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Piano Moving Service

Montreal Piano Moving Service

Piano Moving in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore
Piano moving

Déménagement Total is recognized for its expertise in moving pianos in Montreal, on the North Shore and South Shore. Our reliable and top rated Montreal piano movers will impress you with their methods, their skills to professionally and delicately move your piano without damaging it.

We Move Your Piano Safely

We know the variety of pianos and the approximate value they represent. Transporting a piano is a painstaking and meticulous process that requires a lot of attention from the part of piano movers and a lot of details to be considered. Normally, such details should be previously provided by the assessor who came to your home to estimate the complexity of the work.

Déménagement Total is a reputable moving company that carries out costly moving projects with great care and responsibility. We can handle any valuable and standard moving project approaching it with the same level of dedication and care. The same applies to our piano moving projects. 

While dealing with a piano move, we particularly refer to:

  • upright piano moving
  • grand piano moving
  • harpsichord transportation

What are the Rates for a Montreal Piano Moving Service?

The cost to move a piano can generally vary depending on the type of piano, the floors and the travel time:

The price for moving an upright piano in Montreal                      $250 – $600
The price for moving a grand piano in Montreal    $350 – $900
The price for a harpsichord transportation in Montreal$400 – $1000

For moving digital pianos, portable pianos or hybrid pianos we only charge for working time and travelling. We charge piano moving fees only for the heavy ones. For our hourly rates, see our Best Moving Price section. Typically, if dealing with a residential or commercial move including piano removal or disposal, we’ll charge both hourly rate and piano move fee.   

How to Move a Piano?

Sometimes we suppose that a physical power is pretty enough to move a piano. We would deny this opinion and we shall try to show you the opposite: mental toughness during a heavy piano removal is often more important than physical effort. 

Firstly, an experienced piano mover will consider the following elements:

  • type of piano 
  • floors to move piano downstairs and/or upstairs  
  • curved stairs and the angle for moving the piano 
  • distance between the truck and the front door 

Secondly, our piano movers get prepared for your piano move (relocation or shipping), and namely they:

  • dismantle all the parts of the piano
  • protect the piano with thick moving blankets (packing)
  • do plastic film packaging 
  • put the piano on a piano skid board in order to avoid direct contact with the floor and the ground while handling it
  • strap the piano to the skid board 
  • lift and put the piano onto the 4-wheel dolly 

Thirdly and most important, the movers bring the piano downstairs or upstairs (if applicable):

  • before starting, they will reconsider all the circumstances of moving the piano (vertically or horizontally, on a dolly or using the straps, they will also determine which mover will climb first, who in second, etc.) 
  • finally, here are the real physical efforts to properly keep the balance of the piano when moving up or down the steps
  • they finish by unpacking the piano and reassembling its parts (piano pedals, feet, caster cups, etc.)

Our Montreal piano moving experts will be happy to serve you in any borough, town, city or municipality in the provinces of Quebec, on Montreal’s South Shore and North Shore, in the Laurentians and elsewhere. We transport pianos long distance to different provinces and across Canada. 

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