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Moving from Laval to Quebec City

Moving from Laval to Quebec City

Many people want to leave the Greater Montreal Area to settle down in a smaller city, closer to a human-scale size; it is thus not surprising to see people moving from Laval to Quebec City.

However, since this is considered as a long-distance move, the logistics for such a move are a bit more complex than just moving across the street.

Hopefully, there are professional moving companies, like Déménagement Total, that can take care of moving all your belongings (boxes, furniture and household appliances) in absolute safety. Whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move, our expert movers will take great care of your items.

To ease up your life, and avoid any worries while moving from Laval to Quebec City, it is always best to enlist the help of professionals from the moving industry; they know how to do things right and have the proper tools to do it.

Quebec City

Quebec City is the province’s capital; it is a mid-size city that blends European charm with North American culture.

Within this magnificent historical city (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the French-speaking culture blooms fully and welcomes the world, coming to visit this wonderful location along the St. Lawrence River.

Many are moving from Laval to Quebec City to leave the Greater Montreal Area and move to a smaller city, to increase their quality of life or simply to live in the historical capital.

No matter the reasons bringing you to consider moving to Quebec City, you will find there all the services from a larger city with special access to nature and the river that will allow you to enjoy a wide variety of sports activities. Cultural life is very active in the Old Capital; there is always something to see or do.

The mostly French-speaking environment is an important feature that attracts people from all over the place, including those who consider moving from Laval to Quebec City. Living in Quebec City is living within an open-air history museum that is peppered with lots of public art and mural installations.

Residential Moving from Laval to Quebec City

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Overall, most of the moves carried out by people and professional moving companies are about residential moves; meaning moving from one residence towards another one, like many Quebecers do on July 1st, for example.

You could be moving from a small apartment (including from your parent’s home) or from a large house, that does not matter to us; we adapt and scale to your needs.

Moving from Laval to Quebec City is considered as a long-distance move because of the distance that needs to be covered between the two locations (about 250 km). Such a move must be entrusted to professionals and not simple amateurs advertising in local classifieds and renting trucks on a daily basis.

You need the expertise of professionals and required insurances to compensate you in case of problems.
A professional moving company has experience related to moving all kinds of basic belongings (boxes, furniture and household appliances) you find in all houses, but also less common items like pianos, pool tables, gym equipment, etc.

It would be a shame to entrust the move of your large 55-inch TV to amateurs who do not have the experience nor the proper equipment to correctly handle such a fragile item.

Based on the distance, moving from Laval to Quebec City requires more precautions and more protection equipment to ensure your belongings arrive safely at the destination.

Commercial or Industrial Moving from Laval to Quebec City

The other type of move that is carried out is the one of businesses or industries. Businesses move less frequently, but when they do the logistics problems are larger than those of a residential move.

You first need to consider a wider array of things to be moved, heavier items (like filing cabinets) or more complex (like computer systems).

We must also consider the downtime caused by a move, because moving requires a certain preparation time (packing and wrapping everything), as well as another delay to unpack and reinstall everything before the business can restart serving its customers.

Moving from Laval to Quebec City must then be planned carefully with professionals who know what they are doing.

Moving Company from Laval to Quebec City

moving from Laval to Mont-Tremblant

Quebec is a wonderful city with a great quality of life in a French-speaking environment that is rich in culture and history. Many people think about moving from Laval to Quebec City for those reasons, and many others as well.

In addition to transporting your belongings when you are moving from Laval to Quebec City, we can assist you with an entire array of other services (packing, unpacking, installation, storing, etc.) for all your belongings, including complex and fragile items like a piano or a pool table.

Whether you want to move your residence or your business, contact us to see how we can help you make this move not only a reality, but a success.

Call us or email us today to discuss your plans for moving from Laval to Quebec City, or elsewhere, and we will see how we can best support you at the best price.

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