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Contact Déménagement Total today! When managing your residential moving project, corporate relocation or general transportation in Montreal and across Canada, our company can meet any and all challenges: this is what makes Déménagement Total a renowned and reliable moving company in Montreal.

Before calling us, take your time to inform yourself about our terms, services, prices and everything we do.

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    A word from the owner of Déménagement Total

    Dear customers!

    Let me please introduce our company not only by using videos and images but also in a written form. 

    My name is André or Andy (for English speaking clients) and I am the manager of Déménagement Total – a reputable moving company in Montreal, on the South Shore and the North Shore. 

    We are going to talk here about some aspects of our company and I will start with the:

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    Management Staff

    Déménagement Total is currently experiencing a significant increase in terms of turnover thanks to our clients who trust us and thanks to our high-quality services compared to the price offered. 

    Therefore, we have invested not only in our equipment and moving trucks, but also in our human resources. 

    Currently, our administration staff has three sales representatives who are true professionals and who will always listen to you; we cooperate also with a renowned accounting firm and a marketing and web development agency that knows best what to do. 


    Currently, our company has about twenty full-time employees and about ten part-time employees. Yes, the flow of personnel in the moving field is variable because it is not a secret that it’s one of the most difficult jobs in Quebec and in Canada in general. 

    All of our movers are well educated, very, very efficient (you can state it even by checking our reviews on Google), they are diligent, thorough and very respectful. 

    We are also committed to the recent circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to point out that our staff takes all relevant precautions regarding the non-spread of the virus. 

    Our employees are compulsorily vaccinated, and they all hold a vaccination passport. 

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    We have several trucks of different sizes (from 14ft up to 53ft trailers) for each particular need of our customers. It is a huge fleet of trucks divided into three zones:

    – We have a large garage in Montreal 

    – We have trucks in Laval to serve the cities on the North Shore 

    – We also have trucks in Longueuil for customers on the South Shore of Montreal 


    It is true that, officially, even as well explained on our website, we do not have any subcontractors other than in the name of Déménagement Total, and who present themselves on behalf of our company. 

    However, we have several transport companies that work on behalf of Déménagement Total and that are easily identified, because each of our movers must come to our customers with lettered trucks or with clothing containing our logo. In addition, we have a complex archiving and recording system for contracts with our customers and each contract has a unique number to be introduced into the ordering system.

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    Dear clients!

    We would like to thank you again and again for counting you among our customers and for your trust!

    We also want to take advantage of the moment and ask you to respect our movers during and after work. It is an interactive profession where the mover has direct contact with customers, and this is the case when everyone must come forward in an exemplary manner. 

    We will take great care of your belongings, so please take care of the movers who bring you happiness in your new home. 

    We work hard, we work for you!

    Thank you so much for contacting us!!!

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