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Furniture Delivery Service and Delivery of Appliances

Furniture Delivery Service and Delivery of Appliances

Furniture Delivery Service and Delivery of Appliances

Delivery Service in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore
delivery service

Our Montreal transport company offers you a wide range of furniture delivery services and home appliance deliveries. Our dynamic moving teams will transport any object for you safely and with great customer care.

Our experienced and reliable movers will take care of your belongings and your property.

We Deliver Everything, Everywhere and for Everyone! Montreal Moving Services at a Low Price!

And that’s not all! Our furniture delivery service includes careful disassembly of your furniture, professional packing service, and complete reassembly at your new location, if need be.

There is nothing our Montreal Delivery Company can’t do when it comes to making a large or small delivery in Greater Montreal and elsewhere.

There are literally hundreds of different types of furniture and appliances out there needing to be delivered. Our Montreal Delivery Company has done it all.

We once worked with a client who started out asking for a small delivery in Montreal, but after seeing how quick and effortless the process was working with our Montreal Delivery Company, he soon hired us to deliver all the gym equipment for a new fitness centre he was opening.

Our expert assemblers picked up over 60 pieces of gym equipment, delivered it to his location and worked over the next week assembling and placing all the equipment. We even had our hand in helping decide the layout of his place.

That is just one example of how our furniture delivery service goes the extra mile to keep our customers happy.

Another client had ordered a large sectional for his basement man-cave. It was play-off weekend and he was desperate to get his furniture so he could have his buddies over for the big play off game.

Unfortunately, the store where he bought the couch from didn’t have a delivery date until late the next week. He found our Montreal Delivery Company and we were able to deliver and assemble his sectional with an hour to space before his friends arrived.

No matter the circumstances of your delivery needs, our furniture delivery service is happy to oblige and help you in any way we can.

We often make residential deliveries with the delivery of appliances, bedroom furniture, even large items like pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, and snooker tables.

The heavier items may require specialized equipment. That is not an issue for our Montreal Delivery Service. We have access to every-sized truck and can even use a crane in deliveries that require this service.

For example, moving a concert grand piano into a third floor suite. We have completed some of the largest to a small delivery in Montreal with confidence. Our team offers the very best furniture delivery service in Montreal.

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Local home appliance delivery in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard
Skid pallet transport, pallet delivery in Montreal, on the North Shore and
South Shore of Montreal
Long distance delivery from Montreal to Toronto
Trucks equipped with a tailgate or with a moving ramp
Reliable delivery teams in Montreal
All-inclusive flat rate pricing for moving and delivery
Transport and assembly of office furniture in Montreal
Transport and assembly of home furniture in Montreal and everywhere
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Emergency delivery service in Montreal, fast delivery service
Montreal best price for deliveries guaranteed.

Our Montreal delivery teams make from only one-item delivery to big deliveries with a truckload of merchandise.

Our delivery experts will scrupulously protect your goods by carrying out meticulous packaging, loading, transport, unloading, unpacking and reassembly of your furniture.

Our furniture delivery service offers packing services that are performed by professionals who have been trained in the art of packing.

Packing is not just throwing items in a box, proper packing techniques are imperative in order to preserve the condition of your items.

In the case of furniture disassembly, you must always have a plan of what to do next. You need small bags to collect all the screws, nuts and bolds from the furniture. This is exactly what our furniture deliver service will do when hired to move your items.

You need to label everything, including the order pieces are removed from furniture.

Each piece of the disassembled furniture needs to be protected by special fabric blankets and/or plastic wrap to get the surfaces of your furniture from getting scratched, dinged, scraped, dented or damaged in anyway.

Our professional packers know all the tricks to keep every item safe during delivery.

Loading a truck properly while making a large or small delivery in Montreal requires understanding of inertia and the movement of items in the truck bed while in travel.

So the placement of items in the truck need to be carefully orchestrated and planned out.

A person not understanding this may incorrectly load a truck and will be surprised to see the items are damage upon arrival. No one wants that experience. This is just another reason why hiring our Montreal Delivery Service makes sense.

We have years of experience in furniture delivery service and know how to get your items to you in pristine condition, every time. No exceptions!

Unloading and unpacking also requires knowledge and skill. Our furniture delivery service can include unpacking as well.

This is not a difficult undertaking for our experienced Montreal Delivery Service teams nor for our Montreal furniture movers.

We have unloaded and reassembled thousands of brands of furniture, equipment, and appliances and can assemble your new or used item with ease.

Unpacking items incorrectly can result in damage. In fact, one of the most significant cause of damage during the delivery process is improper packing or unpacking of items.

When it comes to the delivery of appliances, these often delicate items can easily become damaged if improperly handled.

They usually have several moving parts and include all kinds of technology that even one bump too hard can completely ruin their sensitive inner parts.

Why take the risk in doing it yourself when there are professionals who can handle the delivery of appliances in a careful and knowledgable way.

You spend a lot of money on these appliances, so this is not a step to skimp out on.

The delivery of appliances requires expertise, and you will find out that without a reputed Montreal Delivery Service it is a hard task to accomplish.


Need an Urgent Small Delivery in Montreal?

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Our last minute delivery service in Montreal is always accessible and we assure you that from the moment of your final confirmation with us until the time when our deliverymen reach the pickup address, you will wait not more than 45 minutes in all the metropolitan region of Montreal.

This is possible because we drive daily many moving trucks in Montreal and it allows us to carry out your moving project the same day even. Our Montreal delivery trucks are extremely clean and very well equipped to deliver such items as:

appliances, furniture, sofas, treadmill, piano, large televisions, aquarium, pool table, gym equipment, sports equipment, restaurant equipment, commercial refrigerator, large solid wood table, or

granite or marble table, heavy safe, heavy bathtub, delivery of ceramic tile for bathrooms, kitchen furniture, office equipment, commercial photocopier, business copiers, commercial printers, etc.

Our Montreal reliable delivery company will provide all the packing material, all the necessary equipment, including moving blankets, mattress moving bags, moving straps, tools for installing appliances and tools for furniture installation, 4-wheel dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.

Regardless of what you are needing delivered, our Montreal Delivery Service has all the tools to make it a smooth process for our customers.

Need a delivery of appliance? Refrigerator? Oven? Dishwasher? Washer and/or dryer? This is not a problem for our furniture delivery service. It’s very possible we can offer you same day delivery depending on the situation.

If you need used furniture or appliances to be picked up and delivered, our Montreal Delivery Company can offer disassembly/reassembly services and packing services using all of our professional moving equipment to guarantee your items arrive in the same condition they left in.

That includes huge commercial deliveries and even a small delivery in Montreal. This also applies to the delivery of appliances and all types of furniture, new or used.

If you live in Montreal or the surrounding area, calling our furniture delivery service is a great way to guarantee your items are being delivered in a safe and careful way. Getting same day delivery is an added bonus. Why wait another minute?

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Book your delivery in Montreal now, call Andy or Alex for a delivery or a moving quote at 514-652-7955.

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