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Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

Are you looking for a reliable company for moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant? Our company offers long distance moving services from Montreal, South Shore and North Shore to Mont-Tremblant at competitive rates.

The main reasons to choose Déménagement Total as your service provider during a Montreal-Mont-Tremblant move are:

  1. Number 1 mover in Montreal, local or long distance, according to the Consumer Choice Award;
  2. Versatility of its highly qualified movers;
  3. New equipment and trucks of all sizes;
  4. Customer service open 7 days a week at your disposal.

We are always ready to listen to you and we are able to carry out a long-distance move the same day, involving as much human resources and equipment as you require. Plan your move to Mont-Tremblant with us or call us now to make an appointment for an urgent move in the Laurentians!

Residential Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant - 2

Entrust your long distance moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant to professionals! We provide a complete and turnkey service and we never disappoint the expectations of our customers.

From careful packing of your goods to safe transportation, unpacking and assembly of furniture, our “total” movers will provide you with hassle-free service. Whether it is apartment move or house or chalet relocation to Mont-Tremblant, we will do it with great customer care and attitude.

When you move to Mont-Tremblant, you can always count on us if moving to its neighbouring cities or municipalities such as Labelle, Lac-Tremblant-Nord; Rivière-Rouge; Lac-Superieur; La Conception; Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré; Brébeuf; Huberdeau, Arundel; Montcalm, etc.

Have you just bought a piano or a pool table and you want to move them to Mont-Tremblant? Our company provides professional piano moving and pool table moving services in Mont-Tremblant with the assurance of the best service at affordable prices.

Apart from pool tables, we also specialize in the moving and installation of snooker tables for large chalets or for lovers of these wonderful unique tables. Our snooker table installation experts are trained correspondingly and meet all the standards of the industry.

Besides the high-quality service, we are constantly implementing flexible pricing policies in order to attract and fully satisfy our customers when moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant. We are continuously trying to beat prices on the local market and often we manage to.

Even if sometimes the price range when moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant differs from one company to another, the potential client should consider the inclusions and exclusions of moving services, the rating of X moving company company, the authority on the market, their fleet of trucks, and the overall approach they continuously have.

Commercial Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

If you are the owner of a restaurant in Mont-Tremblant and you have just bought new equipment or furniture, let us know and our commercial movers will transport for you any heavy and bulky object from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant or to its surroundings.

We use trucks of different sizes with ramp or equipped with a tailgate. These are trucks equipped at all times and for each situation. We train our movers so that they never damage the belongings to be moved and that they pay attention to all the details during a commercial relocation on a small or large scale.

Local Moving in Mont-Tremblant

Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

Déménagement Total is not a moving company located in Mont-Tremblant but provides local moving services in this charming city.

Given that the company regularly makes trips between Montreal and Mont-Tremblant, we are open to accepting quotes for local moves in Mont-Tremblant.

Note that the base price does not suffer in this case and the rates are based on the circumstances of the move such as:

  1. The date
  2. The number of movers to be involved
  3. The distance between addresses
  4. Items to be moved
  5. Heavy objects that exceed 250lbs
  6. The need for a packing/unpacking service
  7. Weather conditions, etc.

For major moves in Mont-Tremblant, we can send you dedicated teams for the whole day. They are highly professional movers who only go for quality service and 100% customer satisfaction.

Long Distance Moving from Mont-Tremblant

moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

Déménagement Total is a Montreal based company that provides long distance moving services throughout Quebec and Canada. We will be happy to assist you in any commercial relocation or residential moving project from Mont-Tremblant to the other provinces of our country.

Take advantage of our long distance moving packages: moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant or from Mont-Tremblant to Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador or Prince Edward Island.

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Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant
Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

Get A Quote for Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant

The price for a move from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant varies on average between $900 and $1,500. It is determined by several factors such as the number of movers, the size of the truck, the date of the move as well as related services such as furniture assembly, moving a piano or pool table installation, etc.

To know your price, Déménagement Total offers several ways to submit quotes before moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant, including:

  1. Online moving quote
  2. Moving quote by phone
  3. Moving quote via social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  4. Moving quote by videoconference (TeamViewer, FaceTime, etc.)
  5. On-site moving quote at your residence* (conditions may apply)

The most popular and transparent way to request a quote is online because you have the option to include absolutely all the details and even images and videos.

Therefore, do not hesitate to send us your relevant and exhaustive information in order to offer you the best hourly rate or fixed price, depending on several circumstances of your project.

Get a Long Distance Moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant Quote or call us at 514-652-7955


How much does a moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant cost?
The total price of a move between Montreal and Mont-Tremblant is approximately $900 to $1500, depending on the length of the process and the resources involved.
What are the travel costs when moving Montreal-Mont-Tremblant?
Travel costs while moving from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant generally constitute 3 hours, that is to say approximately 0.5 hours to get to the client and 2.5 hours for coming back to the garage.
How many days in advance should I book a moving company for a move from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant?
Usually allow at least 2-3 days for the preparation process to be done well. However, Déménagement Total even offers a last-minute moving service for this trip, given that the company has a large fleet of trucks and many full-time employees.
What is the cost of a small delivery of furniture or appliances from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant?
Usually, the cost of such a delivery is between $400 and $1,000, depending on the items to be moved and whether the grouping service is applied or not. In the case of a grouping, the costs are much cheaper than during a delivery or a move with a dedicated truck.
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