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Moving Repentigny

Moving Repentigny

If you are looking for a moving company in Repentigny, we invite you to call on “total” movers. Déménagement Total is the specialist in residential and commercial moving services in Repentigny. Our pricing strategy is very flexible and we can guarantee affordable prices.

Our Moving Company Repentigny understands that moving is expensive. There are a lot of costs associated with moving, that is why when moving Repentigny you want to find the best bang for your buck. Our movers in Repentigny offer services for every budget.

Our trucks are clean and well equipped. In fact, our movers in Repentigny clean and disinfect our trucks and equipment after each move. Our movers are extremely efficient, courteous and well trained.

They will always be there to accompany you and assist in your project to ensure a cheap and successful move.

Our service includes careful packaging of your furniture and safe short and long distance transportation. Our movers in Repentigny don’t cut corners, we offer the very best service for the very best price. You will never be disappointed giving our Moving Company Repentigny a call!

Guaranteed Low Cost Moving Service in Repentigny

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Over time, we have gained the reputation of inexpensive movers in Repentigny as compared to the quality rendered. Our company is mainly focused on the quality of service, regardless of the size of the moving project.

Whether it’s a whole house to move to Repentigny or a small apartment, we will take care of it from A to Z so that our customers are satisfied with the service and so that they recommend us afterwards. Know-how, punctuality, diligence and respect are the best-known qualities of our movers.

Moving Repentigny is easy when you hire our experienced and well-trained movers who will always give our clients the very best moving experience for an affordable price.

Among the services we provide in Repentigny, we can list:

  • residential moving service in Repentigny
  • commercial relocation service in Repentigny
  • piano moving service in Repentigny
  • services on installation and moving pool table in Repentigny
  • IKEA furniture assembly in Repentigny
  • Long distance moving service in Repentigny

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Exclusively professional movers with extensive experience in the industry provide all of the above services. These are specialists who, apart from their well-organized and carried out work, will advise you at each step to reduce the cost of moving Repentigny.

You Can Lower the Cost of Your Move by Doing These 3 Things

  1. Get rid of stuff. Less stuff means less to move. Less to move means less cost. It’s really that easy! Start by going room to room emptying out closets, dressers and drawers. What items haven’t you used in the last 6 months? What things are no longer usable or no longer in fashion? Time to get rid of them. We all have great intentions and hang on to things for way longer than we need to. All these things are really good for…is taking up space. Get rid of em’. You can donate items to a local charity or donation center. You can even make some money by selling items online. You can also take items to the dump or recycling center. Getting rid of your stuff will make moving Repentigny a much cheaper option.
  2. Get organized. Organizing your belongings will not only help you feel more on top of things, it also makes packing less of a chore. Again go room to room, making piles of similar items like books, clothing, toys, miscellaneous items. So if you choose to hire our professional packers when moving Repentigny, having your items organized will make their job of packing that much easier, thus saving you money.
  3. Get a moving date in the off-season. If you have the ability to choose the time of year you are moving, don’t pick high-season. For our Moving Company Repentigny that tends to be in the summer months so pick a moving date between August and April. If you can do that, you can save yourself from high-season costs.

You will never regret hiring our movers in Repentigny. Their know-how in minimizing the costs of your relocation is implemented through the tips provided on site and the high working speed that, together, contribute to a much faster and cheaper move.

Piano Moving Service in Repentigny

Moving Repentigny

Moving cheaply a piano in Repentigny is possible with Déménagement Total. We guarantee you unparalleled service and the best price on the local piano moving market in Lanaudière.

Moving a piano is no easy feat, and hiring our Moving Company Repentigny can save you time and money as we are also professional piano movers. When it comes to moving a piano, a number of factors must be considered:

  • Type of piano. Is it a smaller upright piano or a concert grand piano? This will make a difference as there is hundreds even thousands of pounds of difference in weight between different types of pianos.
  • Are there any stairs involved in the move? If so, are they straight or curved? Are the halls narrow or wide? Is there access to an elevator? If so, how big is it? All of these things will be considered by our movers in Repentigny.
  • If the staircases are too narrow or the elevator is too small, we will utilize a truck crane to move the piano out of a window or balcony. Our rule of thumb: if the piano was able to be put in the room, our expert movers in Repentigny can get it out safely and in pristine condition.
  • The distance between the door or entrance to the home/building. When moving Repentigny, there are many styles of homes and buildings so we must consider the distance our movers in Repentigny need to transport the piano to our truck. Also the terrain will be assessed. Is there a clear path or are there other obstacles our movers will need to maneuver through?

When moving Repentigny, choose our strong and attentive movers who are familiar with the techniques and tactics while moving upright piano, grand piano, or harpsichord provide an impeccable service. Our possibilities allow us to involve and use a truck crane to mount large and heavy pianos by the balcony.

Pool Table Moving Service in Repentigny

moving Repentigny

Entrust the installation and removal of your pool table in Repentigny to a professional! It is a fairly meticulous task to perform that requires a lot of attention and skill trained over the years.

We have moved many pool tables, snooker tables, billiards tables and have a lot of experience moving these super heavy pieces of furniture. We also understand how valuable these items are and we have the proper understanding of how to move a pool table when moving Repentigny.

Pricing out a pool table move will be dependent on the size of the pool table, the type of table it is, whether there are staircases involved when moving, and whether or not the pool table felt or if the billiard cloth needs to be replaced (we offer this service too).

No matter the size, model and type of the pool table, our experts will move and install it without any hassle and without any damage.

Long Distance Moving Services in Repentigny

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For a low-cost move from Repentigny to any city in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, our company guarantees affordable and very competitive prices. We offer all-inclusive packages with no hidden fees.

This is a feature of our Moving Company Repentigny that makes us so endearing. We believe in total transparency when it comes to pricing.

When we do an estimate, we look at every detail of the move in order to give you an accurate quote from the get-go. We never include hidden fees or extra fees at the end. What you see is what you get with our movers in Repentigny.

Our long distance assessor will come to your house shortly after your call to give you a quote and advise you on how to save while moving from Repentigny. Our mission is to reduce and eliminate your stress as much as possible and take full responsibility for a long distance move from or to Repentigny.

If you live far away and we can’t physically do an assessment of your home, property or business, we will arrange to do an assessment online through a video conferencing app.

We can use FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, or whatever tool you are comfortable using. We will never skip this step as it is imperative to give you a very clear and reliable quote right from the very start if moving Repentigny.

Take advantage of our fixed prices for:

Moving Repentigny to Quebec

Movers from Repentigny to Gatineau

Moving Repentigny to Ottawa

Moving Repentigny to Toronto

Movers from Repentigny to Mississauga

Moving Repentigny to Sherbrooke

Moving Repentigny to Trois-Rivieres

Movers Repentigny to Drummondville

Moving from Repentigny to Victoriaville

Moving Repentigny to Mont-Tremblant

Moving Repentigny to Saint-Sauveur

Movers Repentigny to Magog

Moving from Repentigny to Chicoutimi

Moving from Repentigny to Rimouski

Moving Repentigny to Rawdon

Moving from Repentigny to Val-d’Or

Movers from Repentigny to Levis

Moving from Repentigny to Joliette

Moving from Repentigny to Jonquiere

Moving Repentigny to Aylmer

Moving from Repentigny to Alma

Moving from Repentigny to Halifax

Moving from Repentigny to Gaspésie

Moving from Repentigny to Saguenay


Want to Know More? Check Out Our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Moving requires a lot of skills as there is a right way and a wrong way to moving things safely. Safely…being the keyword.

Our movers in Repentigny take pride in knowing the right way of moving items of all shapes and sizes.

Useful Links When Moving Repentigny

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When moving Repentigny, you may need several related services. Here are some resources to consider:

  1. If you are planning a renovation, landscaping or have recyclable products, household waste, you can apply to the Ecoparc de Repentigny
  2. If you are considering renovations in your home and you plan to promote sustainable and ecological choices, call on Grants for Renovation Projects in Repentigny
  3. For such services as: Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, GIS benefits, SIN, Passeport Service, etc., please call on Repentigny Service Canada Centre
  4. When moving Repentigny, weather conditions are an important factor to consider as well. To get the weather forecast in Repentigny, click on The Weather Network link
  5. Other useful links for you and your children before or after your move to Repentigny: Cégep Regional de Lanaudière, Académie François-Labelle, École Alphonse-Desjardins, École Valmont-sur-Parc, etc.
Moving Repentigny
Moving Repentigny

Get the Most Affordable Price if Moving Repentigny

Our moving company Repentigny will assess each move and give the best quote considering your budget and circumstance. It is possible to find a cheap and reliable moving company Repentigny.

We offer the best quality service because that is our philosophy no matter the size of the move. If you are moving Repentigny you need to hire the best, most affordable movers in the business. Call us today!
For a cheap mover in Repentigny, Get A Quote or call 514-652-7955


How to choose a mover when moving to Repentigny?
To choose the right movers in Repentigny, you must consider the reviews left by their customers, their experience and the legal status of the moving company in Repentigny.
What is the cost of a moving service in Repentigny?
The price is obviously conditioned by several factors such as: the distance between the addresses, the items to be moved, the floors, the number of movers, the period of the move, bulky objects and extremely heavy objects, and the average varies between $120 and $175 per hour plus travel time costs.
What is the best moving company in Repentigny?
The best moving company in Repentigny could be considered the most reliable company, the most recognized, the most highly rated on Google and at the same time offering reasonable prices.
How much does it cost to rent a moving truck in Repentigny?
Déménagement Total offers the option of renting a moving truck in Repentigny with driver only or with movers. The average price, depending on the time of year, is approximately between $100 and $130 per hour, including the driver with truck plus travel costs to the customer and the return of the truck to the garage.
How far in advance should I book my move to Repentigny on July 1st?
Considering the busiest day during a year, to have a moving truck available for July 1st, it is necessary to schedule at least 3-4 months in advance and to reserve the Repentigny moving company in February-March.
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