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Moving from Laval to Halifax

Moving from Laval to Halifax

Halifax is the largest city in the maritime provinces of Canada, and it is also the capital of the province of Nova Scotia. It is not surprising to see people thinking about moving from Laval to Halifax to take advantage of a totally different pace of life, in addition to a more natural life environment.

Halifax’s rhythm follows the one of the Atlantic Ocean, both for commercial fishing and for the military navy.

Individuals think about moving their residence to Halifax, but companies also consider moving from Laval to Halifax.

In both cases, Déménagement Total’s teams of professional movers are there to help you with all aspects of transferring your boxes, furniture, household appliances, as well as with just about any commercial or industrial equipment.

We also offer complementary services like delivery of standard and non-standard items, and safe storage of your belongings within our protected and monitored warehouses.


Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital, is the largest city of the maritime provinces, in addition to being a major navy base and an important commercial port. It is a historical city within Canadian history and a dream location for Titanic fans.

The entire city is an open-sky history museum. On top of the historical side, the ocean’s proximity also attracts people. It is not surprising that many people consider moving from Laval to Halifax.

Halifax is a relatively large city (a bit over 400,000 inhabitants), which allows it to offer all services and advantages of a larger city, while still being a place with a great quality of life, directly on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, which allows to enjoy the sea breeze with the convenience of living in a city.

Most inhabitants of Halifax are relatively homogeneous and speak English, but there are also many French-speaking groups, especially because of the important navy base.
In summary, there are many reasons why people think about moving from Laval to Halifax, and they are all good.

For a move over such a distance (over 1,200 km), it is important to deal with a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, because a long-distance move is so much more complex than a simple local move across the street.

Residential moving from Laval to Halifax

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Most people who intend moving from Laval to Halifax do it for their personal needs, to complete a residential move towards Halifax. This change of province means lots of paperwork with two provincial governments. Unfortunately, we cannot help you much on that side.

However, you can count on Déménagement’s Total professional team to take care of the transportation of your belongings when you are moving from Laval to Halifax.

Our professional movers will take care of all the logistics details related to transferring your goods (boxes, furniture and household appliances) between those two cities.

We also offer you complementary services like packing/unpacking to ease up even more your load. Do not hesitate to contact us about that and we will see how we can address all your needs.

Do you have non-standard items to move? Our teams have the necessary experience and tools to move around and transfer massive and fragile items like pianos, pool tables, aquariums, gym equipment and large bookcases, just to name a few.

Our expert team will take great care of your belongings during each step of the moving process to ensure you will recover your items in perfect condition at your new address.

Commercial Move from Laval to Halifax 

If you are a business leader, you can easily imagine the complexity of moving from Laval to Halifax might represent for your business, and the downtime imposed by such a change.

Considering the volume of goods to be transferred and the greater complexity of articles to move during a commercial move, only a company already experienced in all types of commercial moves (from a small boutique to an industrial plant) can efficiently support you in this enormous task.

Doing business with a team of moving professionals is then crucial for your own business. Our experienced movers have already completed hundreds of commercial moves of all types and they are used to box, wrap, or frame objects or equipment of all types and sizes.

If needed, box crates or metal frames will be crafted to protect your equipment hard to handle.

Long-Distance Moving from Laval to Halifax 

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Moving from Laval to Halifax, as we have already seen, involves a long distance. It is thus preferable to do business with a professional company to reduce the number of trips required to complete the task.

A company like Déménagement Total has all the material and human resources to reduce the number of trips and thus reduce the risks and costs.

For such distances, we need to use sturdy and well-maintained moving trucks to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. It is also important to apply more care in securing the goods inside the trucks to avoid internal displacement during the long road trip that will be needed.

Of course, a well-established and professional moving company will also have all required insurances and an excellent history with thousands of satisfied clients, in order to ensure that moving from Laval to Halifax becomes a successful decision for you.

Moving Company from Laval to Halifax 

Whatever reason brings you to consider moving from Laval to Halifax, you will discover a charming city bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Halifax is a historical city with a rich and diversified cultural life.

Since that move is carried out over a very long distance, it is very important to use the services of a professional moving company that has experience with long-distance moves.

Déménagement Total has such experience, and it also has all the human and material resources to ensure that moving from Laval to Halifax will be done flawlessly, whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your moving projects and your needs in terms of move or storage; we will see to provide you services that will match your needs and your budget, despite offering you a first-class service.

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