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Moving Mirabel

Moving Mirabel

Are you looking for serenity and are you moving into your new home in Mirabel? Déménagement Total offers moving solutions at the best prices on the North Shore and with guarantee of our movers’ high level of professionalism.

Whether it is a residential home or office relocation in Mirabel, we offer a fair price, we treat your belongings and your property with great care and respect. Our residential and commercial movers in Mirabel work efficiently so that your moving experience will be unforgettable and worthy of recommendation.

When moving Mirabel, hiring our competent and professional Mirabel movers will leave you feeling content and confident knowing all of your personal belongings and valuables will be treated with exceptional care and attention during the moving process.

Moving is stressful enough, worrying about your items shouldn’t be one of your concerns. It won’t be with Déménagement Total when moving Mirabel.

Residential Moving in Mirabel

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Are you looking for a reliable house mover at the best price in Mirabel? Déménagement Total is your trusted company in Mirabel and on the North Shore. Our movers are professional and hardworking. These latest two words describe essentially a mover’s commitment.

We work hard on improving our services by training our moving staff, by teaching them to approach every customer individually and by trying to become one of the most respectful movers in the region. Our hundreds of residential customers served in Mirabel could prove that for us the respect is beyond all.

That is exactly what you will receive when you hire our movers in Mirabel to take care of your move. These hard-working men will take care of your items like they were their own. You never have to worry about a thing as our moving company in Mirabel is here to cater to you and your things.

Whatever request you may have, we will do our best to accommodate. We can even provide you with tips on moving techniques to help make your move run as smoothly as possible. We even have a Youtube channel where we share tips and tricks with you. Click to subscribe and follow us for new moving content.

Moving a house or an apartment is one of few stressful things in one person’s life. Our mission is to comply with all your needs while moving your valuables. We have a different approach and our movers are instructed that our customers’ valuables are as if they were their own valuables during a moving process. All this is rendered at a very high level and great customer care.

Our residential moving services in Mirabel include, but are not limited to:

  • Meticulous packing of all your appliances, pieces of furniture, etc. So we pack everything for secure transportation from your old house to the new one. Packing requires a lot of skill to do it right. Our Mirabel movers have been trained in the art of packing and you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe during transport.
  • Careful disassembly of your furniture at departure, using all necessary tools. It doesn’t matter the brand of furniture, our movers can take any type of furniture apart with precision while moving Mirabel. We will wrap with padding and blankets to keep each piece of furniture safe from scratches, scrapes, bumps or cracks. It will arrive good as new because of our careful techniques.
  • Safe transportation of all your stuff on our clean moving trucks. Our Mirabel movers will clean and sanitize all the equipment and truck between moves so you are presented with pristine moving conditions when moving Mirabel. No dirty item will ever touch your belongings.
  • Unpacking and furniture reassembly. Our movers in Mirabel will unpack all of your belongings and arrange your new home in the exact way you want. We will also reassemble all furniture so you don’t even have to lift a finger.
  • Disposal of your old furniture, as the case might be. Our Mirabel movers can also dispose of any junk or recycling that is needed while moving Mirabel.
  • Removal of boxes and other packing materials. Our movers in Mirabel can break down all boxes and remove any remnants of moving materials from your home. That way you can put your move behind you and enjoy the newest chapter of your life with a fresh start.

Howsoever, our most important service is our customer care generated by all above-mentioned operations in overall. It consists in enquiring each customer on the level of satisfaction. Your satisfaction is important to us!

When you fill out your initial quote you will tell us of all the desires you have when moving Mirabel. Our goal is to meet all your expectations and to even rise above them.

If there are things that are important to you and you’d like to be considered, our Moving Company in Mirabel will do our very best to impress you with our excellent service, every step of the way.

Piano Moving in Mirabel

Are you attempting to move your piano on your own? As professionals, we do not advise you to assume this tricky task. Let our experienced piano movers in Mirabel deal with your upright or your grand piano moving in a very delicate and professional manner.

You’ll have simply to give up the idea of involving into this meticulous and hard process and to enjoy the art of moving a piano our movers are familiar with.

Our professional piano movers will first need to know the type of piano you have. We move upright pianos, baby grand and concert grand pianos.

Our Mirabel movers will assess the number of floors needed to move a piano up or down. What type of stairs do you have in your home? A narrow staircase can make it very difficult to safely move a piano. If this is the case we may have to use a crane to lift the piano out of a patio window. This is not a problem for our Mirabel movers.

We will also want to know the distance between the exit of the home and the truck. We’d also like to know the type of terrain around your property. There may be obstacles that will make moving a piano a lot more complicated.

There is no challenge too much for our Mirabel movers, so nothing is a problem. We just like to know what we are getting involved with so we will know the required equipment and manpower needed in your specific piano move. Being prepared and having a plan is key to successfully moving a piano.

It becomes obvious pretty quickly that moving a piano requires a lot of planning and expert knowledge. Leaving this job to an amateur can be equal to a disaster. A piano can get damaged extremely easily so don’t just let anyone move your piano.

Contact our professional piano movers in Mirabel and get the job done right when moving Mirabel.

Pool Table Moving and Installation in Mirabel

Our pool table moving experts in Mirabel are well trained and know their job from its very inside. We know how to correctly disassemble your pool table, to pack, transport and finally do reassemble it properly, do levelling and replacing its carpet if the customer wants so.

We also have the warehousing option for your pool table during your transition from one house to another, as it could happen in case of your new house renovation or in other circumstances.

Our warehouse is secure and clean and your valuables will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So in the case that you are needing storage when moving Mirabel, we can provide this service too for your pool table, piano or any of your belongings for as long or as short as you need.

Check out our storage options for moving Mirabel. We have an option to meet everyone’s needs.

Long Distance Moving from or to Mirabel

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For a long distance move from or to Mirabel we offer flat rates that will be fixed when our moving appraiser comes to your home or upon an accurate and detailed online estimate request.


Moving Mirabel to Cap-de-la-Madeleine, moving Mirabel to Chicoutimi, moving Mirabel to Gatineau, Mirabel-Magog, moving Mirabel-Mont-Tremblant, Mirabel-Rouyn-Noranda, moving Mirabel to Quebec and from Quebec to Mirabel, moving Mirabel to Rimouski, Mirabel-Riviere-du-Loup, moving Mirabel to Saguenay, Mirabel-Sept-Iles, moving Mirabel-Sherbrooke, Mirabel-Shawinigan, Mirabel-Trois-Rivieres, moving Mirabel to Val-d’Or, etc.


Moving Mirabel to Toronto, moving from Toronto to Mirabel, moving Mirabel to Cornwall, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Waterloo, moving Mirabel to Niagara Falls, moving Mirabel to Ottawa, etc.


Nova Scotia is a lovely province and our movers in Mirabel have many customers moving to be near the ocean. This is a long-distance move that our moving company in Mirabel is expert at.

We make several moves down to Nova Scotia so if this is a destination you are moving to, give us a call and we’ll be happy to make the arrangements.

Some of the popular destinations in Nova Scotia are (but not limited to):

Moving Mirabel to Halifax, Cape-Breton, Chester, Lunenburg, New Glasgow, moving Mirabel to Sydney, etc. 


New Brunswick is known as one of Canada’s most fun places to live. This is another popular destination for our Mirabel movers.

Some places we move to in New Brunswick are (but not limited to):

Moving Mirabel to Saint-John, Bathurst, Dieppe, Edmundston, Fredericton, etc.


Moving out west? Manitoba is a great place to call home. Our Mirabel movers make the trek over to Manitoba on a regular basis.

Some of the places we stop at frequently are (but not limited to):

Moving Mirabel to Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, etc.

Say Farewell to Stress when Moving Mirabel

Yes, moving is stressful but when you hire our best movers in Mirabel saying farewell to stress is simple. We take all the guesswork out of moving so you can sit back, relax and arrive at your new home in style. Our moving company in Mirabel has you covered.


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