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Moving from Laval to Shawinigan

Moving from Laval to Shawinigan

Shawinigan is a small town of about 50,000 people, located some 40 km inland north of Trois-Rivières. Moving from Laval to Shawinigan is truly getting closer to nature, leaving behind the noise and stress of the Greater Montreal Area.

Moving from Laval to Shawinigan, because of the distance between the two cities, is a long-distance move, both for residential moves and commercial moves.

This type of move over a long distance can cause additional problems, so it is important to use the services of a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total.

Beyond boxes, furniture and household appliances, you could need to move around (within your current home) or to move items that are complex to handle, heavy or fragile. We are also available to help you in such situations.


The small town of Shawinigan has a rich industrial history, and it is surrounded by nature, mostly forests with a bit of agricultural land, along the St.-Maurice River. This river has been used for a long time to float wood and lead it to wood mills.

It also has a long history of producing electricity, up to this day. This power generation has given the city the nickname of “Energy City” (“Cité de l’énergie” in French). Moving from Laval to Shawinigan is thus also choosing an environment rich in history.

All around Shawinigan, you find nature. The river and the forests create a wonderful setting to settle down. That is the perfect spot to reconnect with nature, while still having easy access to a small town and its services.

With its 50,000 inhabitants, Shawinigan has just the right size to provide all the common services to its population. On top of that, it is only some 40 km away from Trois-Rivières, offering even more services.

It is thus not surprising to see people making the choice of moving from Laval to Shawinigan, even if it is considered a long-distance move, because both locations are about 160 km apart from each other.

Residential Move from Laval to Shawinigan 

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If many families consider moving from Laval to Shawinigan, this is obviously to get closer to nature, leaving behind the excessively active life of the Greater Montreal Area. This is also to get more space for themselves, a growing desire among people due to the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic 🙁.

For a move over a long distance, like this one, it is important to use the right equipment: a sturdy, well-maintained moving truck, as well as good straps to secure all furniture and boxes inside the moving truck.

It is also important to put more care in wrapping furniture and household appliances to prevent any damage due to the internal shifting during the long ride.

Hopefully, Déménagement Total’s team has lots of experience in this kind of move.
Our move professionals can dismantle (then reassemble, of course) the most massive pieces of furniture to ease up their handling as well as their protection during transportation aboard the moving truck.

If needed, we also offer a temporary storage service in case you need to store some furniture or boxes for renovations, or in relation to moving from Laval to Shawinigan.

Commercial or Industrial Move from Laval to Shawinigan

Since Shawinigan is a location with a rich industrial history, many small industries think about moving from Laval to Shawinigan, just as small retail shops do.

Shawinigan is a very interesting environment for companies, especially with new families looking for a quiet spot.

Whether it is for a clothing boutique, a restaurant, an office, a call center, a small or large industrial plant, we have the expertise as well as the human and material resources to carry out the operation of moving from Laval to Shawinigan quickly and safely.

You can also use our services if you have bought a large equipment or machinery in the Greater Montreal Area and wish to have it delivered to Laval, Shawinigan or anywhere else, by our delivery service. We take care of all the details and we can do the pick-up and the delivery to any location.

Non-Conventional Items to Move from Laval to Shawinigan

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When we think about moving from Laval to Shawinigan, whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move, we mostly think about boxes, furniture, household appliances, desks, etc.

However, companies also have counters (with or without glass), copy machines, safes and many other heavy, massive and sometimes fragile items.

Households are not exempt from that either, because some have safes, pianos, pool tables, aquariums, and so many other complex items.

In all cases, when moving from Laval to Shawinigan or not, these items need to be handled with care by experienced people using the proper techniques and the appropriate tools to do the job.

This will ensure not only the safety of the item but also preserving the walls and floors around. Do not forget how easy it is to injure oneself when mishandling a large load.

Our expert movers will ensure the physical integrity of your belongings as well as the walls and floors along the way, handling your fragile items with great expertise. Our skillful employees can even rebalance your pool table and change its mat to let you do your best shots once again.

Moving Company Laval to Shawinigan

Shawinigan is a small town with an industrial past surrounded by nature that will please all family members wishing to get away from the big city and its fast-paced life. It offers a wonderful setting in which you can do lots of nautical sports and forest activities.

Moving from Laval to Shawinigan allows you to easily isolate yourself from other people in this pandemic period. Even though it is a long-distance move, you can count on a professional moving company, Déménagement Total, to make it a breeze.

We can take care of all the details for you and we will ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Do not wait any longer to contact us and to discuss your project related to moving from Laval to Shawinigan or towards any other destination within Quebec or Canada. We will see how to help you efficiently while respecting your budget.

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