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Moving from Laval to Sherbrooke

Moving from Laval to Sherbrooke

Although it is the largest city in the Estrie region, Sherbrooke is still completely surrounded by nature. For this reason, and others, many families choose to leave the Greater Montreal Area to settle down in the Sherbrooke area, and thus they often consider moving from Laval to Sherbrooke.

Businesses and stores also transfer their activities to this city that is the economic center of all the Estrie region (also known as “Eastern Townships” for the older among us) in order to reach new clients or to implement a new production center.

It is thus important to get the help of a moving company, that is both professional and appreciated, offering you a wide array of services to complete your needs while respecting your budget, like Déménagement Total.


With its 170,000 inhabitants, Sherbrooke is the economic heart of the region, but it is surrounded by a lung of nature with many forests and lakes peppered all around the area.

Sherbrooke is a university city because it features not only one university, but two: Université de Sherbrooke and Bishop’s University. Those two campuses bring lots of energy to the city as well as to the region’s economy.

During summer, students are replaced by many tourists visiting the area. At all times, this small city is buzzing with activities. That is why so many people are considering moving from Laval to Sherbrooke.

Cultural life is especially active in Sherbrooke, immersed in a delightful blend of French and English people. Despite the reasonably small size of the city, you can still find there all the important services you can find in larger cities, in addition to enjoy an outstanding local gastronomy.

For some, getting closer to the wineries spread all over the region is reason enough to consider moving from Laval to Sherbrooke.

The city offers the same infrastructure as a larger city, but on a smaller, more human size, while remaining in complete harmony with nature that is everywhere in the area.

Residential Moving from Laval to Sherbrooke

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Many families make the choice of moving from Laval to Sherbrooke to get closer to nature and improve their quality of life.

On top of that, with the pandemic and the explosion of remote work, many people have chosen to settle down in Sherbrooke while continuing to work for a Laval-area company, for example.

Sherbrooke offers a first-class Internet connection, comparable to the one you would have in Montreal or Laval.

To transfer all your belongings from one house to another, like furniture and household appliances, but also less common items like pieces of art (sculptures and paintings), an aquarium, a piano or a pool table, it is best to entrust the operation to an experienced professional moving company that has the proper tools to move those unusual items around in all safety, both for the items and for the employees.

Since moving from Laval to Sherbrooke implies a trip of over 200 km, it is considered as a long-distance move. This means it requires additional protection measures to ensure that everything will arrive in perfect condition, considering the travel time and the time your belongings will stay in the moving truck.

Commercial Relocation from Laval to Sherbrooke

In case of a commercial move, it is mostly little shops, restaurants, office premises and sometimes industrial plants that will consider moving from Laval to Sherbrooke.

For stores, of course, we need to transfer all the inventory, but also the counters, display cases, safes, etc. Any commercial move will involve a large variety of items of different sizes and weights.

It is also important to partner with a company that has experience in commercial moves, because it is important to reduce the downtime to a minimum in order to be able to resume serving clients as soon as possible.

A partner like Déménagement Total is then all indicated because we have all the necessary experience, and also all the material and human resources that could be needed to carry out successfully such an operation.

No matter the nature or the size of your business, or the ones of the goods you have to transfer, we are there to assist you efficiently.

Other Moving Services Between Laval and Sherbrooke 

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On top of the simple moving truck transportation (with loading and unloading, obviously), our teams can offer you a turnkey solution and take care of the packing and unpacking, as well as of the installation of your equipment when you are moving from Laval to Sherbrooke.

We also offer delivery services. For example, you have found the furniture or household appliance of your dreams in a store located in Laval that does not offer delivery up to Sherbrooke, where you live; we can deliver it to you with no problem. After all, that is just like moving from Laval to Sherbrooke at a reduced scale.

If you need it, we also have a storage facility that is safe, secure and monitored for any of your belongings you wish to keep protected during renovations or a transfer towards a different location later. We can keep your items over a short period. Contact us for more details.

Moving Company from Laval to Sherbrooke

So, as we have seen, Sherbrooke is a beautiful city, offering all the services of a larger city while being surrounded by nature.

With its two universities (one in French, one in English) and an active cultural scene, Sherbrooke is clearly the economic center of the region and its most important city. Thus, there are plenty of reasons why people want to be moving from Laval to Sherbrooke.

Whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move, Déménagement Total is your perfect partner for this important transition. On top of the regular transportation of your belongings or goods with well-maintained robust moving trucks, we offer complementary services like packing/unpacking, delivery and storage to make your life easier.

Do not hesitate any longer to contact us and share your plans about moving from Laval to Sherbrooke (or elsewhere) to let us offer you a custom-made solution at the best price.

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