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Best Movers with Truck in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore
Moving trucks

Each step of the move is important and crucial but the step when it comes to choosing a moving company with moving trucks is the most complex.

It does include the right selection of reliable and professional movers and the option of choosing the right moving trucks to meet your needs.

The mover is the most important component of a moving process and he has such tasks as: 

  • packing,
  • loading,
  • transporting,
  • unloading and
  • unpacking furniture and objects of different weights and sizes.

At the same time, a mover is always associated with moving trucks without which we cannot carry out any complex work nor provide any professional moving services.

Exception could be particular cases when our clients expressly need movers without truck.

Moving trucks
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Déménagement Total is offering you its moving trucks for transportation and moving services at the best price in Montreal. The size of our moving trucks varies between 16 and 30 feet.

However, depending on your needs, we are able to provide you with large 53-foot trailers or even crane trucks to lift, for example, extremely heavy objects by the balcony or through the window.

Nothing is impossible with us!

Our moving company has completed some of the most complex and difficult moves.

For example: moving a baby grand piano out of a downtown loft apartment with a crane during rush hour, relocating a huge construction company along with large construction equipment using numerous sized moving trucks and a dozen professional movers helping for a short turn-around.

We pride ourselves in giving the very best customer service in the moving business. We have some of the best Montreal moving trucks and will do, whatever we can, to help our customers in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil!

There is no moving challenge that is too much for our Montreal moving company.

Well-Equipped Moving Trucks

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When movers provide their services arriving on equipped trucks, that’s a sign of professionalism and trustworthiness.

We take care that every single job is approached individually and that we are equipped correspondingly and according to our customers’ needs.

As mentioned above, we have several different size moving trucks but generally and commonly we are using 20 feet cube trucks. Their strength is the loading capacity and, definitely, the usefulness of operation and manoeuvre in the city with its narrow streets and alleys.

Normally, our competent movers are able to load and arrange the stuff equivalent to a 4 ½, 5 ½ and even 6 ½ in a 20ft truck.

Loading our moving trucks takes skill and great creativity. There are proper way to arrange items like boxes, small furnishings and large furniture in just a way to ensure there is little to no movement during transport.

Trust us, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Properly loading a truck is like a game of Tetris, each piece fits a certain way, and if you have the skills and understanding of moving trucks, you would be surprised to know how many items you can get into one of our Montreal moving trucks.

Moving Trucks - 3

All of our trucks are equipped with clean and adequate moving equipment to provide exceptional and professional moving services.

They are always well maintained, clean, personalized, equipped with GPS, Waze or Google Maps, registered with the Commission des transports du Québec and regularly inspected.

Cleanliness is key to keeping our moving trucks in pristine condition. Every one of our moving trucks is cleaned before and after each move. We use only the best cleaning agents to ensure our moving trucks look like new.

Our moving equipment is also cleaned and disinfected after each move. We have exceptionally high standards for our movers so if you rent one of our moving trucks with driver, you will be completely satisfied with the quality you are receiving.

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Moving Trucks and Moving Equipment

While ordering our moving truck for your residential move or for a commercial move, you are getting the following moving equipment, coming alongside with the truck:

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moving Montreal-Riviere-du-Loup

From 100 to 150 padded moving blankets

Clean, consistently renewed, thick and high-quality moving blankets

Plastic wrap

A plastic stretch film often used to secure the packing of a piano or wrapping items for warehousing

From 5 to 10 wardrobe boxes

High sturdy cardboard moving boxes with metal rod for hanging clothes

Lifting moving straps

Lifting strap used during a move facilitating the work of the movers, reducing their effort and handling easier heavy objects

Tie-down straps

Straps for immobilizing the furniture in the truck, tightening straps, lashing straps, secure fastening straps for short and long distance moving

From 2 to 7 dollies

4-wheel dolly for handling and moving bulky objects

From 1 to 2 rubber wheel hand trucks

2-wheel vertical moving cart used mainly for moving boxes

Moving boxes

(upon each client’s specific request)

Boxes for frames, boxes between 1.5 and 6 cubic feet, television boxes, etc.

Mattress covers

(upon each client’s specific request)

Mattress covers or anti bed bug mattress covers

Enviro-bubble-box, packing paper

(upon each client’s specific request)

Easy pack box kits for fragile objects. Transparent plastic bubble wrap generally used for packing fragile items

Neoprene moving mat

Carpet used to protect the interior floor

Packing tape

Top-quality scotch tape

Piano skid board

A skid board used for piano moving

Miscellaneous tools

Different tools for furniture assembly, for removing the front door, for a pool table installation

Moving trucks
Moving Trucks - 6
Moving Trucks - 7
Déménagement Saint-Sauveur

Many of these items will assist you in making the moving process much less complicated and challenging.

  • Moving blankets come in different thicknesses and padding and will protect your furniture from getting scratched, dented or marked during the moving process. Moving blankets can also be used in moving trucks to act as a buffer between items placed closely together.
  • Plastic wrap is another one of our most often used resources as it is an excellent material to wrap furniture and even for wrapping blankets around furniture to hold them in place.
  • Wardrobe boxes are an excellent type of box made specifically to hold clothing that needs to be hung up. Expensive fabric items or even just for the ease of moving all your clothing that is hanging in your closet. You can easily move them over to the wardrobe box for a simple way to pack your clothing in our Montreal moving trucks.
  • Moving straps and tie down straps. When you rent a moving truck with driver this is a job our professional movers can do for you. Using straps to strongly secure boxes and other things in our moving trucks.
  • Dollies are a huge help when moving boxes, furniture and other items from your house or business. You can easily move heavy things and avoid unnecessary injury from trying to carry these items yourself.
  • Rubber wheel hand trucks. These are also tools that can make moving easier. When you rent a moving truck with driver, our moving team has access to these useful tools to help make your move run smoothly.
  • Boxes of all sizes are available upon request. We use the very highest quality boxes. They come in various sizes and are strong and sturdy in order to house your items and ensure they will be securely loaded into our moving trucks.
  • Mattress covers. We really believe mattress covers are an essential way to protect these valuable items. Mattresses are not cheap, and using a cover is important in order to keep the mattress material protected from dust, dirt and debris that your mattress could potentially be exposed to in or out the moving trucks.
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper. When you rent a moving truck with driver you can be guaranteed that we will ensure all your personal items are packed correctly. This can’t be done without using bubble-wrap and packing paper. We can even offer professional packing services to ensure each of your items will be able to safely transport in our moving trucks.
  • Neoprene moving mat to protect carpet and floor. If you rent a moving truck with driver, they will come prepared with mats to protect the floors of you old place as well as your new place at your final destination. It will be as if we were never in your home. Everything will be left in pristine condition.
  • Packing tape is another essential item used for moving. Without packing tape, boxes would not be sealed and there would be movement and damage to your items in our moving tucks.
  • Piano skid board. If you are looking to move a piano, whether a stand up piano or even a concert grand piano, we have expert piano movers working for our moving company. We have all the needed materials and knowledge to properly move these valuable musical instruments.
  • Miscellaneous tools. We are used to encountering every type of furniture and household item. We know it pays to be prepared! Our Montreal moving trucks are stocked with commonly used tools that are helpful during moving.
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Our Careful Movers for Our Clean Customers!

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Please note that we do not make “dirty” moves and we protect ourselves from the consequences of unsanitary conditions during a move, thereby protecting You as well.

We prefer to avoid dirty places and refuse providing our moving services while visiting unsanitary dwellings or houses that apparently might contain elements or traces of bedbugs.

In no way do we mean to insult any of our customers with this policy. However it is important that we keep our Montreal moving trucks as clean as possible. When you rent a moving truck with driver, we will always assess the circumstances of your move.

So this will never be a surprise to any of our clients unless upon arrival we are surprised with the condition of the premises. If so, this will be communicated clearly with our client. We will then recommend other options to consider prior to us assisting in a move.

Our Safety Is Your Safety!!!

At the end of the day, our movers are here to assist our clients in making a smooth, easy and hassle-free move.

When you rent a moving truck with driver from Déménagement Total, you should know you are hiring a moving company with the highest standards and you can expect the absolute best from our moving company.

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Moving Trucks - 12

Our Security Is Your Security!!!

Ultimately, our movers are here to help our customers have a smooth, easy and hassle-free move. When you rent a moving truck with driver from Déménagement Total, you should know that you are hiring a moving company with the highest standards and that you can expect the best from our company.

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