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Commercial Moving
commercial moving

Are you looking for a moving company specializing in commercial moving services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore or South Shore?

Déménagement Total is offering you commercial moving services in Montreal at competitive prices, in complete safety and at a high level of professionalism.

We are called Total due to our total complex residential and commercial moving services and the ability to involve several teams of movers and handling experts with many moving trucks at the same time, and all this with detailed planning and impeccable organization of the moving process.

Our foreman and the project manager will always be there to listen to you and to organize your commercial moving project gently, thus satisfying the most delicate requirements at each stage and respecting your company’s relocation deadlines. The real move happens with Déménagement Total!

Please click here to inquire about our tips for getting prepared for an easy office move.

We Offer Long Distance Business Relocation Solutions

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We provide long distance commercial moving services from Montreal to Toronto, from Montreal to Quebec, from Montreal to Ottawa and throughout Quebec and Canada.

We guarantee the courtesy and efficiency of our fast movers as well as the confidentiality of your property and your locations. Always taking into account the needs of our customers, we offer you our last minute commercial moving services, the same day moving service or scheduled and well planned commercial moving services!

Well-Organized Commercial Move at Affordable Price in Montreal

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We will serve your company with a high degree of responsibility from a free estimate made on site to the packing, sorting, storage, labeling, office furniture installation, safe transportation, warehousing (if applicable) and proper rearrangement of furniture and office equipment in new locations. The entire process is accompanied by our unbeatable offer for your commercial move at good rates.

Our experience in relocating warehouses makes the difference and the distinction amongst other commercial moving companies! Over the past few years, we have realized a significant number of commercial warehouse moves in the Greater Montreal area (references provided upon request).

Déménagement Total offers you moving hourly rates as well as moving fixed prices (moving flat rates), according to the estimate, reassuring you of the best price for your commercial move, whether it is a small commercial move or a big complex commercial move involving a lot of resources.

Local Commercial Moves & Transportation Services at the Best Price in Montreal

commercial moving
Montreal Office Moving
Only professional office movers must carry out a commercial moving project. Entrust us with the business relocation service and we assure you that you will refer us to your business partners after the service rendered!
Saint-Laurent commercial moving, Dorval cargo transport, Montreal East commercial moving, Laval commercial moving, Longueuil commercial moving, Brossard commercial moving, Montreal-Ottawa commercial moving
Moving Government Institutions in Montreal
Relocation of directorates, departments and government agencies, state organizations, moving of city halls, moving and installation of modular posts in Montreal, regrouping and move of office equipment in Montreal, Montreal Downtown commercial moving service
Montreal School Moving
Moving school equipment in Montreal, moving school gym equipment in Montreal, moving school desks and lockers in Montreal
Montreal Daycare Moving
Moving daycare furniture in Montreal, installing daycare furniture in Montreal
Office Furniture Move in Montreal
Fast service for packing office furniture, transporting and unpacking furniture, disassembling and reassembling desks, disconnecting computer systems, top movers equipped with all the necessary tools, supplying necessary packaging
Heavy Office Equipment Moving in Montreal
Moving photocopier in Montreal, safe moving, commercial printers moving, fire-fighting equipment moving, moving large wooden tables, moving heavy granite, quartz or marble tables
Montreal Restaurant Moving Service
Moving restaurant equipment in Montreal, trucks with tailgate and forklift on demand, moving large restaurant fridges in Montreal, moving refrigerated display case in Montreal, moving bar in Montreal, moving cafeteria in Montreal
Moving Store in Montreal
Relocation of glass display cases in Montreal, relocation of boutique in the same shopping center in Montreal, Montreal store relocation, delivery of clothing in wardrobe boxes
Montreal office furniture assembly
Used or new brand office furniture assembly in Montreal, relocation of office furniture in the same building or elsewhere, assembly of cubicle workstations in Montreal, various professional furniture assembly equipment and hardware
Montreal Industrial Machinery Movers
Complete and high-end service involving a variety of human, technical and technological resources, Montreal pallet delivery service, Montreal moving large objects using a crane truck, Montreal oversized objects relocation, transport of heavy objects, industrial movers
Montreal Office Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
Specialized office furniture disassembly in Montreal, specialty equipment used only, office furniture delivery in Montreal and everywhere
Montreal Office Furniture Removal Service
Removal of old office furniture in Montreal, transportation services for recycling used office furniture and damaged furniture in Montreal, etc.

Night and Evening Commercial Moving Services

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A night or evening moving service could be expensive, but not with Déménagement Total.

We understand that the process of moving a business could cause inconvenience to its employees and to the business entity. Therefore, we try find solutions adapted to each ordinary or extraordinary situation.

Our company has just launched a night and evening commercial moving service in Montreal, on the South Shore and the North Shore.

The purpose of this service is to facilitate the transfer of offices from one location to another without interrupting the activity of the company and without having any impact or financial loss.

At the same time, speaking of the rates for a night or evening commercial move in Montreal, we mention that the hourly rates or packages that we offer for other ordinary commercial moves, are pretty the same except small adjustments that vary on average from 5% to 15%.

Yes, the night shift is a little more expensive, as our employees have salary adjustments in this case.

Consequently, do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of a night and evening commercial moving service and discover this unique possibility in order to avoid disruption of your commercial activity.

Commercial Moving Using a Crane Truck in Montreal

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A complex commercial moving service could sometimes involve special equipment that will ease the process and without which such a move is simply not possible.

Déménagement Total has the good experience of using various equipment for a commercial moving service in Montreal and throughout Quebec.

We often involve a crane truck in order to lift heavy weights, when there is no chance of doing it manually or when the heavy object to be brought in or taken out through the balcony or window is too large to be moved by the stairs or with the elevator.

Prices for a commercial moving service using a crane truck vary between $ 900 and $ 1600 depending on the following criteria:

– the need to remove an entire window
– the involvement of an X number of movers
– the address or addresses when moving with the crane truck
– the working time of the crane truck, depending on the circumstances that might occur.

To order a crane truck for your commercial move, please contact us now. We encourage you to book it at least one week before starting the job because the demand for such a service is quite high.

Looking for “office movers in your area”? So rest assured that our company will offer you the best stress-free business relocation service and commercial moving at the best price!

For watching some of our recorded moving experiences on our YouTube channel, please click here.

Take advantage to get a cost-effective commercial moving quote, fill out the Free Estimate form or call us at 514-652-7955 for phone estimates, and have the move booked now!

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