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Office Furniture Assembly

Office Furniture Assembly
Office furniture assembly

Déménagement Total is a Montreal moving company providing also office furniture assembly services. Our office furniture assemblers are well-trained and meticulous experts.

It’s true that, apart from the Montreal office assembly service, we also provide office assembly services on the South Shore and the North Shore of Montreal, without any exception.

We also serve businesses in any city in the province and elsewhere: Quebec City, Gatineau, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Mont-Tremblant, Kingston, Toronto, Mississauga. Our office assembly service can be combined with a long distance commercial move.

We perform installation and assembly of modular desk systems & workstations, storage cabinets & display cabinets, filing cabinets & panel systems, office partitions & dividers, conference tables, etc. Our assembly technicians will provide you the best possible service at the best price in Montreal.

Office Furniture Assembly
Office Furniture Assembly

Not only do we offer installation and assembly, we also offer furniture delivery service. You may have purchased a large number of items from a warehouse and need our Montreal Delivery Company to pick them up. No problem!

We can pick-up all types of furniture and appliances. Some of the most popular items our furniture delivery service picks up are the following (but not limited to):

  • Office furniture, desks, large conference tables, filing cabinets, printers, large photocopiers, drafting equipment, etc.
  • Fabric furnishings like couches, love seats, sofa sectionals, movie theatre seating, large cushioned benches, etc.
  • Medical office supplies. Delivery of appliances like, small medical equipment, rehabilitation items, hospital beds are all available for small delivery in Montreal.
  • Beauty salon and spa furniture, including items like large pedicure massage chairs, manicure stations, tanning beds, barber chairs, large shelving units, and other such things are a cinch for our Montreal Office Furniture Assembly and Delivery Company.
  • Bars and restaurant furniture. Things like stools, high-top tables, dinning tables, audio equipment and delivery of appliances.
  • Gym equipment like spin bikes, stationary bikes, rowing machines, dumbbells of all sizes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, weight training machines, leg press machines, power racks, etc. These items are no match for our furniture delivery service.
  • Delivery of appliances like, kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, dish washers, wine fridges, ovens, built-in microwaves, large freezer chests, etc.
Office Furniture Assembly
Office Furniture Assembly

If you are in need of a furniture delivery service, or even just a small delivery in Montreal, look no further than our excellent Montreal Office Furniture Assembly and Delivery Company.

Not only do we offer delivery and assembly of all types of items, we do it with a smile and offer the best customer service along the way.

Office Furniture Installation in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore

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Our company carries out specialized furniture assembly projects and functional office furniture planning and installation projects. We guarantee high quality assembly of: open-plan workstations & open concept office desks, reception desks, conference halls and meeting rooms, banquet halls, work areas in different establishments, as well as configuration of individual offices, etc. 

Our professional, qualified and experienced assemblers provide the following services related to the assembly of office furniture:

  • Office furniture disassembly and reassembly. We will take apart your furniture in a professional manner, track each screw, nut and bolt, and then carefully wrap each part of the furniture with blankets and/or plastic wrap to ensure there is no damage done during the delivery process. 
  • Office furniture assembly. Once we have moved your furniture to a new location, our Montreal Office Furniture Assembly Company will reassemble each piece of furniture in its new place. This will be done with great attention to detail in order to return each piece of furniture to is original status. Whether a big or a small delivery in Montreal. 
  • Installation of new or used office equipment. Often, our office furniture assembly service will work with clients who have bought out a company that is going out of business. Our Montreal Office Furniture Assembly Company can be a part of the process to disassemble and pick-up the used furniture and deliver it to its new location. We can offer installation of any piece of furniture, and will even do a small delivery in Montreal.  
  • Installation of specialized furniture (laboratories, hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.). Delivery and assembly of furniture and appliances of this nature is a common request for our office furniture assembly service. We are capable of installations of even the most specialized types of furniture. We can even offer delivery of appliances in these circumstances as well.  
  • Office reconfiguration. If you are looking to reconfigure your office space our office furniture assembly service can help rearrange, reconfigure and reconstruct any type of office space. We may even have some good ideas to share after our years of experience working with assembly of simple and sophisticated office furniture.  
  • Redevelopment of offices and open workstations. A lot of businesses are looking at creating open work spaces. Getting rid of partitions and instead of isolating employees, they are looking to create more all-inclusive work spaces. Our office furniture assembly service can help make that a possibility. Even if we are making a small office furniture assembly in Montreal, we love working with clients and finding creative solutions. We are more than just a Montreal Office Furniture Assembly Service, we are problem-solvers looking to make our customers happy at any cost.  
  • Installation of wall partitions and dividers. The opposite is true as well. Some businesses are looking for office space or meeting rooms, but don’t have the physical ability to create these spaces with walls. That’s when wall partitions and dividers come in. Our office furniture assembly experts can help with this too.  
  • Adjustment of furniture and modular systems. Modular office furniture is all rage. There is no project too big or too small for out competent office furniture assembly specialists. We handle everything from a chair to workstation installation. Even panel systems, freestanding and modular office furniture can be assembled with ease.
  • Moving office furniture, delivery.
  • Office furniture packing service. If you are looking to relocate your office, our Montreal Office Furniture Assembly and Delivery Company can help pack, disassemble and reassemble all your office furniture. We have professional packers who can quickly and efficiently pack your office furniture to keep them safe during transport. There is really no task too challenging for our furniture delivery service to handle.
  • Office furniture disposal and removals. Sometimes your office furniture has taken a beating from years of being in use. This is not a problem for our office furniture assembly teams. We can pick up old or broken furniture and dispose of it at the local dump or recycling centre. If you have appliances that are no longer working we can handle pick up and delivery of small appliance as well.
  • Heavy and bulky office furniture moving and assembly. Some items are large and difficult to move. Furniture like large conference tables, complicated workstations and modular furniture. Our Montreal Moving and Office Furniture Assembly Company has all the tools to handle even the largest of delivery jobs. Our employees are also experts as all types of furniture reassembly so even these heavy and bulky items are no match for us.
Office Furniture Assembly
Office Furniture Assembly

Our Montreal Office Furniture Assembly Company takes pride in knowing we offer the very best assembly and delivery services in all of Montreal and surrounding area.

You would never regret hiring our furniture assembly service. In fact, you may regret it if you don’t.

Urgent and Last Minute Furniture Assembly in Montreal

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Taking into account your work schedule, we can supply office furniture assemblers at any time of the day or night. We will comply with your most delicate requirements for the number of assemblers, the adequate and specialized equipment for assembly at the same time observing the deadline for carrying out your project. Our urgent furniture assembly and last minute moving services are always available.

It’s true that things sometimes happen that are out of our control. In the case of a last minute move, relocation or even the desperate need of a new piece of furniture or appliance, our office furniture assembly service has your back.

We have the ability to get an office furniture assembly crew and provide small delivery in Montreal, or the assembly of office furniture, possibly even the same day.

Our Montreal Office Furniture Assembly Company will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Get A Quote for Office Furniture Assembly

Office Furniture Assembly
Office Furniture Assembly

For any questions concerning office furniture assembly, call us at 514-652-7955 and make your reservation now!


What is the cost of office furniture assembly in Montreal?
The office furnitures to be assembled are different, and respectively, the working time varies depending on the complexity of the furniture. An example would be assembling a regular desk which can cost between $180 and $450.
Why call on the movers for an office furniture assembly service in Montreal?
An expert mover can deliver (load, transport and unload) the office furniture as well as assemble them in a professional manner. That's why he is called a professional mover, because he provides a service from A to Z.
How far in advance should I book an office furniture assembly service in Montreal?
Generally, it is a service to book at least 3-5 days before the start of work for a medium-sized project and at least 7-10 days for a large assembly project.
Can the office furniture be assembled overnight in Montreal?
Déménagement Total offers office furniture assembly services during the night and on weekends for its corporate clients so as not to interrupt the activity of the company.
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