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Moving from Laval to Ottawa

Moving from Laval to Ottawa

Moving from Laval to Ottawa involves a trip of about 200 km, which is thus considered as a long-distance move.

Such a move from one province to another also implies a lot of special paperwork. However, the main essence of a move that is the transfer of your articles remains the same. It is important to deal with a professional moving company, especially for long-distance moves.

Déménagement Total can easily handle all aspects for you when moving from Laval to Ottawa, whether it is regarding a residential or a commercial move. Our professional movers will take care of packing, storing and securing all your belongings within our sturdy and well-maintained moving trucks.

Our expert movers are also experienced and fully qualified to handle items of just about any size, from a piano to industrial machinery, all in safety, using the proper tools and techniques.


Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is located in Ontario, but near the border with Québec. It is a human-size city offering all large-scale city services, very diversified cultural and sports scenes, as well as nautical activities on the Outaouais River that separates the provinces of Ontario and Québec.

On top of that, you will find dozens of national museums and historic locations marking the country’s history in multiple aspects. The whole Ottawa region is an English-French melting pot, where both languages and culture mix up and co-exist in harmony.

So, moving from Laval to Ottawa allows you to dive in a dynamic bilingual environment right in the heart of Canada’s political life.

A professional moving company can take care of all the practical aspects of moving from Laval to Ottawa: from packing to unpacking, going way beyond the simple transportation of your belongings.

Moving Your Home from Laval to Ottawa

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Residential moves are, of course, the most common ones, and we have all done it at some point in our lives. Indeed, who did not have to move away from the family home, to go to study or to work in another city, etc.?

Many people make the choice of moving from Laval to Ottawa to change their life environment or for many other different reasons.

When you want to change home and that new home is in another province, you will already have enough governmental paperwork details to worry about that entrusting the transfer of your belongings to a professional and trustworthy company greatly simplifies your life by lighting up the load of moving from Laval to Ottawa.

Our professional movers will take care of wrapping up all your furniture and household appliances in a secure manner to ensure their handling, transportation and arrival in perfect condition in Ottawa.

We use clean moving blankets that are in perfect condition to wrap up your furniture and household appliances, in order to protect them from bumps and dust during their handling and transportation, during which they will be firmly secured aboard our sturdy moving trucks.

A good wrapping and a secure fastening onboard the truck are even more important for long-distance moves, as when moving from Laval to Ottawa, because of the distance and the time the furniture spends inside the moving truck.

Moving Your Company from Laval to Ottawa

If you have a business, you might need to relocate it at some point. There are many reasons why that could occur: market change, better installations, sector-related laws, regulation or grants, etc.

If, for your business, you think about moving from Laval to Ottawa, you can count on us to help you every step of the way: no matter what type or size your business is, no matter the level of assistance you require transferring your store, office or even industrial plant.

We have helped hundreds of companies, from a small shop to a full-blown plant with heavy machinery, including call centers and regular offices.

In every case, we will see with you which services you need and we will accompany you in this important transition to let you quickly resume your commercial activities. Moving from Laval to Ottawa will occur smoothly and flawlessly, so you can resume assisting your clients.

Best Moving Company from Laval to Ottawa

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Whether it is to move the contents of a house or of a business, like moving from Laval to Ottawa, you can always count on Déménagement Total’s services to help you in this complex operation, from early planning until the last box has been emptied.

No matter the size or the complexity of the move, we can simply assist you or do everything for you, it is up to you to decide our involvement level. We will draft up a moving plan with you in order to make sure that moving from Laval to Ottawa goes on perfectly and with no bump for you.

Your belongings, whether they are home boxes, furniture or household appliances, as well as desks or commercial/industrial equipment, will be in good hands and will arrive totally safe and undamaged to the new location of your choice.

So, do not hesitate longer and contact us today to see how we can help you with your residential or commercial moving needs.

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