve you over such great distances. However, Déménagement Total can do it.

Moving Company from Laval to Gaspésie

Gaspésie is a vast territory that has lots of nature to offer to city dwellers wanting to escape the Greater Montreal Area, who consider moving from Laval to Gaspésie.

You have the choice of settling down in one of the many fishing villages, in a small mountain town, or in one of the two cities of the region (Matane or Gaspé).

No matter if you want to complete a residential or an industrial move, you can count on a professional moving company with lots of experience in making long-distance moves: Déménagement Total.

Contact us today to discuss your project of moving from Laval to Gaspésie, or any other moving project elsewhere in Quebec and Canada.

We will list your needs and see how we can help you. We have many formulas, including a turnkey solution, to help you.

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