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Moving from Brossard to Halifax

Moving from Brossard to Halifax

Halifax is a wonderful historical city that attracts thousands of visitors every year. It also attracts new residents who are looking to settle down in a reasonable-size city by the ocean. Some of those new residents come from the Greater Montreal area, and they are moving from Brossard to Halifax.

The idea of living by the ocean is also a powerful magnet attracting people to settle down in Halifax.

Since you need to drive some 1,200 km when you are moving from Brossard to Halifax, such move is considered as a move over a long distance. For moves over such a distance, additional precautions should be taken to ensure the protection of all items moved, small or large.

It is thus highly recommended to enlist the help of a professional moving company having the necessary experience in making moves over such long distances, like Déménagement Total, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, and it is also the largest city of all four maritime provinces of Canada, with its 400,000 inhabitants. It is thus a city large enough to offer all services you expect from a large city, but without its residents feeling crushed in an overloaded urban area.

Moving from Brossard to Halifax is thus a way to leave behind the Greater Montreal Area and to choose a smaller city that still offers most services you will need.

Halifax is a historical city that has played an important role in the development of the country and that has experienced many tragedies. It received most victims from the most famous maritime disaster of all times: the sinking of the Titanic. All over town, there are many reminders of this horrible tragedy.

Since the city is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the daily life of the city follows the rhythm of the ocean due to the important commercial fishing operations and the Canadian navy base. The marine installation is one of the reasons people consider moving from Brossard to Halifax.

Residential Move from Brossard to Halifax 

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Overall, moves are classified into two types: residential moves and commercial moves. For a residential move, using the services of a professional moving company, like Déménagement Total, ensures the optimal protection of all your belongings when moving from Brossard to Halifax.

First, all your large pieces of furniture could be, if needed, dismantled in order to separately pack all their components and ensure their maximal protection. This dismantlement also facilitates the handling of the smaller/lighter parts, another way to ensure the protection of your furniture.

Of course, our experts will take care of reassembling everything once at the destination, giving back the furniture its original aspect and its primary vocation for you to enjoy, just as before the move.

Just like for any other family moving from Brossard to Halifax, you will have boxes, standard furniture and household appliances. However, our specialists can also take care of less common articles like a piano, a pool table, an aquarium or a home gym.

We have all the experience and the best tools/equipment to ensure that the transportation of your belongings will be done with no problem at all. Besides the best packing and wrapping techniques, our movers are trained to use the best lifting and transportation techniques, adapted to all types of items.

Commercial Move from Brossard to Halifax

Besides residential moves, there are commercial moves. Those are also divided into two branches, based on their specific features: commercial and industrial.

A commercial move is the relocation of a business, usually dealing directly with the public, or not, like a fashion boutique, a professional firm, a restaurant, etc.

For those types of businesses, moving from Brossard to Halifax could either be a complete transfer of their activities or simply an expansion of them by opening a new office or a new branch.

There are also industries, with heavy machinery, that may consider moving from Brossard to Halifax. In such cases, it is, more often than not, a complete relocation.
In all those scenarios, the volume and variety of items to be moved are much larger than in the case of residential moves.

Our experts are ready to face any situation, being even able to create custom-fit wooden crates or metal frames to better protect your non-standard items.

Long-Distance Moving from Brossard to Halifax

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Since there are over 1,200 km to cover when moving from Brossard to Halifax, this is a clear textbook example of a long-distance move.

Your items will spend a lot more time in the moving truck and will experience a lot more turns and vibrations than during a local move. It is thus important to take more precautions towards their protection to avoid any breakage.

A professional moving company with experience in moves over long distances, like Déménagement Total, will do everything correctly, so moving from Brossard to Halifax will be completed without a single problem.

All your goods will be well protected individually, correctly handled by experts using the proper techniques and the appropriate tools/equipment if needed, properly organized within the moving truck and well secured in place ahead of the long trip, etc.

A complete protection service of your belongings that only experts can provide you.

Moving Company from Brossard to Halifax

Moving from Brossard to Halifax is a very interesting option to change living environment and take advantage of a medium-size city along the ocean, without giving up the services you are accustomed to in the Greater Montreal Area.

Since this is a move over a very long distance, it is important to entrust the operation to a professional moving company used to complete this type of move. You will then get an excellent service, whether it is for a residential move, a commercial move or an industrial move.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your needs related to moving from Brossard to Halifax or between any other cities in Canada. We will examine with you your needs and we will offer you a custom solution, respecting both your budget and your timeline.

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