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Long distance moving

Are you planning a long distance low cost move from Montreal or its surroundings?

We are specializing in long distance moving services from Montreal, regardless of the type of move, the size of the truck and resources to be involved.

Choosing a reliable company that provides affordable long distance moving services while maintaining the very high level of professionalism is an undoubted challenge.

We hope to be among your favorite choices as the best long distance moving company in Montreal. As a testimony, we are proud to announce that, in 2024, we won the Consumer Choice Award in Montreal, a significant distinction for us.

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Déménagement Total will surprise you with its policy of low price long-distance move due to its grouping offers, the know-how of cutting the moving costs and the possibility of involving long distance movers in the city of destination, thus reducing the moving labour cost.

You will also be surprised to learn our long distance moving company has years of experience moving long distance. We are from Montreal and know the city and surrounding area like the back of our hands.

We understand the particularities of long distance moving and know how to best accommodate our clients’ needs during a long-distance move.

You will never be disappointed if you make the choice to hire our long-distance movers to help with your move. No matter where you are moving from.

Our long distance moving company deals with moves from across the country to down in the United States. There is no distance too far for our long-distance movers at Déménagement Total.

What’s A Long Distance Move?

professional mover in Montreal

Beyond a radius of 60 kilometers from Montreal, the relocation will be considered as a “long distance move”.

In reality, a distance of 60 kilometers is considered relatively short. Real long distance moves start from 200 kilometers and beyond.

Here is a classification of long distance moves according to Déménagement Total:

  1. Short Long Distance: Moving over a distance between 60 and 200 kilometers.
  2. Medium Long Distance: Moving over a distance between 200 and 500 kilometers.
  3. Very Long Distance: Any long distance move exceeding 500 kilometers across Canada.

Before contacting us, do not hesitate to check the distance between point A and point B on Google Maps to be sure whether it is a long distance move or a local move.

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We provide the following long distance transportation services:

Whether it’s a small long distance move or a large property to be moved over a long distance, our movers will be happy to provide you with the best possible service with very well equipped and really clean moving trucks at the best rates.

Our long-distance movers take great pride on providing the top-of-the-line, clean, and disinfected moving equipment. Our trucks are also washed and cleaned thoroughly after each move.

We have high standards of excellence so our customers can expect the best from us when long distance moving.

Whether you are long distance moving your home, property or business, our professional long-distance movers can handle your move, no matter how big or small. We have the experience to help you no matter the circumstances of your long-distance move.

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How to Calculate A Long Distance Moving Cost?

long-distance moving

The price of a long distance move is formed out and generated by several factors such as:

  • distance between the two addresses, the so-called Travel Time 
  • number of movers involved 
  • size of the moving truck  
  • stuff to be moved 
  • heavy objects to be moved (piano, pool table, countertop, aquarium, safe, etc.)
  • floors (elevator/no elevator)
  • preliminary packaging made by our movers
  • specific moving equipment to use
  • need to keep and store your goods for a certain period
  • peak season moving or off-season move and the date of the move
long-distance moving

If you are planning on long distance moving, you need to consider all the above factors. When you call our long distance moving company, we will provide you with a detailed quote. In order to do so, we will ask you many questions to fully understand the specific needs of your move.

Our long-distance movers may request a video-conference to be able to see your property in order to give you a very accurate estimate of all the costs involved.

If you have several heavy objects to move, such as a piano, pool table, aquarium, that will require a lot more manpower and special equipment needed to be brought to your location.

That will affect the price of course, so we must have a thorough conversation with each client to discuss all items needing to be moved.

Long Distance Moving - 5

If you live on the first floor of an apartment vs. the tenth floor of a building, that will influence the cost as our long-distance movers will have to maneuverer through elevators and stairwells as opposed to being on the ground level, which is much less complicated and requires less time.

If you are planning your long distance moving during peak moving time that will be more expensive as we are much busier. If you chose to move during a less busy time, it will be more cost-effective. These are just some of the things to consider when long distance moving.

Depending on the size of your move, our long distance moving company has every size truck to meet your specific needs.

Long Distance MovingIf your long distance moving needs require more than one truck, we have you covered! We can even transport a vehicle for long-distance moving, if need be.

If you require storage of your items while moving, our long-distance moving company has it’s own storage facilities to assist you.

If you’d like to utilize our professional packing services during long-distance moving, this will be an additional cost too.

However, every client who has taken advantage of this excellent service has been shocked at how awesome the experience has been. Our long-distance movers have the knowledge of how to properly package all your items so they safely arrive at their destination.

Packing requires more than just throwing items in a box, our long-distance movers are pros at keeping every item safe. Every wine glass, spoon and tea cup will be properly packaged when long distance moving.

Our long distance moving company will ask all the right questions in order to properly tally the costs of your move. We prefer to give you an accurate quote from the get-go, we never want to surprise our customers with additional costs.

Transparency is key in long distance moving. That is exactly what you will get when hiring our long distance moving company.

long distance moving

Here are some examples of long distance moving prices from Montreal or to Montreal for a standard condo moving (studio, 2 ½, 3 ½, 4 ½ apartments):
Price for moving from Montreal to Toronto

The same moving rates are applied for moving from Montreal to Mississauga, Aurora, Ajax, Bolton, Brampton, Burlington, Caledon, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Markham, Milton, Nobleton, Oakville, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Schomberg, Vaughan, Whitchurch-Stouffville

Price for moving from Montreal to Quebec City

The same moving rates are applied for moving from Montreal to Levis, Beaupre, Donnacona, Montmagny, Pont-Rouge, Portneuf, Saint-Agapit, Saint-Anselme, Sainte-Claire, Saint-Henri-de-Levis, Saint-Marc-des-Carrieres, Sainte-Marie, Saint-Raphael, Saint-Raymond, Vallee-Jonction


The same moving rates are applied for moving from Montreal to Aylmer, Almonte, Arnprior, Buckingham, Casselman, Carleton Place, Chesterville, Kanata, Kemptville, Papineauville, Rockland, Shawville, Smiths Falls, Thurso, Winchester

Price for moving from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant

The same moving rates are applied for moving in the Laurentians, including moving from Montreal to Rawdon, Brownsburg, Hawkesbury, Labelle,
Lachute, Sainte-Adele, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Saint-Andre-Avellin, Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Saint-Jerome, Saint-Jovite, Saint-Julienne, Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Saint-Sauveur, Val-David

Price for moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke  $900-1700*
Price for moving from Montreal to Trois-Rivieres  $1000-1800*
Price for moving from Montreal to Drummondville $900-1300*
Price for moving from Montreal to Chicoutimi   $2600-3800*
Price for moving from Montreal to Val-d’Or  $2500-3800*
Price for moving from Montreal to Rimouski  $2600-3800*
Price for moving from Montreal to Gaspe  $4000-6800*
Price for moving from Montreal to Winnipeg   starting at $9500*
Price for moving from Montreal to Halifax starting at $6500*

*These are some reference prices calculated taking into account the circumstances described above which represent an approximate moving cost.

Long distance moving requires some additional supports than just making a local move. Hiring a reputable long distance moving company is the number one thing you can do to make your moving experience less-stressful.

Sure, you could attempt a move on your own. Hire your own moving truck and pack your items and load the truck yourself.

Long Distance Moving - 9

In the long-run you may save a bit of money initially, but often times customers find they end up wasting more money this way.

There are items that get damaged or broken during transport because they weren’t properly packed and loaded on the truck. These items need to then be disposed of and replaced at your cost.

People often underestimate the cost of gas, tolls and motel costs along the way when long distance moving. There are so many things to think about and so many things that can go wrong along the way.

Long distance moving can present unforeseen challenges. The stress of it all can be too much to handle. That is why hiring reputable long-distance movers is worth it. Our long distance moving company is here to help.

Long Distance Moving
Long Distance Moving

Whether you are moving across Canada to Montreal or just across provinces, our long-distance movers have the experience and knowledge to properly pack up your belongings, disassemble and reassemble furniture, properly load the truck, and securely transport your valuables to your new home.

Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. That saying has never been more true than when referring to long distance moving. Hiring an expert long distance moving company is decision you will never regret.

If you want a long distance moving company who is experienced, professional and experts at long distance moving, you have found the best in the business.

Call us today and get a free quote. Our long-distance movers are excited to serve you!

Reducing Long Distance Moving Costs
Long Distance Moving - 12

The art of reducing a long distance moving price is also conditioned and supported by the client. For this reason, we recommend the following tips to cut the moving cost of your relocation from one city to another:

  • obviously book the long distance move in advance, thus giving us the opportunity to generate the best price for your relocation;
  • prepare well for your move and you will save a lot on your moving costs:
  • pack as much as possible by yourself,
  • get rid of unnecessary items and things to move,
  • eventually, put all the moving boxes and small items in front of the entry door to speed up the work of the movers;
  • if possible of course, avoid as much as possible the last and first days of each month, because the demand for moving services during these days is higher and this will cause a moving price increase;
  • if possible, definitely avoid July 1st Moving Day in Quebec, the day when prices skyrocket and your long distance moving costs are exaggerated.
Grouping during A Long Distance Move
Long Distance Moving - 13

The perfect solution to ship your furniture over a long distance at low prices is grouping. The grouping phenomenon, in the sense of a long distance moving, means a few small moves that are going in the same direction and are carried out by the same truck.

In this way we will be able to minimize moving costs and guarantee you a much cheaper price than for a long distance move made by a dedicated truck.

If interested in this option, do not hesitate to contact us now in order to estimate the price of your move.

Professional Movers in My City
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Déménagement Total moving company in Montreal is always looking for the best logistics solutions and human resources. Our goal is to reduce and minimize long distance moving costs for our clients, as well as for us as a moving and transportation service provider.

In order to reduce the price of long distance moving, our company attracts and hires movers located in different cities, regions and provinces of the country.

Example of a Montreal to Toronto Move:
Long Distance Moving - 15

Let’s suppose we are loading your stuff in Montreal and we’ll unload it in Toronto. Our three movers, including the driver, will load the truck and, on the other hand, the other two movers from Toronto will help our driver/mover unloading it.

As a result, we save on transportation costs and on the movers’ salaries during the trip and, thus, the client will stay much happier with the final price for his/her long distance move.

Déménagement Total is your trusted long distance mover in all provinces of Canada

long distance moving

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Long distance moving with Déménagement Total is easy and hassle free!

Please call us at 514-652-7955 to offer you an Estimate for your long distance move

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