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Moving Boucherville

Moving Boucherville

Déménagement Total is a reliable moving company in Boucherville and on the South Shore of Montreal. Even when dealing with a small, few km local move, the stress can build up drastically just by trying to organize everything on your own. Let our experienced movers do it for you in a professional and a very efficient manner.

Our moving company offers all-inclusive moving services in Boucherville. We do everything, from packing and unpacking, assembly, transport to safe warehousing if needed.

You’d be shocked to know how awesome it can be receiving white-glove moving service when moving Boucherville.

Imagine arriving at your new home and having everything unpacked and put away, even the boxes and packing materials. Our Boucherville movers can take care of every detail of your move and make moving an absolute dream instead of a nightmare.

Our experts in piano moving service in Boucherville will impress you by their professionalism and our staff specialized in pool table moving and assembly service in Boucherville will perform the most delicate and accurate installation of pool tables or their carpet replacement or levelling.

Our delivery service in Boucherville is also available for safely delivering your appliances and any type of furniture. We even offer white glove moving services and we make sure that your move goes as smoothly and stress free as possible.

Your Local Mover in Boucherville

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Déménagement Total will exceed your expectations as your trusted local moving company in Boucherville. We will move your house or apartment and we will relocate your business in your wonderful city or to any surrounding city.

Our skilled and highly professional movers, our methods, moving trucks and equipment will bring a very high standard to your move and all this at a competitive moving price.

Locally, we mostly provide our household moving services from Boucherville to Montreal and from Montreal to Boucherville. However, if you are moving from Boucherville to Brossard, Longueuil, Carignan, Candiac, La Prairie, Beloeil, we can always assist you in your local moving project from A to Z.

Our tasks during a turnkey moving service in Boucherville are:

  1. Packing and unpacking of all fragile and non-fragile objects and personal belongings. This includes:
  • Utilizing our high-quality packaging for clothing like stand-up wardrobe boxes (so your clothing can remain unscathed and in perfect condition)
  • Strategically packing items in such a way as to make the best use of space. Using as little material as possible in order to keep your things protected while moving Boucherville. We care about the environment and will recycle all used materials that are recyclable.
  • Packing soft items like towels or stuffed toys in bags, and then using those bags as padding and placed deliberately in the truck by our movers in Boucherville.
  • You will be impressed to see the measures our Boucherville movers take in order to keep your items safe and sound during the moving process. We may even share some of our moving secrets with you along the way!

2. Putting all fragile objects in boxes.

We have specialized boxes of various sizes and our professional movers in Boucherville know all the ways to pack in order to keep even the most precious items safe during moving Boucherville.

This includes wrapping fragile and breakable items with bubble wrap and placing them with items that are soft or just large enough to hold the fragile object in the box with little movement.

We will also pad the box with moving paper or styrofoam. The less movement in the box, the less chance there is for the object to break or become damaged. Our Boucherville movers are always thinking of the best way to do things.

3. Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture.

Our moving company in Boucherville specifically trains our movers in the methods of disassembling and reassembling furniture.

Boucherville movers have the knowledge of all types of furniture, chairs, bed frames, benches, couches, stools, tables, dressers, night tables, desks, shelving units, TV stands, entertainment centres, china cabinets, etc.

Regardless of the brand of furniture, movers in Boucherville can take it apart and put it back together.

4. Careful packing of your furniture.

Once our Boucherville movers have disassembled the furniture we will carefully label all the screws, nuts and bolts and keep them in a bag or container. Then the pieces of the furniture will be wrapped with pads or blankets and secured with plastic wrap before being carried to the moving truck.

We do this to ensure that each piece of furniture is entirely protected from getting scratched, banged or damaged in any way when moving Boucherville.

Our moving company in Boucherville doesn’t like to take any chances so we take every precaution to ensure your furniture is going to be safe and maintained during the moving process.

5. Loading, safe transportation and unloading of all your goods.

Once our Boucherville movers have safely and securely loaded your moving truck we will be ready to transport your items. An accurate arrival time will be given to you by your driver.

We will be in constant communication in the case something changes. You will never be left in the dark when moving Boucherville. Once we arrive at your new place, our Boucherville movers will unload and unpack all your belongings.

You will instruct us where things go and we will take care of the rest. We will reassemble all furniture and it will be as if they were teleported there as they will be in the same condition they were in when they left your old place.

We are so very careful to treat all your things with the utmost respect. Once everything is put away, all boxes and packing materials will be removed and it will be as if we were never even there!

Don’t worry about your floors either, our movers in Boucherville always wear protective shoe coverings to keep everything clean and tidy.

Commercial Moving Service in Boucherville

We are one of the leading corporate relocation companies in the moving industry on the South Shore. Our commercial movers in Boucherville have the right experience to provide our corporate customers with the highly rated moving services, knowing how to coordinate a business relocation and how to prevent and minimize potential issues during such moves. We have significant experience in moving heavy equipment for enterprises on the South Shore and we provide also industrial moving service too.

Our moving standards include an initial consultation of our potential business customers, a properly carried out commercial moving project and, definitely, our after-sales customer service. We also provide last minute moving service in Boucherville, which could occur to any person in need for an emergency delivery or an urgent commercial or residential moving service.

If you are in need of a moving company in Boucherville, Déménagement Total is a company you can rely on when moving Boucherville. We are an honest, hard-working group of people and you will not be disappointed if you hire us for your commercial move.

We have years of experience doing all types of commercial moves, from huge corporations with millions of dollars worth of equipment, to a small one room office, run out of a home.

There are no moving scenarios too big or too small, too complicated or too simple for our excellent Boucherville movers. Give us a call to get a free estimate on your commercial move when moving Boucherville.

Reading through our customer reviews online can also give you confidence on the kind of moving company in Boucherville we are.

Pricing for Our Moving Services in Boucherville

Price for moving to Boucherville
Type of service Hourly rate of movers in Boucherville
Price for moving an apartment to Boucherville $100-120
Price to move a house to Boucherville $130-180
Price for a commercial relocation to Boucherville $120-180
Flat rate for moving an upright piano to Boucherville $450-850
All-in price for moving a grand piano to Boucherville $500-1000
All inclusive price for moving a pool table to Boucherville $850-1350
Flat rate for a delivery of 2 appliances to Boucherville $350-550
Flat rate for a delivery of 2 appliances to Boucherville $400-650
Flat rate for moving a treadmill to Boucherville $400-650
Price for assembly of IKEA furniture in Boucherville $100-115
Price for the installation of workstation desks in Boucherville $125-150
Price for moving a gun safe to Boucherville $450-1150

Long Distance Moving Services from and to Boucherville

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Finding a long distance moving company could be a difficult process. Our reliable long distance movers will try to satisfy any of your moving needs during a household long distance move from Boucherville or long distance office relocation.

A long-distance move requires some extra intricacies than just a regular local move.

There is a farther distance to travel, which means longer hours for our driver and also extra gas expenses, tolls, traffic to contend with, etc. Our moving company in Boucherville has done thousands of long-distance moves all across Canada and we know what it takes to do this type of move successfully.

We offer all-inclusive long distance moving services and all-in flat rates for long distance. Compare some long distance moving quotes with other top-rated moving companies, and we assure you will choose us due to our affordable prices.

Here are some examples of long distance moves to and from Boucherville:

Moving Boucherville to Quebec and moving from Quebec to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Ottawa and moving from Ottawa to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Gatineau and moving from Gatineau to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Sherbrooke and moving from Sherbrooke to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Trois-Rivieres and moving from Trois-Rivieres to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Mont-Tremblant and moving from Mont-Tremblant to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Chicoutimi and moving from Chicoutimi to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Toronto and moving from Toronto to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Rimouski and moving from Rimouski to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Val-d’Or and moving from Val-d’Or to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Gaspe and moving from Gaspe to Boucherville

Moving Boucherville to Halifax and moving from Halifax to Boucherville

Other directions that we serve:

Moving form Boucherville to Aylmer, Baie-Comeau, Beauport, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Charlesbourg, moving from Boucherville to Saint-Sauveur, Sainte-Adele, Drummondville, Jonquiere, Val-David, Magog, Mirabel, Blainville, Rawdon, Saint-Jerome, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and others.


Here are some examples of long-distance pricing from or to Boucherville:

Price for a long-distance move to and from Boucherville
Type of service Long-distance moving packages from or to Boucherville
Price for moving from Boucherville to Ottawa $950-1450
Price for moving from Boucherville to Toronto $2100-2800
Price for moving Boucherville-Quebec City $1150-1800
Price for moving from Boucherville to Sherbrooke $800-1400
Price for moving from Boucherville to Trois-Rivieres $700-1300
Price for moving from Boucherville to Rimouski $1850-2600


As you can see, prices vary depending on where you are moving from and where you are moving too. These prices can fluctuate further depending on the items you are moving and which services you’d like to take advantage of when moving Boucherville.

Our expert movers in Boucherville will give you an accurate and detailed list of costs when you call for your free quote. You can totally customize your move to suit your needs and budget when moving Boucherville.

Reach Out Today the Best Boucherville Movers

If you are moving Boucherville and need a helping hand, our Boucherville movers would be happy to oblige. We don’t beat around the bush and give false promises like some moving companies. What you see is what you get with our Boucherville movers.

We are a down-to-earth moving company in Boucherville looking to offer excellent moving services at affordable pricing for all customers. Take a look at our video description on our moving company in Boucherville and everywhere in Quebec.

Don’t wait another moment, reach out today for the best moving Boucherville service in the area!


For a Boucherville moving service, please fill out the Get A Quote form or call 514-652-7955

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