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Moving Lorraine

Moving Lorraine

You have a moving project in Lorraine and you are about to choose a mover? Whether it is a major residential move or a commercial relocation, Déménagement Total’s movers are always ready to plan, organize and carry out your move to Lorraine carefully and professionally.

Déménagement Total is a reliable moving company, whose goal is to serve its customers at an incomparable level and at unbeatable prices. Our professional movers will provide you with stress-free service with maximum speed. We offer flat all-inclusive rates as well as hourly rates.

Our main assets in Lorraine lie in our undeniable experience in moving large houses and luxury properties, both in Lorraine and the surrounding area.

Residential Movers in Lorraine

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Our movers will assure you of the best quality of service during your move from one house to another in Lorraine or any city. Each client is precious to us and we give our 200% of all the know-how. We realize that only satisfied customers bring us continuity and success on the local moving market.

Exclusively professionals in the field of moving who know well the trade of mover are forming out our company. Our movers are also trained in our painstaking style and that means that all of our employees are hardworking people who are never afraid of physical work.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a local moving service in Lorraine or if you are planning a long distance move. We treat each project as a unique project and the dedication persists at all times during our involvement.

Our residential moving service includes the dismantling of furniture, packing of your fragile items as well as your furniture and appliances, loading, transportation by our equipped trucks and, ultimately, unloading, unpacking and furniture assembly thereafter. We like cleanliness and we do not tolerate dirty places. We care a lot about hygiene and thus we do protect our customers and ourselves.

Our moving company in Lorraine also provides high-end piano moving Lorraine , pool table moving Lorraine as well as snooker table moving services. Trust us and you’ll not be disappointed!

Commercial Movers in Lorraine

Moving Lorraine

A professional commercial mover always starts with effective step-by-step planning. So that your business transfer to Lorraine is successful, we make a careful analysis of all existing aspects or of those that might arise during the moving process.

If your company or its representatives are in the process of shopping for moving prices for a possible relocation of your business to Lorraine, Déménagement Total offers its commercial moving services at competitive rates.

In Lorraine, we specialize in moving a variety of businesses, ensuring a hassle-free transfer of their essential belongings. Among the types of establishments we move to Lorraine, we find:

  • Stores, convenience stores and supermarkets: We handle the moving of various items, including display cases, freezers, refrigerators, store furniture, receptions, and much more. Our team of commercial movers in Lorraine ensures that each item is handled with the utmost care to ensure a smooth transition;
  • Restaurants, bars and bistros: We understand the importance of each piece of equipment in the catering sector. This is why we professionally manage the moving of kitchen equipment, restaurant or bar furniture, as well as specialized furniture in Lorraine. We ensure everything is moved efficiently, minimizing disruption to your business;
  • Daycares and schools: We are committed to ensuring quality, safe and efficient moving of daycares and schools in Lorraine. We take care of the transfer of furniture, educational materials and any other equipment necessary to support children’s learning and development;
  • Warehouses and mini-warehouses: Whether you need to move an industrial warehouse or a small mini-warehouse in Lorraine, our team is here to help you. We manage the moving of your goods, equipment and other supplies in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Commercial Equipment Delivery for Government Institutions: We also provide commercial equipment delivery services for government institutions, including police stations, fire stations, and others. Our team is trained to ensure security and confidentiality when transferring sensitive material;
  • Corporate and employee moving: We offer an employee moving service for all companies where the employer covers all costs related to the moving of its employees.

With our commitment to service excellence and attention to detail, we strive to make every Lorraine move a positive and stress-free experience for our commercial or corporate clients.

Long Distance Moving Service in Lorraine

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Moving long distance means changing more or less your life and restarting it sometimes. In order for everything to start in good spirit and with complete peace of mind, the moving stage is very important. We offer you our specialized long distance moving services from Lorraine. Our movers will make your relocation from Lorraine to any city in Quebec and Canada easy and hassle-free.

For simplifying your long distance moving process from Lorraine, we offer all-inclusive packages. Our appraiser will come to your home to answer any questions and sign a moving contract. The price is fixed on site or according to an online estimate after having received a full list of your belongings to be moved.

Here are some examples of long distance moves from Lorraine:

Moving Lorraine to Quebec

Moving Lorraine to Gatineau

Moving Lorraine to Mont-Tremblant

Moving from Lorraine to Chicoutimi

Moving from Lorraine to Val-d’Or

Moving from Lorraine to Riviere-du-Loup

Moving from Lorraine to Thetford Mines

Moving from Lorraine to Hull

Moving from Lorraine to Jonquiere

Moving from Lorraine to Gaspé

Moving from Lorraine to Saint-Sauveur

Moving from Lorraine to Rawdon

Moving from Lorraine to Magog

Moving from Lorraine to Sherbrooke

Moving Lorraine to Trois-Rivieres

Moving from Lorraine to Beloeil

Moving Lorraine to Shawinigan

Moving from Lorraine to Granby

Moving Lorraine to Toronto

Moving from Lorraine to Mississauga

Moving Lorraine to Halifax

Moving Lorraine
Moving Lorraine

Get A Quote If Moving Lorraine

Déménagement Total stands out for its incredible price flexibility compared to its competitors. Our mission is to provide exceptional service at affordable and completely reasonable prices.

In this sense, even with a pronounced real estate crisis of the year 2023 and with inflation, the company continues to keep the same rates as in previous years, while maintaining the same high level of professionalism on the part of its movers.

For an inexpensive moving service in Lorraine, please fill out the Get A Quote form or call 514-652-7955


How much does it cost to move a house in Lorraine?
The cost of moving a medium or large house in Lorraine generally ranges between $800 and $1400, with an average of 6 to 9 hours of work. However, the price always depends on several factors.
What is the best moving company in Lorraine?
Déménagement Total is considered the best moving company in Lorraine, thanks to its reputation built over the years in the region and its specialization in luxury moves and large houses.
When should I book my move to Lorraine?
Normally, a moving service in Lorraine should be booked as early as possible, once you have established your schedule for moving out and in. For large moves, it is advisable to allow at least a week for preparations, especially during high moving season, which is usually between May and July.
Can Déménagement Total movers also install furniture in Lorraine?
Yes, our movers are trained to be able to dismantle and reassemble furniture at home at any time, regardless of the complexity of the installation.
How much should you tip movers in Lorraine?
We never emphasize tipping. However, if you are satisfied with the service of our movers, you can consider giving them a tip, which generally varies between 5 and 10% of the total bill before taxes.
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