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Moving Kirkland

Moving Kirkland

Déménagement Total offers a wide range of moving Kirkland services at good prices, no matter what your needs are or where you are going.

We treat every move with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm, whether it’s a small local move in Kirkland or a turnkey long distance moving service.

In Kirkland, our specialty is mainly large house or apartment moves for residential moves, as well as companies in the manufacturing or service sector for commercial moves.

In both cases, whether residential or commercial moves, we have dedicated and specialized teams who will provide you with comprehensive and highly complex Kirkland moving services.

Residential Moving Service in Kirkland

Moving Kirkland

Our Kirkland movers will provide you with high quality turnkey residential moving services, including

Our moving company provides services via its exclusively professional and bonded movers on clean fully equipped moving trucks for giving you peace of mind. They are well-trained and detail oriented movers who will take care of your house moving project from A to Z, thus ensuring your belongings are kept safe from beginning to end during the entire moving process.

Office Relocation in Kirkland

Moving Kirkland

Our commercial moving service is designed for companies relocating in Kirkland or its surroundings as well as for the enterprises moving to Toronto, Quebec City or elsewhere in Canada.

Considering that the town of Kirkland has a large business and industrial park spanning both sides of Quebec Highway 40, our commercial movers are very often seen in this on-island suburb of Montreal. We often serve companies operating in such industries as pharmaceuticals, electronic goods, hotels and others.

Whether it’s a complex business relocation service, a restaurant relocation with all its heavy appliances, a commercial pallet delivery, or an office move à la carte and from A to Z, our Kirkland movers will provide the best service in your town and at the best price guaranteed. And it’s true that our pricing policy is recognized for the flexibility of our affordable moving rates, regardless of the size of your project.

Furniture and Appliance Delivery in Kirkland

Moving Kirkland - 2

We also offer short distance and long-distance delivery service from or to Kirkland. This is an all-in professional service starting from disassembly until the very transportation and reassembly of your furniture and a turnkey delivery service of appliances.

If you are looking for a Kirkland delivery company at a reasonable price to transport your appliances, furniture, sofas, aquarium, pool table, snooker table, large solid wood table, granite or marble table, safe delivered to your home, heavy bathtub, or that you need a delivery of ceramic for your bathroom, kitchen equipment or office equipment, or that you need a piano moving in Kirkland, we would be always happy to serve you.

That said, we note and encourage you to note that we have no restrictions on weight and complexity of moving. Additionally, we have just launched our industrial moving service, which is also generating interest in Kirkland.

Reliable Long Distance Moving Kirkland

Moving Kirkland - 3

If planning a long distance move from Kirkland, simply try planning it with us!

Our long distance moving Kirkland assessor will come to you in a few hours from your call in order to provide you the most accurate idea on the organizational process of your move, including:

  • what size of a moving truck shall we use
  • how many movers would be involved
  • what packing material would be applied
  • considering the grouping option, he will be capable to answer this question too
  • how much would your specific move cost you and which are the pricing options our company can suggest in order to reduce it.

Entrust us with your “Kirkland Long Distance Move” and your stuff will arrive the next day in any city in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Manitoba. Our expertise allows us to carry out your long-distance moving project even at a very short notice.

Here are some examples of long distance moves from Kirkland:

  • Moving from Kirkland to Ottawa: Our long distance moving service between Kirkland and Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is competitively priced with no hidden fees;
  • Moving from Kirkland to Mississauga: Every week, we offer group moving services to Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area, allowing you to make substantial savings thanks to our advantageous packages;
  • Moving from Kirkland to Toronto: Toronto is increasingly in demand for moves between these cities. Whether for a large or small move from Kirkland to Toronto, we are always able to accommodate you in this process by offering you advantageous rates and trucks of all sizes;
  • Moving Kirkland to Hamilton: For a move or even a long distance delivery between these cities, call on the best. Contact the moving experts at Déménagement Total;
  • Moving Kirkland to Kingston: Even at the last minute, we are able to deliver or move your belongings between Kingston and Kirkland;
  • Moving from Kirkland to Gatineau: Plan on average for a total budget of between $900 and $1,600 for a move of a household with 2 to 3 bedrooms;
  • Moving Kirkland to Quebec: An ordinary, medium-sized move between Quebec and Kirkland can cost you between $1,200 and $1,900;
  • Moving Kirkland to Trois-Rivieres: The average price of such a move varies between $700 and $1200;
  • Moving Kirkland to Drummondville: The average total cost is between $800 and $1400.

Here are other moving Kirkland directions we offer:

Moving from Kirkland to Sherbrooke

Moving Kirkland to Magog

Moving from Kirkland to Rawdon

Moving from Kirkland to Mont-Tremblant

Moving Kirkland to Saint-Sauveur

Moving Kirkland to Rimouski

Moving Kirkland to Val-d’Or

Moving Kirkland to Gaspé

Moving from Kirkland to Halifax

Moving from Kirkland to Winnipeg

Moving Kirkland
Moving Kirkland

Get A Quote for Your Project on Moving Kirkland

Our main goal is to help you save on your budget! Each quote request is reviewed individually with enthusiasm and professionalism by our customer service representatives.

If you have any questions, concerns or special circumstances to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us during our business hours, seven days a week. We are here to provide you with all the clarity and explanations you need.

Get the best quote if moving Kirkland from the best moving company in the region or call us at 514-652-7955 for immediate intervention.


What is the hourly rate for a mover in Kirkland (Montreal)?
Rates depend on the time of year, the number of movers and the size of the truck. However, on average, prices are between $120 and $170 per hour, plus transportation or truck moving costs.
Is there any way I can save money on my move to Kirkland?
Certainly. The best way to save money when moving is to prepare well in advance. Next, it's hiring highly efficient movers in Kirkland who will complete your move in record time. Third, is to get rid of unnecessary belongings and optimize your personal belongings list.
How should I choose between the options of 2 or 3 movers for my moving in Kirkland?
Our representatives will support you in this decision. However, for a small move in Kirkland, plan on hiring a team of 2 movers, while for large households, it is recommended to absolutely have 3 movers or even more.
How far in advance should I book moving services in Kirkland for July 1st?
To book and take advantage of our excellent moving services in Kirkland, it is recommended to contact our moving company as early as February or March, as our calendar fills up very quickly.
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