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Pool Table Moving and Assembly

Pool Table Moving and Assembly
Pool Table Moving and Assembly - 2

Déménagement Total offers professional moving services for the installation of pool tables in Montreal, on the North Shore and the South Shore as well as long distance billard table moving services in the province of Quebec and Ontario.

Our best pool table movers in Montreal have the deepest knowledge about pool table moving in Montreal and its surroundings. These are technicians who have encountered all models and brands of pool tables.

We install and deliver tables for Carom billiards (or French billiards), American pool tables, English pool tables, snooker tables and we move residential pool tables as well as commercial pool tables.

Authentic Pool Table Moving and Assembly Services Include:

Pool Table Moving and Assembly - 3

pool table disassembly

complete packing of pool table and billiard accessories

pool table delivery and transportation throughout Quebec

unpacking and pool table assembly (billiard/pool table setup)

pool table carpet replacement

pool table levelling

secure pool table moving and warehousing on short and long-term

What Is the Price for Moving a Pool Table in Montreal?

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The cost of moving pool table varies on average between $ 350 (without installation) and $ 950 (with installation) and it depends on the size of the pool table, its model, the staircases to go up and down, the slate (the number of plates), the distance between both locations and the need to replace the pool table felt (or the billiard cloth).

Here is the pricing of pool table moving with or without installation in Montreal, Laval, Brossard or Longueuil:

Example number 1 with a 4-by-8 foot pool table with 1 or 3 slate plates:
Type of service Price for moving a pool table
Price for moving without assembly 4/8 pool table/3 slates $350-550
Price for moving without assembly 4/8 pool table/1 slate $550-800
Price for moving with assembly of 4/8 pool table/3 slates $750-950
Price for moving with assembly of 4/8 pool table/1 slate $950-1200
Price for changing 4/8 cloth without the bumpers $300
Price for changing 4/8 cloth with bumpers $600
Price for replacing rubber bands 4/8 $500-700


And pricing for moving snooker tables:

Example No 2 with a 12-by-6 foot snooker table with 5 slate plates:
Type of service Price for moving a snooker table
Price for moving without assembly of 12/6 snooker table $1200-1800
Price for moving with assembly of 12/6 snooker table $1900-2400
Price for replacing snooker table cloth without bumpers $600
Price for replacing snooker table cloth without bumpers $1000
Price for changing the rubber bands on a snooker table $1000-1200


Note that these prices are reference prices and conditions apply depending on the complexity of each project individually and the distance between cities. We are moving and installing pool tables in every city in Quebec and even in Ontario.

Our best pool table moving and installation technicians in Montreal will impress you with the speed of their work and their indisputable professionalism. These expert pool table movers never hurry up and undoubtedly, they are detail oriented and careful. Trust us – thoroughness is crucial for a pool table moving.

Carpeting or Changing Your Pool Table Felt?

pool table movers

If you have a used pool table and you’ve just realized that it’s time to replace its felt, let us know and we will assist you immediately. We are ready and properly equipped at any time to professionally intervene. 

We are changing and replacing billiard cloth at the best price in Montreal. At the same time, for your pool table upgrade, we recommend a good cleaning of your existing pool table, replacing the pool table felt if necessary, changing the pool table cushions, pool table levelling or replacing the pool cues, depending on the model of the table.

The restoration of a pool table with Déménagement Total is carried out easily and very meticulously.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch video tutorial on setting up and moving the snooker table.

Differences Between Billiards, Pool and Snooker Tables

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The word “billiards” identified both all the collectivity of “cue sports” (played with a table, balls and a cue) and the original game of billiards (also known as “carom billiards”).

Carom billiards, which is still played today, is played with only three balls on a large pocketless billiards table. From that original game (probably created in France), came two other billiards games: pool and snooker.

Those three large families of games have many variations throughout the world, but all those variants are essentially played with the same tables and the same balls.

The carom billiards game is played on a table with no holes or pockets. The table is usually of very large dimensions (10 ft × 5 ft). Although, in France, they also play on tables with a wide array of dimensions.

Then we have the American pool, which is mostly played over tables fitting in three standard sizes. The regular size we find in homes is usually 8 ft × 4 ft, but there is also a smaller version of 7 ft × 3.5 ft that is used in bars and a larger version used for professional tournaments which makes 9 ft × 4.5 ft.

Finally, there is the snooker, which is played on enormous tables. The North American snooker table size is 10 ft × 5 ft, but an even larger size is used in Europe, with a table of 12 ft × 6 ft.

Hereinafter, we will use the generic “pool” term to identify the various billiards games, because pool tables are the most popular ones in homes.

All those tables are essentially formed the same way. They are based on a very solid frame that supports all the weight of the slate layers and the top of the table.

The hard surface from pool tables is made of a slate layer. This layer ranges from 19 mm to 60 mm (or ¾ of an inch to 2 ¼ inches).

The great density and hardness of slate make it the optimal material for pool tables, because this very hard surface allows a better roll of balls. This stone is very resistant to twists and other forms of deformations.

However, a pool table plateau is extremely heavy because of the slate’s enormous weight density. A single slate panel for a pool table can weigh as much as 500 kg (1,100 lb.), depending on the type and size of the table.

However, the slate layer of a pool table can include either a single panel, or be divided into two or three panels.

For the traditional carom billiards tables (those without pockets), this slate layer is heated up to ease up and speed up the ball movement even more by reducing the friction.

How to Move A Pool Table

déménagement table billard

Unless it is a very specific design created to be moved around without damaging it, found mostly in bar models, a pool table is considered a fragile object.

Its dimensions and weight make it very complex to move it around as a single piece. Moreover, pool table moving and handling are very dangerous operations, both for the movers and the table itself, plus the walls and floor surfaces encountered along the way.

We must keep in mind that the balance and level of a pool table are very fragile. Just like a piano has to be tuned every time it is moved, a pool table must also be professionally levelled after any move.

The only safe method to move a pool table, no matter its exact type or dimensions, is to disassemble it and transport it as detached parts.

Disassembling a pool table is not a simple task, but it is, by far, the best way to protect all its components. All the pieces are disassembled and packed separately. This greatly facilitates the handling of the components and ensures they will be easy to pass through doors, hallways, stairs, and so on.

Déménagement Total has experts in moving pool tables that will take great care in disassembling your pool table and to pack each component. They have disassembled and reassembled all types and sizes of pool tables.

If your table is of a less common design, they will still be able to do the job, thanks to their vast experience and their specialized tools.

Once all pieces of the play surface and the sides of the pool table are disassembled, your slate layer will be exposed. Additional men will join the team to easily handle this massive item without dropping it or damaging it in any way.

The slate boards will be well protected with layers of moving blankets held in place with tape to prevent any scratch that could affect the movement of balls over the table.

Finally, the base of the table will be disassembled with the same expertise and all its pieces will be well protected to prevent any damage.

All those pieces will then be loaded aboard the truck and well tied in place with straps and other protections to prevent any movement or shift during transportation.

Déménagement Total’s specialists in pool table moving and transportation will make sure that all measures are taken to ensure the integrity and absolute protection of your pool table.

They can rely on many years of experience in the transportation of fragile items, including pool tables, pianos, aquariums, and they have at their disposal the best tools and accessories to do their job.

How to Assemble and Level A Pool Table

Pool Table Moving and Assembly - 7

Once arrived at the new address, the same care will be given to the unloading of all the components, including their unpacking and assembling. The reassembling operation will begin by making sure your floor is levelled, to determine if surprises or complications arise.

Then, our pool table moving experts will measure up your room to position your pool table optimally so you have enough space on all sides to move around and play comfortably.

Then, the base of the pool table will be assembled. Our pool table moving specialists will make sure the base is well-levelled on every side. After installing your slate layer, they will measure everything again.

That is the perfect time if you want to change the felt (mat, carpet, cloth) of your pool table, since our specialists could install your new felt instead of your old one. They will then assemble the sides and the pockets (if needed, of course) while installing the felt and the railings.

For each set of levelling measurements, they will first measure the table along the length of the table, and proceed to any adjustment if needed to legs or other superior elements.

Then, they will do the same exercise on the width side. If they do any adjustment while levelling the table widthwise, they will measure the table lengthwise again to make sure everything is still good that way.

Once the table is completely assembled and installed, one last round of level verification will be done on all sides of the table (length, width, diagonals, corners, etc.), to deliver you a table that is perfectly levelled so you can do your best shots and impress your friends and other guests.

Great Diversity of Styles and Materials

pool table moving

Just a few years ago, all pool tables looked alike; there was little variety besides the wood species, the colour of the felt and the composition or shape of the pockets.

A pool table was something very similar to those seen in movies, with four legs and a wooden frame, a blue or green mat, etc.

Recently, we have seen a large variety of pool table models come up. The possibilities in design, materials and colours are now virtually limitless in order to match your table to the style and colours of your home.

There are now pool tables that do not have any legs, built like a kitchen island with a very large central base. Others can be converted into a dining table to give the room a dual vocation.

There are even outdoor pool tables for your deck, which was a sacrilege not so long ago. The variations and possibilities are endless.

Besides the countless style variations, materials are also very diversified. For the exterior part of this very particular furniture, exposed wood is now only one of the many possibilities.

The outside of the table can be of painted wood as well as synthetic materials like acrylic. Despite everything, wood remains the most popular finish for a pool table, ranging from traditional hard wood to exotic varieties, in all grains and colours.

Finally, with the great variety of finishing materials, we also see an explosion of colours, both for the exterior finish (legs and sides, for example) and the felt colour.

In the past, mats were either blue or green, while now you can choose among a dozen different colours to match or contrast with the colours of your pool room.

We also see variations in hidden parts of the pool table. More economical versions of pool tables use compressed wood for the play surface.

Wood is much lighter and less expensive than the slate, but offers a lower ride quality and the wood is prone to warping, unlike slate. All quality pool tables use slate.

All those variations are available in all styles of billiards tables (billiards, pool or snooker), and in all sizes to really adapt to the space you have.

No matter the model, size, materials or colours of your pool table, our experts will be able to disassemble it and reassemble it later, so it gives you years of superb entertainment with friends and family.

We understand your pool table is a great entertainment hub to host friends in the comfortable setting of your home, and our experts will make sure it is perfectly assembled and levelled for you.

Move Around and Level

pool table moving

We have talked in this article about pool table moving, but Déménagement Total’s specially trained pool table movers can also get to your home or business premises to simply move your pool table around, from one room to another, either on the same floor of your building or not.

That is the same type of work to be completed with the same cares and the same equipment as for a move, but without the moving truck.

Just as we do during our moving operations, we can also go take care of simply replacing the felt or the rubber sides of your pool table to refresh its looks and functionality.

You can also hire us if you wish to level up your pool table. A pool table can be out of level following problems with the structure of the table itself or the floor underneath, or after various shocks (like an earthquake, close-by construction work or hits on the table).

You then need to have it professionally levelled again to fully enjoy it.

Hire the Best Pool Table Movers in Greater Montreal and Anywhere in Quebec

installation of pool table

Experienced pool table movers in Montreal, including pool table transport, pool table delivery and pool table assemblers in Greater Montreal and its neighbouring cities, local and long distance pool table moving services:

pool table moving Baie-d’Urfe, Beaconsfield, Cote-Saint-Luc, Dollard-des-OrmeauxHampstead, pool table movers Hudson, Kirkland, Ile-Bizard-Sainte-Genevieve, Ile-Perrotpool table movers Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Pincourt, pool table moving Pointe-Claire, Sainte-Anne-de-BellevueSenneville, billard table movers Vaudreuil-Dorion, Westmount.

Pool Table Moving
Pool Table Moving

Reliable pool table movers North Shore, including pool table moving and transportation, specialized pool table delivery and pool table assemblers in the North Shore locally and long distance:

North Shore pool table moving service, pool table movers Blainville, Bois-des-Filion, Boisbriand, Deux-Montagnes, Joliettepool table movers Laval, Mascouche, Mirabel, Oka, Repentigny, pool table assemblers Rosemere, Saint-Eustache, billard table assemblers Saint-Jerome, pool table moving Sainte-Adele, Sainte-Therese, Terrebonne.

Pool Table Moving
Pool Table Moving

Trusted pool table movers South Shore, including pool table transportation, pool table delivery and pool table professional assemblers in the South Shore, local and long distance pool table moving and setup:

South Shore pool table moving service, pool table movers Beloeil, Boucherville, Brossard, pool table moving Candiac, Chateauguay, La Prairie, Longueuil, pool table moving Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Saint-Hubert, billard table movers and assemblers Saint-Hyacinthe, pool table movers Saint-Lambert, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Sorel-Tracy

For all your needs related to your pool table moving in Montreal, Déménagement Total is there for you. Contact us today.

For a real customer feedback on our pool table moving services, please click here.

For getting a pool table moving quote, call us at 514-652-7955 and book your professional billard table assemblers right away!


What is the price for a pool table move in Montreal, on the North Shore or the South Shore?
The cost of moving a pool table in Montreal varies on average between $ 350 and $ 950 and is conditioned by several aspects such as: the size of the table, the number of plates, the move with or without assembly, etc.
How long will it take for a move and a complete assembly of a 4-by-8 pool table locally in Montreal, on the South Shore or the North Shore?
Usually, a move with a turnkey installation service for a standard 4-by-8 foot pool table takes between 4-7 hours of work.
Are all movers able to install or assemble a pool table?
Definitely no. It is a fairly complex task that requires knowledge and training on the part of movers specializing in billiards.
Is there a difference between moving and assembling a pool table versus a snooker table?
Yes. Moving and installing a snooker table requires a lot more learning and relevant training is mandatory. It is a very complex process which involves special knowledge.
Can a pool table mover and assembler mount the table without having disassembled it by himself?
Ideally, the same pool table assemblers and movers who did the disassembly should reassemble the table, but sometimes it would be possible if all the parts of the table are in good condition.
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