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Moving Montreal-Drummondville

Moving Montreal-Drummondville

Entrust to professional and reliable movers when moving from Montreal to Drummondville!

Whether it is a residential move from Montreal to Drummondville or a commercial relocation from Drummondville to Montreal, our express, friendly and competent movers will help you with your project at each step: from tips on how to reduce the cost of moving to packing, handling, safe transportation and assembly of your furniture.

Residential Moving Montreal-Drummondville

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For turnkey house removals between Montreal and Drummondville, our movers will provide you with full range services. Equipped with everything necessary, they will disassemble and reassemble all the furniture, they will pack any piece to be moved and they will transport your belongings in a safe manner by our clean trucks.

The Montreal-Drummondville moving price depends on several criteria. Among these, we only mention: the moving period, the scope of your move, the distance between the addresses, the floors to go up and down, the number of movers, etc.

Generally, the moving rates between Montreal and Drummondville for stuff equivalent to a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment vary between $ 450 and $ 700. It is a base price and it does not include any heavy items that weigh more than 200lbs.

Déménagement Total also offers the services of our piano movers between Montreal and Drummondville who are well-trained people with a lot of experience in transporting pianos over long distances.

Our company also specializes in pool table moving service between Drummondville and Montreal. We provide professional services of our installers and at the same time movers of pool tables in Drummondville for disassembly, packing, transport, installation, carpet change and levelling. The work done by our experts is very clean, precise and flawless.

Commercial Moving Montreal-Drummondville

For a small or large commercial move between Drummondville and Montreal or for a relocation of your business to Drummondville, Déménagement Total offers business transfer and turnkey commercial moving services.

If you are looking for a commercial equipment transporter between Montreal and Drummondville, our company offers heavy commercial equipment delivery services between the two cities. For your specific needs, we can use trucks from 20ft to 28ft with an aluminum ramp or equipped with a tailgate.

Price for Moving Montreal-Drummondville

moving Montreal-Drummondville
Price for residential moving Montreal-Drummondville
Type of servicePrice for moving Montreal-Drummondville
Price for moving a small condo/apartment from Montreal to Drummondville$600-900
Price for relocating a big house from Montreal to Drummondville$1400-2200
Price of piano moving Montreal-Drummondville$650-1200
Price for moving a safe to Drummondville (in a radius of 130km)$600-1300
Price for furniture assembly in Drummondville (hourly rate) $120-140
Price for moving a pool table between Montreal and Drummondville $850-1600
Price for moving commercial equipment between Drummondville and Montreal $900-1800

Long Distance Moving from or to Drummondville

We would be happy to see you amongst our clients who will benefit from a flat all-inclusive rate for moving from Montreal to Drummondville or for long distances such as:

Moving from Drummondville to Quebec City, Lévis, Sherbrooke, Magog, Drummondville, Shawinigan, Trois-Rivières;

Moving from Drummondville to Laval, Longueuil, Vaudreuil-Dorion;

Moving from Drummondville to Gatineau, Ottawa, Rawdon;

Moving from Drummondville to Toronto, Mississauga;

Moving from Drummondville to Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Sauveur, Rimouski, Chicoutimi, Sept-Iles or Val-d’Or…


Here are some examples of long-distance moving pricing from or to Drummondville:

Price for long-distance moves from or to Drummondville
Type of serviceRates for moving from/to Drummondville
Price for moving from Drummondville to Mont-Tremblant$1400-2400
Price for moving from Drummondville to Toronto$23500-3400
Price for moving from Drummondville to Ottawa$1350-2000
Price for moving from Drummondville to Quebec City$1400-2200$
Price for moving from Drummondville to Gaspé, Percé $3400-5000
Price for moving between Drummondville and Halifax $4000-6000


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