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Move A Safe to Montreal, South Shore or North Shore

Move A Safe to Montreal, South Shore or North Shore

Move A Safe to Montreal, South Shore or North Shore


There are many reasons to have a safe at home: to keep important documents, value objects, or firearms. For personal needs (including handguns), the safes are relatively small. However, if you have a store or a business, those safes are generally larger (and heavier).

But don’t let yourself be fooled by their size, safes are made with high-density and very heavy materials in order to protect your belongings. If you need to move a safe to Montreal, you have a high risk of seriously injuring yourself if you want to do it on your own. If you drop the safe, it’s not the safe that you will damage, but the floor, the stairs or a part of your body.

It is then best to call upon professionals to move a safe to Montreal, like Demenagement Total, including for a simple move from one room to another, within your home or your business, or for a delivery from the store where you just purchased it.

All Types of Safes

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Move a Safe to Montreal

In a residence, we can find various types of small-size safes, but the safes on the market are as varied as your needs can be. A small safe, about the size of a small microwave, can be bolted to the floor or to the wall (like in some hotel rooms) to allow you to store important documents, value items or handguns, in order to protect them from thiefs and fire.

But, even though they’re small, those safes remain very heady and this complicates their transportation greatly. The intervention of experts who have the required experience in moving such objects is necessary to move a safe to Montreal.

If you have a large safe to store long firearms, for example, or a larger quantity of items, the task becomes even more daunting, and it is then imperative to call upon professionals to move a safe to Montreal, like Demenagement Total.

Special Techniques

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Carrying out the task to move a safe to Montreal requires obviously the proper equipment to lift, transport and secure this particular object. Sometimes, it will be necessary to unbolt the safe from the wall or the floor in order to move it, then do the opposite operation to bolt it in its new location. You need to have the proper tools and know how to use them, because it’s not the time to improvise.

A professional knowing how to move a safe to Montreal will inspect the complete path the safe will follow to verify if the door frames are large enough, if there are stairs to be used (up or down), the various floor covering materials, etc. Depending on the size and the weight of the safe, different protection techniques will be applied to protect the door frames, walls, floors, etc. Certain elements, like wooden staircases, can greatly complicate, even prevent, the transportation of the safe.

Disassembling of Certain Parts

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Depending on the type of the safe, it’s possible that our experts have to remove some parts, like the door, the interior shelves, etc., to move a safe to Montreal. Those pieces will be removed to prevent damages during the transportation or to lighten up the main furniture and thus easing up its handling.

The main furniture and its detached parts will be carefully wrapped by our professionals to ensure their total protection during the transportation and reassembled in a precise manner once at the destination.
Please note that the weight makes it a relatively problematic task to move a safe to Montreal. We have the personnel, the equipment and the trucks to take care of most residential and commercial needs related to the transfer or the delivery of safes.


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Depending on the complexity of transferring a particular safe, we will dispatch two to six movers to move a safe to Montreal.
When you contact us to move your safe, please have the following information related to your safe at hand: brand, model, dimensions (width, length, height), approximative weight, where it is located, if it’s built-in, bolted, etc.

If needed, we’ll dispatch one of our experts on location to assess the situation before giving you a complete quotation after examination of the site to move a safe to Montreal.

Before the arrival of the movers, please empty the safe to lighten it up and facilitate its transportation. Furthermore, if you have firearms in the safe, we cannot transport them. If we have told you we would remove the door or if we need to unbolt the safe, please leave the door open.


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Move a Safe to Montreal

Demenagement Total has the human and material resources to move a safe to Montreal, while ensuring the protection of not only the safe itself but also the protection of your walls and floors while moving it around your home or business.

Thanks to our specialized equipment for moving heavy objects and to our robust trucks, we can move a safe to Montreal easily, of almost any size, and everywhere within the Great Montreal Area, including, of course, the South Shore and the North Shore. This move can be made from one room to another, from one residence to another or from a store to your home, always with the same professionalism and the same expertise.

Move A Safe to Montreal
Move A Safe to Montreal

So, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project to transfer a safe, and we’ll do our best to give you complete satisfaction.


How to move a safe in Montreal? Who should do it?
Moving a safe is a very delicate operation (as with other heavy objects). This process takes specially trained technicians or movers in terms of techniques, as well as equipment to use. It is inevitably necessary to hire specialized and competent safe movers in order to have peace of mind.
Do we use a crane truck to move heavy safes in Montreal?
Absolutely yes if space allows us to do so and if the balcony railing and/or balcony window and door are wide enough. We never hesitate to use the crane for such kind of special service, because the risks of damage to the heavy object are much less apparent and the risks related to injuries are excluded.
What is the average price for a safe moving service in Montreal?
The average price of a safe moving service in Montreal, on the South Shore or the North Shore is between $500 and $2,000, depending on its weight and the circumstances of such a move (the stairs to go up and down; the half-turns on the stairs; the equipment to be involved such as the tailgate, the crane, the skid, etc.; the number of movers depending on the difficulty of the project; the distance to be covered between the addresses; the period of the year).
How to evaluate the cost of a safe moving service in Montreal?
The price of a heavy safe moving service in Montreal is established following correspondence with our customer service and following the details provided by our customers. To determine such a price, we absolutely require information regarding the weight and dimensions of the safe to be moved, pictures of the safe as well as pictures showing the stairs for both locations, if applicable).
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