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Moving Longueuil

Moving Longueuil

Are you looking for a reliable mover at the best price in Longueuil? Déménagement Total is your trusted company in Longueuil and in the Montérégie region. Our residential and commercial moving services are exclusively professional and safe.

Our Longueuil movers will provide you with the best service at affordable price and all in a good mood and at a high level of responsibility.

If moving Longueuil, we’ll assess the circumstances of your move and give you a quote based on all factors. Things our movers in Longueuil consider are (but not limited to):

  • If it’s a residential move, we consider the type and size of the home. If you live in a large house or a small apartment. If you live on the twentieth floor or the ground floor, if you are out of town on an acreage or if you are in the downtown core. These are things our moving company Longueuil is first going to ask about.
  • If it’s a commercial move, what type of business is it? Is it a small office or a large warehouse in an industrial area? A quaint cafe or a busy restaurant on Saint-Charles Street? Whatever type of business you are looking to relocate, our company ‘moving Longueuil’ is here to help.
  • What type of items will you need to move? If you have regular house-hold items like clothing, furniture, small kitchen appliances, dishes, toys, books etc. These items are pretty straightforward to move and don’t require any specialized equipment. However, if you are have super heavy items like a piano, pool table, large commercial equipment, etc., these are things our Longueuil movers can handle but will need additional supports to do so safely and securely. Because of this, we will need to charge for extra manpower and the different equipment that may be needed.
  • Are there items that need to be taken to the dump or a recycling facility? Our moving company Longueuil can assist with these services as well.
  • Travel time between where you are moving to and from, is another thing that needs to be considered when giving an estimate. A local move versus a long-distance move will be a different price considering gas needed, toll fees, hotel cost for the driver, etc.

Working Time of Movers in Longueuil and Billing

Moving Longueuil - 2

The movers’ working time starts once they arrive at the departure address and from the moment when the moving contract is signed. Their working time continues until the moment when they completely unload the truck at the final destination address and they finish unpacking and reinstalling the furniture, as the case may be.

Note that our movers do not take any coffee or cigarette breaks during your move, except when the client requires it or when there is a long move and the 10-minute breaks are welcome over 3 working hours of continuous physical work. The moving team leader will do billing on site immediately after your move.

The tips for movers are not included in the invoice, though we accept tips.

Our movers in Longueuil work exceptionally hard for our clients. Each of our Longueuil movers have gone through a rigorous training program. It is mandatory that all of our movers have a clean driving record, no criminal record and have experience in the moving industry.

Moving Longueuil believes it is important to hire friendly, personable, and educated individuals to work for our moving company Longueuil. Why? Because we pay our employees well and we treat them with respect.

Our Moving Company Longueuil knows that a happy employee will work harder for our customers. This is our main goal, to keep our customers happy at all times during the moving process.

What Is Travel Time When Moving Longueuil?

moving Longueuil

If you move in Longueuil or within a radius of up to 40 km, we charge 1 hour for the travel time or, if you are going to another city that is located more than 40km distance from your point of departure, we will adjust the travel time accordingly.

Why one hour travel time in Longueuil?

In fact, this hour represents the 30 minutes to get to your location and the other 30 minutes to get back to the garage (the round trip), which effectively covers the cost of gasoline or diesel. The one-hour traveling is equal to the hourly rate agreed with the customer upon the signature of the moving contract.

Again, every move is unique and moving Longueuil will assess the specific circumstances of your move when you call us for a quote. Moving company Longueuil are always completely honest and upfront about all costs involved in your move. There are never any hidden fees.

Every charge is clearly explained so that each customer is fully aware of all the charges and reasons for each charge. Movers in Longueuil will not move forward until the customer is completely happy with the quote.

Our Moving Prices in Longueuil

moving Longueuil

For a local moving service in Longueuil with 2 professional movers and a well-equipped 20ft moving truck, we charge a minimum of 2 hours of work and the appropriate travel expenses as described above.

The attached hereunto off-season prices are reference prices with a margin, which is conditioned by the complexity of the move, the floors and heavy objects to be moved.

Here is an example of a regular price for your move in Longueuil between August and April:

Moving price from AUGUST to APRIL
2 movers without truck
Minimum 2 hours of work + 1 hour for the movers’ travelling
Driver + 20 feet truck
Minimum 2 hours of work + 1 hour for the travel time
Driver/mover + 20 feet truck
Minimum 2 hours of work + 1 hour for the travel time
2 movers + 20 feet truck
Minimum 2 hours of work + 1 hour for the travel time
3 movers + 20 feet truck
Minimum 3 hours of work+1 hour for the travel time

Please note that for each additional mover we charge an additional $ 30 fee per hour.

Price for Appliance or Furniture Delivery in Longueuil

Moving Longueuil - 3

All deliveries are individual and different, as we cannot afford to generalize them. The cost of a delivery in Longueuil depends on the period, the complexity of the delivery, the floors, the distance, etc. However, we charge a minimum payment of 2 hours for any kind of delivery and we are usually offering fixed prices for it.

What type of deliveries do we make?

Moving Longueuil does not discriminate and will do a pick-up and delivery of almost any items. Things like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers and other large household appliances.

Longueuil movers also deliver furniture, gym equipment, pool tables, snooker tables, large bathtubs, hot tubs and other large household items.

Moving company Longueuil also does commercial deliveries for things like medical equipment, salon and spa equipment, commercial kitchen appliances, etc. If you’d like to know if we will deliver something for you, all you have to do is give us a call. One of our customer service representatives can answer any question you may have.

Moving Longueuil also has its own warehouse so if you need to pick up and store an item, this is absolutely no problem for our movers in Longueuil. Whether you need to store something for a day, a week or even a few months, we have different storage packages to accommodate your needs.

The only items our Longueuil movers will not pick up and deliver are food items, perishable things, flammable or hazardous materials. This is for the safety of our employees and our customers.

Our Excellent Moving Services in Longueuil

Moving Longueuil - 4

Moving Longueuil can be easy when you call our excellent Longueuil movers. We offer the most competitive pricing and can meet the high standards of even the most particular customer.

Moving Company Longueuil takes great pride in providing the move excellent moving services. Some of the services we offer are the following:

Moving Longueuil - 5

Long Distance Moving from or to Longueuil

Moving Longueuil

A long distance move, generally, is considered a move over a distance of more than 60km from the departure address.

Our Longueuil moving company – as one of the best long distance moving companies in Quebec – defines long distance moves of 4 types:

  1. Long distance move between 60km and 150km, considered a relatively short long-distance move
  2. Long distance move between 150km and 300km, considered as a medium long-distance in long distance moves
  3. Moving over long distances between 300km and 1000km, considered as very long distances
  4. Long distance interprovincial move between 1000km and 5000km, considered as a super long-distance

Déménagement Total has no borders and limits as to the distances to be traveled and we offer our services everywhere in Canada, and even in Western Canada since 2022.

The inhabitants of Longueuil are no exception and they quite often book our long-distance moving services, entrusting us with the start of their change of life from Longueuil to another city in Quebec or elsewhere, no matter the distance.

Moving Longueuil
Moving Longueuil

Fixing the Price for A Long-Distance Moving Service from Longueuil

The price of a long-distance move from or to Longueuil is established according to several criteria, including:

  • the distance between all the addresses concerned
  • the scope of the project in general
  • the human resources to be involved
  • the type of transport to be involved
  • special equipment to use when moving
  • stairs, landings, floors, etc., which in fact determine the working time during loading and unloading
  • heavy and super heavy objects such as pianos, pool tables, safes, etc.
  • packing and unpacking services
  • warehousing service between the loading and unloading cycle (depending on the time needed to take advantage of our storage units)
  • the time of year (low season or high season), and other factors such as weather conditions, etc.

For a long distance move from or to Longueuil we offer flat rates that will be fixed when our moving appraiser is present at your home or upon an accurate and detailed online estimate or by FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, TeamViewer, or other video conferencing platforms.

Moving Longueuil
Moving Longueuil


Some of the most common moves our Longueuil movers make in the beautiful province of Quebec are the following (but not limited to):

Moving from Longueuil to Quebec, Longueuil-Cap-de-la-Madeleine, moving Longueuil to Chicoutimi, moving Longueuil-Gatineau, Longueuil-Magog, moving Longueuil-Mont-Tremblant, movers Longueuil-Rouyn-Noranda, movers from Quebec City to Longueuil, moving Longueuil to Rimouski, Longueuil-Riviere-du-Loup, moving Longueuil to Saguenay, Longueuil-Sept-Iles, moving Longueuil-Sherbrooke, Longueuil-Shawinigan, Longueuil-Trois-Rivieres, movers from Longueuil to Val-d’Or, etc.


Another popular destination for moving Longueuil is our neighbouring province on Ontario. Here are a few of the popular cities in Ontario our Longueuil movers travel to:

Moving Longueuil to Toronto, moving Toronto to Longueuil, moving from Longueuil to Cornwall, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Waterloo, moving Longueuil to Niagara Falls, moving Longueuil to Ottawa, etc.


Nova Scotia is another province that many people are moving to with our movers in Longueuil.

Moving Longueuil to Halifax, Cape-Breton, Chester, Lunenburg, New Glasgow, moving Longueuil to Sydney, etc.


Quebecers love the Maritimes. New Brunswick makes the list of places to relocate to for our Longueuil movers.

Moving Longueuil to Saint-John, Bathurst, Dieppe, Edmundston, Fredericton, etc.


Moving west? Our movers in Longueuil travel to Manitoba on a regular basis. Some of the most popular cities and towns to move to are (but not limited to):

Moving Longueuil to Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, etc.

Get A Quote if Moving Longueuil

Moving Longueuil
Moving Longueuil

No matter where you are moving to, moving Longueuil can help get you there. Our Longueuil movers know that each move is unique and has different circumstances. That is why movers in Longueuil can fully customize our services to meet each customer’s needs and budget.

If that’s not enough, our professional and courteous Longueuil movers will do it all with a smile on their faces. We will handle all the logistics of your move so you don’t have to.

Our movers in Longueuil will take care of every detail so you can arrive at your new place and feel great about it. Moving Longueuil guarantees 100% customer satisfaction for every move. You won’t regret hiring our Longueuil movers. Don’t wait another moment, if you are moving Longueuil, call the best Longueuil movers in Quebec!

Get A Quote or call us at 514-652-7955. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions related to the moving process, preparations for the Longueuil move, as well as the formation of the total price. They will explain everything to you!


How to choose the best moving company in Longueuil?
First, you have to choose a legally established and very reputable company with professional movers to avoid unpleasant surprises. Second, you have to make sure that the Longueuil moving company has mostly positive reviews on Google and social networks.
How much does a Longueuil move cost?
It depends on several factors like date, time of year, high season, distance to be traveled, etc. However, the cost or price of a moving to Longueuil usually represents an hourly rate varying between $110 and $150 per working hour for 2 movers with a 20 to 22 foot truck.
Is it better to choose a local mover in Longueuil or a mover who will come from Montreal?
If moving to Longueuil, it doesn't matter if the mover is coming from Montreal or Longueuil, because the most important thing is the good outcome and the overall quality of work in relation to the price offered.
How to find a moving truck in Longueuil for July 1st?
Since July 1st is the most popular moving day in Quebec, it is essential to communicate and book a reliable moving company in Longueuil at least 3-4 months in advance. Otherwise, there is a risk of having no more availabilities or of having offers with really high prices.
Why do the movers in Longueuil charge travel time fees?
The reason why all the movers in Longueuil charge travel time fees is that, usually, we take into account 30 minutes to go to the client and 30 minutes to come back to the garage. These are considered transportation fees or travel costs that cover truck-related expenses (gas or diesel, wear and tear, etc.).
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