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Moving Terrebonne

Moving Terrebonne

Do you want to move to Terrebonne soon? Our teams of professional movers put their skills and know-how in place to meet all your specific requirements during your local or long distance move from or to Terrebonne or Lanaudière.

We are the specialists in residential and commercial moving in Terrebonne and its surroundings and our prices are unbeatable.

There are many reasons for moving Terrebonne. This is a super popular suburb not too far from Montreal. If you love the calmness of nature, which so many of us are craving these days, there are many sites to see and enjoy in Terrebonne.

You can be close to Île-des-Moulins which was, many years ago, known as one of the most important industrial headquarters in the entirety of Quebec. Today, it is a famous historic site and a beautiful riverfront park with some amazing walking and hiking trails as well as picnic areas for your family to enjoy an afternoon BBQ.

If you love being active, there is the TransTerrebonne. This awesome trail system offers over 100 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails. If you are into running, walking, hiking, or cycling, Terrebonne provides the perfect backdrop for your outdoor escapades.

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The Terrebonne area is known for its year-round festivals. No matter what time of year, there are many great festivals that promote a sense of community.

Some of the most exciting festivals take place during December. The Salon des métiers d’art (arts crafts fair) is a wonderful traditional Christmas Market featuring the Concert of the Terrebonne Orchestra. This is always such a joyous event.

Terrebonne is also an excellent area to call home if you are an avid golfer. The area boasts 3 popular golf courses that are close to the Terrebonne area.

If food is your thing, Terrebonne is home to some of the most polished French restaurants in all of Quebec. Some of the most amazing French food can be found in the upmarket hotels. Any type of food can be found in this foodie paradise called Terrebonne.

So, if you are interested in making this dynamic and cultured area of Quebec your new home, call the very best Terrebonne movers to get you there!

A Stress-Free Residential Move to Terrebonne

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Déménagement Total offers residential moving services in Terrebonne and turnkey moving services from a free estimate made during a visit by our appraiser, by phone or via a free online quote and up to customer satisfaction survey, when our representatives ask you for your opinion on the quality of our services.

If you have found a house to buy and are planning to move from Montreal to Terrebonne or you are leaving Terrebonne for Montreal, our careful movers will be on hand to give you the best possible service.

Our prices for a residential move are very affordable and we always try to ensure you with the best value for money so that you are satisfied and that you recommend us afterwards. We offer flat rates as well as hourly rates based on certain criteria such as:

  • date of move – Depending on the time of year, your move can fluctuate in price. If you are moving during our off season the prices will be lower because there is less demand. Most people want to move during the Spring and Summer which means our Terrebonne movers are in high demand, and the price will be a bit more.
  • distance – Because of gas prices, our Moving Company Terrebonne needs to consider the distance of a move when pricing out the move.
  • how many movers would be involved – If you have a large home or business, we may need to bring in more manpower to assist in your move. The same goes for if you have some super heavy items like pool tables, huge conference tables and commercial equipment. Our dedicated Terrebonne movers will always give you a clear indication of the price of your move before you sign off on the move. There are never any surprise fees or hidden costs with our Moving Company Terrebonne.
  • size of the moving truck – We have trucks between 16 and 30 feet. So, whatever your moving needs may be, our Moving Company Terrebonne will take care of all the details of your move and accommodate any size of move with our various sized trucks when moving Terrebonne.
  • stuff to be moved – If you have large and heavy household items, there may be more cost associated with moving Terrebonne. However, if you have standard items: including clothing, books, toys, home electronics, and other miscellaneous household items, these things can be transported in various boxes our Terrebonne movers can easily handle. We will provide a detailed quote prior to you moving with our Moving Company Terrebonne so you will always know the cost you will pay before you start the moving process.
  • heavy objects to be moved (piano moving, pool table moving, snooker table set up services, aquarium, etc.) – Heavy items require specialized equipment and more manpower. Our Terrebonne movers are experts in moving heavy items.
  • floors for moving out and in (with or without elevator) – When moving Terrebonne, we need to assess the moving situation. This includes how many floors and stairs we need to move items to and from. We will always investigate the number of stairs or if there is access to an elevator prior to giving an estimate of moving costs. Our Terrebonne movers are capable and competent movers, but the physical labor required of moving up and down stairs will be incorporated into the cost.
  • specific moving equipment to be used – Again, the demographics of a move will always be considered when pricing out your move. If it’s possible to use dollies to move boxes, we will as this creates less chance for injury when moving heavy boxes to and from our trucks to the building or residence.

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The best movers in Terrebonne with absolutely clean and disinfected moving trucks and all the necessary moving equipment will carry out your residential move up to the expectation that has been thrust to them.

When moving Terrebonne, we have high standards in regard to cleanliness. All trucks are cleaned meticulously between moves. Our crews on ‘moving Terrebonne’ are also sanitizing their hands and ensuring all equipment is cleaned and sanitized for each move.

Our company offers, at the same time, the opportunity to hire our kitchen installers and assemblers in Terrebonne. We provide exceptional services for IKEA kitchen installation in Terrebonne and elsewhere on the North Shore of Montreal.

Prices for Our Moving Services in Terrebonne

moving Terrebonne

As usual, our moving company tries to guarantee the best moving price in Terrebonne and anywhere as compared to high quality of service.

We consider all your moving needs when preparing an estimate of the costs when moving Terrebonne. We have the highest standards so our clients can too. When working with our Moving Company Terrebonne, you can expect the best and know you will get just that!

Here is a small table of ‘Moving Terrebonne’ pricing, which actually represents reference and approximative prices for moving services:

Prices for moving services in Terrebonne
Type of service Price range (hourly rate/flat rate)
Average hourly rate of movers in Terrebonne $100-115
Price for residential big scale relocation to Terrebonne $130-180
Price for commercial moving services in Terrebonne $120-170
Price for large property moving to Terrebonne (6 movers+) $300-480
Flat rate for a small local delivery within Terrebonne $280-500
Pricing for furniture installation in Terrebonne $100-125
All included price for moving a piano to Terrebonne $350-900
Flat rate for moving and assembly of pool table in Terrebonne $700-1200
Flat rate for moving heavy safe to Terrebonne $500-1300
Price for emergency moving services in Terrebonne $120-135
Price range for nigh shift moving service in Terrebonne $150-180
Price for a driver with a moving truck in Terrebonne $85-105

Our Commercial Moving Services in Terrebonne

Moving Terrebonne

If you are looking for a commercial mover in Terrebonne and you are worrying about his performance, Déménagement Total is encouraging you to use the services of our professional and reliable movers who have the proper experience.

We relocate businesses in an easy way with excellent planning and organizing your office relocation process locally or elsewhere.

We also provide packing, warehousing and furniture assembly services in Terrebonne, which thoroughly form our complete turnkey commercial moving service.

If you are looking to move your business, our Terrebonne movers are the right choice. We know how to handle your move no matter what the circumstances may be.

We will give you an accurate quote from the very start and there will never be any unexpected surprises when you choose to work with our reliable Moving Company Terrebonne.

Long Distance Moving from or to Terrebonne

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We offer packages for your long distance moving projects from or to Terrebonne. These are all inclusive flat rates determined during a transparent and precise estimate that include all the costs related to your long-distance relocation.

Entrust us with your “Terrebonne Long Distance Move” and your merchandise, your goods and you belongings will arrive the next day in any city in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Manitoba.

Our Terrebonne movers frequently move between these provinces which make moving Terrebonne easy and convenient for all our clients.

Wherever you are moving from or to, our Moving Company Terrebonne can take care of all your belongings, pack them up, disassemble your furniture, transport them to your new place, unpack and reassemble, making your move with Moving Terrebonne Service, the Best decision you’ve ever made.

The steps to follow when booking a long-distance move from or to Terrebonne will be:

  1. Determine the period of your move by providing a specific date or a desired date
  2. Assess your own stock to be moved, making an exhaustive list of all effects (large and small)
  3. Send a quote request here below, marking all the details of your move
  4. Call our customer service for having answers to many questions or concerns
  5. Receive the preliminary reservation notice with instructions to pay the deposit for your move
  6. Pay the deposit
  7. Get the receipt and the final booking for your long distance move.
Best Moving Company
Best Moving Company

Déménagement Total has been a leader in long-distance moves in Quebec for many years.

Our reputation is a product of our major investment efforts in our fleet of trucks of various sizes, in our storage units, in our administrative staff, as well as in our unique teams of ultra-professional movers.

By using our long-distance moving services in Terrebonne, you will benefit from a very competitive price, super equipped and clean trucks, very competent movers and customer service that will always be at your disposal.

The packages we offer for long-distances are all-inclusive fixed prices and most of them are based on:

the distance between the moving and moving in addresses
additional or intermediate stops
moving date and time of year
storage service between moving and moving in
the stairs at the start and finish
packing and/or unpacking service required
heavy items to be moved (piano, aquarium, safe, gym equipment, pool table, heavy commercial equipment, etc.)
the number of movers involved
other extraordinary or special circumstances that arose during the long distance move to or from Terrebonne.
For our moving company in Terrebonne, there are no destination limits in Canada. However, we are more present as a provider of this type of service in the province of Quebec and throughout the eastern part of the country.

Here are the most popular long-distance moving directions we serve (reverse directions are served as well, and even with diversions for extra stops, if needed):

  • the distance between the moving in and moving out addresses
  • additional or intermediate stops
  • moving date and time of year
  • storage service in between moving in and moving out
  • the stairs at the 1st address and at the 2nd one
  • packing and/or unpacking service required
  • heavy items to be moved (piano, aquarium, heavy safe, gym equipment, pool table, heavy commercial equipment, etc.)
  • the number of movers involved
  • other extraordinary or special circumstances that arose during the long-distance move to or from Terrebonne.

For our moving company in Terrebonne, there are no destination limits in Canada. However, we are more present as a provider of this type of service in the province of Quebec and throughout the eastern part of the country.

Here are the most popular long-distance moving directions we serve (reverse directions are served as well, and even with diversions for extra stops, if needed): 


Moving Terrebonne to Quebec City, Terrebonne-Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Terrebonne-Chicoutimi, moving Terrebonne to Gatineau, Terrebonne-Magog, moving Terrebonne to Mont-Tremblant, Terrebonne-Rouyn-Noranda, movers from Quebec City to Terrebonne, Terrebonne-Rimouski, Terrebonne-Riviere-du-Loup, Terrebonne-Saguenay, Terrebonne-Sept-Iles, moving Terrebonne to Sherbrooke, Terrebonne-Shawinigan, moving Terrebonne to Trois-Rivieres, Terrebonne-Val-d’Or, etc.


Moving Terrebonne to Toronto, moving Toronto to Terrebonne, moving Terrebonne to Cornwall, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Niagara Falls, movers Terrebonne to Ottawa, etc. 


Moving Terrebonne to Halifax, Cape-Breton, Chester, Lunenburg, New Glasgow, movers from Terrebonne to Sydney, etc. 


Moving Terrebonne to Saint-John, Bathurst, Dieppe, Edmundston, Fredericton, etc. 


Moving Terrebonne to Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, etc.

Hire A Moving Company That Doesn’t Mess Around

moving Terrebonne

Whatever location you are coming from or going to, moving Terrebonne has the expertise in moving, the knowledge of how to properly pack your things and transport your items in a safe and secure way.

Our Terrebonne movers don’t mess around. We have the skills and know-how to make moving Terrebonne an easy and carefree process. You’ll be enjoying the quiet solitude of the North Shore in no time!

Get the Best & Free Quote if Moving Terrebonne

Our customer service representatives will be glad to answer you all and any question regarding your plan on moving Terrebonne. In order to have a detailed quote, please fill out the Get A Quote form or call 514-652-7955


How much do movers charge in Terrebonne?
Normally, a moving service in Terrebonne is billed by the hour and the hourly rate, depending on the season, is between $125 and $180 per working hour with two movers and a 20-foot truck plus the travel time, according to the addresses.
In what cases does a mover charge extra fees?
Movers charge additional fees when it comes to: very fragile and/or very heavy objects to move; additional stops to be made; special equipment to be used during a move.
What is the best moving company in Terrebonne?
The best moving company in Terrebonne is the company most appreciated by its customers on social networks and on search engines like Google, as well as companies with their own trucks, offices and full-time dedicated moving staff.
What is a travel time when moving Terrebonne?
The travel time for a moving to Terrebonne is considered the time for the trip of the truck to the customer and the return of the moving truck to the garage and the cost of the trip is calculated according to the hourly rate and the route to be taken.
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