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Looking for Reliable Montreal Movers?

Looking for the Best Montreal Movers and for A Trusted Moving Company in Montreal, South Shore or North Shore?

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‘Déménagement Total’ Moving Company guarantees the Best Montreal Movers as well as the best moving solution in Montreal! Our relocation company is based in Montreal and our parking facilities for our moving trucks are located in LaSalle, Laval and Longueuil.

Our South Shore, North Shore and Montreal Movers are specializing in providing professional residential moving and commercial moving services in Montreal, deliveries of household appliances, transport of heavy objects, long distance moving, complete packing services and transport of fragile objects, move without truck, furniture assembly, relocation and home removal services, installation of pool tablespiano moving and warehousing.

In addition, Déménagement Total has just won the prestigious Consumer Choice Award on the Island of Montreal for the year 2024 and we are really proud to announce this remarkable achievement.

  • We hire and involve only the best Montreal movers with experience in order to ensure exceptional quality of the moving service at the lowest possible rates.
  • Our teams of efficient Montreal movers will demonstrate their professionalism, their dedication to the job and a great respect for our clients and for their goods, thus generating impeccable service either for short distance small moves in Montreal or long-distance big moves all over the province of Quebec and across Canada.
  • In fact, our professional moving company in Montreal spends and invests thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours training our movers on how to meet our rigid specifications, and high standards of professionalism. We only accept the very best Montreal movers in the industry.
  • We put the effort into training because it is critical to ensure that each of our members of staff have the highest quality customer service abilities, and treat each customer with the utmost respect, because without our customers, nothing is possible. Our Montreal movers will never forget that.

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  • When moving to Montreal with Déménagement Total, you can be confident that you will receive a standard of excellence that goes beyond your expectations.
  • Our Montreal movers always put 150% effort into every moving project. Our skilled movers are professionals in every aspect of the word. We are hard workers, dedicated employees, and the masters of the craft of moving. What more could our customers ask for when moving to Montreal, South Shore or North Shore?
  • At our moving company in Montreal we consider your satisfaction our main purpose when moving to Montreal, North Shore or South Shore. Our Montreal movers are equipped to handle any moving or storage requirement you may need, regardless of your circumstances. Our teams of movers in Montreal are passionate at providing customers with the ultimate moving experience.

  • Our reputed moving company in Montreal finds cleanliness one of the most important ingredients in making a successful moving experience when moving to Montreal, to South Shore or to North Shore.
  • Our drivers clean, sanitize, and assess our trucks for mechanical issues after every move to ensure that everything is in working order and in pristine condition for the next customer.
  • All our moving equipment in Montreal, including blankets, pads, dollies, and hand trucks, are wiped down and sanitized with the best cleaning products on the market. We only give the very best to our clients who are served by our crews of South Shore, North Shore and Montreal movers.

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  • Our company’s service area covers moving services in Greater Montreal, the North Shore (including Laval), the South Shore (including Longueuil), and throughout Quebec, as well as interprovincial relocation services in Canada. Our competent and good Montreal movers provide these services on nice-looking personalized moving trucks and with all the necessary equipment required to protect your furniture, personal belongings and your property.
  • Our Montreal moving company proves its indisputable daily presence on the local moving market at the same time reinforcing its reputation for the best rate long distance move too. Our teams of experienced Montreal movers carry out Montreal to Ottawa and Montreal to Toronto moving projects every week and they are focused on managing and satisfying with no stress the most delicate and complex residential or commercial projects at the best moving rates in Montreal.

Take Advantage of Our Montreal Movers’ Indisputable Reputation!

Every customer is important to Déménagement Total and we treat each of them with respect and kindness. Even if you hire us for just one small Montreal moving service, you are our client and we are here to serve you.

We have become a solid reference in moving industry in Montreal, on the South Shore and the North Shore, by providing very high quality services. We opt exclusively for the quality of service and there is no dissatisfied customer with us.

That is why we strive to become the best Montreal movers and why not even the best movers in Quebec and the best movers in Canada overall. This is our ambition and all our teams work hard on it.

The reviews on Google and on our company’s social networks are left by our real customers who do not hesitate to share their pleasant experience during a move in Montreal, on the North Shore or the South Shore. This represents important proof of the responsibility and dedication our company manifests and the impeccable accomplishment of our trade as professional Montreal movers.

We take this opportunity to thank these customers for their attitude and for noticing the professionalism of all our teams of movers, sales representatives, customer service, etc. Thank you, dear customers!

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Explore Our Montreal Movers’ Services

How to Choose A Moving Company in Montreal?

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While choosing your Montreal Movers, just take into account the following factors:

  • how long has the moving company been in business?
  • the pre-sales service with a free and complex moving estimate
  • reviews and recommendations for your potential Montreal movers
  • the Montreal movers’ experience, their age, their communication skills (French, English or both, upon request)
  • price comparison for the moving service (compare different moving quotes)
  • moving boxes, packing supplies and moving equipment to be used by Montreal movers
  • the degree of cleanliness of moving trucks and moving pods (moving blankets)
  • after-sales service.

Why Are We Trusted Montreal Movers?

It’s not a secret that there are tons of moving companies in Montreal and it’s extremely important to have a trustworthy moving company dealing with everything you have in your house. 

The expertise of our Montreal moving company is continuously attracting customers by its high quality turnkey moving services that include a moving quote made in advance on site either by telephone, packing of goods, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking. Our after-sales service, which is necessary to know your level of satisfaction with the service provided by our Montreal movers, is rendered in a conscientious and very responsible manner. All of these moving services are provided by professional Montreal movers who are reliable, efficient, courteous, respectful, clean, punctual and top of the notch movers who’ll take care of your belongings as if they were looking after their own.

Our moving company in Montreal is also recognized for its flexible low-cost moves policy applied during off-season or in mid-months. The quality-price ratio brings us a constant reputation and acknowledgement on the local Montreal economical moving market. Nevertheless, we cannot forget about the premium and high-end moving services that we provide for large luxury properties.

Are you planning a standard move or a luxury move? Call our Montreal Movers now!

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Get in touch with us and we assure you will never regret hiring the best Montreal movers!

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In order to give you an idea of the price for your move, we do encourage you to ask us for an online free Moving Quote or to call us at 514-652-7955.

Booking Our Montreal Movers’ Services

To book our Montreal movers’ services, our moving services on the South Shore and on the North Shore, please consider the following steps:

  1. Fill out the get a quote form carefully (do not miss anything in the quote and please try to provide as exhaustive list as possible)
  2. Wait for a response from 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours (within the business hours)
  3. Confirm or infirm your interest in booking our Montreal movers and/or our services
  4. Receive a confirmation email with deposit instructions
  5. Pay the deposit
  6. Receive final reservation and receipt for deposit

Rest assured of the quality of the service, dedication, discipline, punctuality of our employees and the responsibility of our moving company in Montreal, on the South Shore and North Shore and Happy Moving to You and Your Family!

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