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Consumer Choice Award

Montreal, February 15, 2024A resounding victory was won by our company Déménagement Total in Montreal, when we were honoured with the very prestigious “Consumer Choice Award” of the year.

Consumer Choice Award – A Recognition of Excellence

This distinction rewards excellence and customer satisfaction in the field of residential moving and commercial moving services on the Island of Montreal and elsewhere, placing us at the top of the industry.

This recognition of excellence, awarded each year, is the result of a rigorous selection process based on consumer opinions. Thousands of moving service customers in Montreal were asked to share their experiences, rate the quality of service, and evaluate various criteria such as staff competence, punctuality, protection of property, and price transparency.

Déménagement Total has stood out among strong competition, positioning itself as the preferred choice of Montreal consumers. Our company not only met expectations but also exceeded industry standards by providing exceptional services.

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One of the main reasons for Déménagement Total’s success lies in its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company has consistently implemented customer-focused practices, seeking to understand the unique needs of each customer, and providing tailored moving solutions.

Why Déménagement Total?

The moving process can be stressful, but Déménagement Total has managed to alleviate these tensions by offering quality customer service, professional teams, new and clean trucks, and careful monitoring at every stage. The positive feedback from our customers highlights the effectiveness of our company’s communication, the expert management of assets, and the unwavering punctuality of our teams.

In addition to meeting the individual needs of our customers, Déménagement Total has also been recognized for its commitment to innovation and social responsibility. The company has integrated sustainable practices into its operations, thereby reducing its environmental impact.

Customers praised the use of eco-friendly packaging materials and initiatives to minimize waste. Transparency in commercial practices has also been a determining factor in consumer confidence in Déménagement Total. The company has adopted an ethical and responsible approach, contributing to its recognition as a winner of the “Consumer Choice Award”.

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Behind the success of Déménagement Total are dedicated and competent teams. The company has invested in the continuing training of its staff, thus guaranteeing teams of highly qualified and professional movers.


Employees played a vital role in creating an exceptional customer experience, receiving praise for their friendliness, efficiency, and positive attitude, even in complex situations.

Receiving the “Consumer Choice Award in Montreal” in 2024 is a major achievement for Déménagement Total, but the company does not intend to stop there. With this recognition, it aspires to maintain its level of excellence and continue to innovate in the field of moving in Montreal.

The founders of Déménagement Total expressed their gratitude to the company’s loyal customers and dedicated team. They emphasized that this award is not only an honor for the company, but also a validation of the constant dedication towards customer satisfaction.

Consumer Choice Award – An Important Victory

In conclusion, the “2024 Consumer Choice Award in Montreal” confirms that Déménagement Total is much more than just a moving company. It is a company that places customers at the heart of its operations, innovates responsibly, and constantly strives to offer exceptional quality services. This victory is a testimony to the dedication, competence and integrity that characterize Déménagement Total. 

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