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Moving Services for the Elderly

Moving Services for the Elderly

Moving Services for the Elderly


Moving is a challenge at every age of our life, but that can be quite an ordeal for an older person. Senior citizens usually leave behind the place where they have lived for a great number of years to go to a smaller or more practical location. However, they no longer have the same strength and energy to face all the aspects of a move, even if they can have the help of their children (or grandchildren). That is why moving services for the elderly must take a different approach than the ones aimed at a young family or a student.

More care has to be given to the operation to reduce the dramatic impact a move, which is often an uprooting, can have on the elderly person.

Besides particular care given during our moving services for the elderly, at Demenagement Total we offer a special rebate for this especially vulnerable clientele.

Special Circumstances

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Usually, someone needing moving services for the elderly does not go from one house to another house. Most likely, it is from one house they have occupied for decades towards a residence for the elderly offering more supervision and services. In most cases, those moves are imposed by circumstances of life and the greater needs as we grow old, not simply to change scenery or of the neighbourhood.

This type of moving services for the elderly already has its own set of constraints, because we first need to sort things to move with us and keep only the essential items, those that will be useful at the new location or those with the greatest sentimental value. Getting rid (or storing) the things that have surrounded us, and kept us company, for many years is never a simple task.

Then, there is all the paperwork and all the procedures surrounding a move which are always present for any move, no matter the reasons or the moment in our lives. Moving services for the elderly must consider all those circumstances of this particular type of move, so we must proceed with more care and respect than for any other type of moves.

Particular Care

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We accompany our clients specially during the delivery of moving services for the elderly. We help them through each phase, by giving them advice and directions on the steps to be taken care of, and we take great care of the person, as well as of their belongings.

We are particularly attentive to the elderly people and to their specific needs. We understand that for them some items represent an entire life of memories linking them to their spouse of their children. Those items cannot be easily replaced, since their value resides in the memories associated to them, far more than the mercantile value.

While performing moving services for the elderly, we thus give special care to all requests that we receive and do our best to minimize the impact such a move has over elderly people. Our professionals have the experience related to such situations, they greatly respect the elderly people, and they are attentive to their every request.

Everything surrounding moving services for the elderly is put in place to facilitate this important change. For us, no mission is more important than planning and executing a smooth and harmonious transition towards the new residence. We also understand that, sometimes, such a move could have one starting point, but two destinations: a new senior living residence best suited for the new needs and desires of the elderly person, and a long-term storage facility or a children’s house for example, to store the excess of furniture or belonging not fitting in the new living environment.

We can take care of everything with our turnkey solution.

Special Offer

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With the aging of the population in Quebec, a great number of large senior residences appeared, especially in the Greater Montreal Area, offering complete life environments without needing to go outside. Many moving services for the elderly lead people to those residences.

At Demenagement Total, we are aware of that phenomenon, and we give a special care to this clientele, that is why we offer a special rebate, up to 15%, for our moving services for the elderly between the months of September to March. Contact us to discuss your moving project and have the details about this promotion.

This is only one of the many ways we take care of those people who have led the way for us all, those people who have built the society in which we are living today. A small way, but yet very concrete, to tell them, “thank you”.
This rebate aims to reduce the impact of moving services for the elderly, on the most fragile people of our society, and we are proud to do our share about that.

In Summary

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Even though it is often a small move, moving services for the elderly imply much more care and respect than the ones related to moving a young family or a student.

Our experts have done many of those moves and take as much care of the people involved in such moves as they do for the belongings entrusted to them, knowing very well this is a special mission.

Demenagement Total offers a special rebate to this particular clientele, because we know that moving while we are much older is more often than not an ordeal rather than an exciting adventure, even though the end goal is to be in a more suitable environment.

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