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Our company is always attentive to our customers as regarding their choice of cheap movers in Montreal and that is why we offer the option of economical moving service by keeping the same principles and rules, as this would be a VIP move or a luxury move.

At Déménagement Total, a low cost move never means a move with unpleasant surprises. We are always correct with customers who are honest with us and who describe to us beforehand all the circumstances of their move, for both economical moving and white-glove moving services.

Consequently, we are committed to providing you with the best moving service with no stress.

Find the Right Option for Moving on a Budget in Montreal

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Cheap move – an exercise of brainstorming, analyzing and choosing cheap moving specialists who are at the same time economical moving professionals and who take care of your goods as well as of your properties.

A professional and cheap mover can be called the mover who is reliable, hardworking, fast and polite, whether he is hired for a residential move, commercial move or long distance move.

Choose our economical moving formulas and we assure you that we will keep the same quality of work and our movers will provide you with the best relocation service in Montreal!

Our Economical Moving Tips for a Montreal Cheap Move:

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  • Rent our truck with a mover/driver only

This option means that you will load and unload the truck by yourself and you’ll save a lot on moving labour, taking advantage of a low moving rate. Involve your friends and family for helping you and you will stick to your moving budget

  • Wrap as much as possible your belongings and pack your moving boxes 

For reducing the movers’ working time, you can always prepare well before their arrival. Packing during a move can be time consuming and you are encouraged to do it before our movers arrive. In this case, our moving company assumes no responsibility for your belongings, which may be damaged before packaging. However, a less expensive moving rate is guaranteed

  • Make sure that our moving truck is as close as possible to the front door 

Remove the snow on your pathway until the front door, clear the access and reserve an adequate parking spot for our moving truck

  • Empty your appliances before the movers arrive 

Buy in advance moving boxes and put in all the contents of your refrigerator for saving the movers’ time of work

  • If you are able to see that one of your appliances will not pass through the front door, take it off without hesitation

All details are important during a move and this is not an exception. Everything needs time, but our time is your money

  • Make the access easy in your house so that our movers start with the largest pieces (appliances and big items of furniture)

An easy access enables movers to shorten their way in order to reach the heavy stuff and this can reduce the overall price of your move by a significant percentage 

  • Avoid the last and first days of each month, if possible

The demand for moving services during these days is really high and this will cause a moving price increase. For minimizing your moving cost, move between the 5th day and the 20th day of each month

  • Definitely avoid the moving on July 1st, if you can

The Moving Day in Quebec, which falls on July 1st, is the day when prices are too high and when your moving costs are exaggerated

And finally, since moving is a process that brings change and hope in life, you should smile and your move will go smoothly and without stress and it will be the most cost-effective move with the best price guaranteed! Choose the aforementioned economical moving solution and move cheaply!

To book our Montreal cheap movers on a tight budget (our economical moving service), call us at 514-652-7955 or get a free quote!

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