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Student Moving Discount

Student Moving Discount

Montreal Student Moving Discount

Montreal Cheap Movers for Students
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Déménagement Total provides low cost moving services for students without family who are not real estate owners. Our student moving pricing policy is extremely flexible when it comes to student relocation in Montreal owing to our high quality service and our cost-effective packages. 

Our moving company has just launched its Montreal moving discount service for students to attract student clientele in order to be even better known and recognized for its affordable movers at the best rates in the city.

Our goal is to meet the relocation needs of each of our clients, whether it is a high-end and turnkey move, a small standard local move, an economical moving or a student’s move. We Are Everywhere and For Everyone!

Montreal Student Movers

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Saving money during a move is not just a matter of desire, but above all it is a necessity for a student. We remember well the period when we were students and when every penny was important. If you have a tight budget for your move, do not hesitate to contact us to offer you a student moving discount.

This student moving service has been designed and developed by us in order to help Montreal students moving within and out of the city. Our Montreal student movers will help any university or college student to move smoothly and cost-effectively.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of our student moving packages for the long-distance moves since there are more and more people coming from Ontario and other Canadian provinces to study at different educational institutions located in Montreal.

At this point, we offer also the option of regrouped moves (or consolidated moves), when several moves are grouped in the same truck and are going in the same direction and the moving costs in this case are much lower.

Besides the moving services, our company provides appliance and furniture delivery services for students. Call on our professional student movers in order to get any IKEA furniture delivered and take advantage of our fair pricing.

All of our student movers are experienced and skilled professionals who can help you event assemble standard furniture upon delivery. Just tell us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Easy Ways to Reduce Costs for A Student Moving:

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hire our moving truck with driver only

share moving costs with your roommates

group your small move with the one of your student neighbours or friends for paying only once for the travel time

plan your long distance move beforehand to take advantage of unbeatable packages for your long distance student discount (moving flat rates for long distance Montreal-Toronto, Montreal-Quebec or Montreal-Ottawa)

call your friends and colleagues to help you during your move and you’ll save a lot of money on your moving costs

dismantle and reassemble your furniture, bring downstairs the boxes and small items by yourself to meet your moving budget

Your efforts are precious!
If you are a student and are in good physical condition and are comfortable with a little physical effort, take advantage of your cheap move now!

Book a moving truck with or without movers and we guarantee the best student moving price in MontrealFor any information call 514-652-7955

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