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Moving and Packing Service in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore
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Professional packing is a very important step when it comes to your move, transport, delivery or warehousing. This process represents a guarantee of security and protection of all your personal belongings. Déménagement Total provides full, partial and personalized packing services. We provide residential packing as well as commercial packing services at affordable prices.

Our packers are familiar with the art of packing any fragile object or any piece of furniture. These are efficient and meticulous professionals who provide a carefully performed service.

Packing Service for Long Distance

If you are planning a long distance move on your own, we offer our full packing service before your departure. This is a service usually accompanied by the truck loading service for people who move on long distances with their own truck or with a rental truck. Our best value packing service is the optimal solution for getting your goods to their destination without being damaged.

Packing Service for Your Move

Apart from insurance covering the value of damage, high-quality packing during a residential move or business relocation is a tool, which utterly contributes to avoid small “accidents” that can occur during the transportation, while loading or unloading your goods. This process will greatly facilitate the work of the movers and will improve the quality of the service provided.

Packing Service for Warehousing

If you or your company needs warehousing services, we encourage you to call us for a packing service quote too. Our skilled packaging technicians will duly pack your stuff for warehousing so that it stays safe in the warehouse chosen by you or recommended by our company.

Unpacking Services

Let our hardworking teams help you unpack your furniture, appliances and boxes and place them properly. A happy move means an easy move ending with a clean and careful unpacking. We will pick up all packing odds and ends and your home will stay absolutely clean and tidy.

Packing Supplies and Packaging Materials Used by Us:

  • Moving blankets
  • Stretch wrap (shrink film)
  • Packing tape, masking tape and scotch tape 
  • Wardrobe boxes 
  • Moving boxes in various sizes 
  • TV moving boxes
  • Mattress covers 
  • Easy pack box kits for fragile objects (enviro-bubble-box, packing paper)

Entrust us with the professional packing of your furniture and protect yourself against unpleasant surprises during your move!

For more information, feel free to call us at 514-652-7955 or fill out the FREE ESTIMATE form

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