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Moving Montreal-Ottawa

Moving Montreal-Ottawa

Your new job in the beautiful capital of Canada encourages you to move your whole family from Montreal to Ottawa? Perhaps your company needs a business relocation or a commercial moving Montreal-Ottawa or from Ottawa to Montreal?

Déménagement Total is a company providing long-distance moving services to and from Ottawa – the National Capital of all Canadians. We know the art of planning and the flawless execution of your small or big move from Montreal to Ottawa or from Ottawa to Montreal.

Our Montreal-Ottawa movers make this route weekly. Our service includes professional packing, handling, furniture assembly and safe transportation services for any kind of heavy object between Montreal and Ottawa. From moving a few boxes to relocating large luxury houses, we will approach each project at the highest level of responsibility and dedication when moving Montreal-Ottawa.

Small Move & Student Moving Montreal-Ottawa

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As a student or an employee, if you are planning a small moving Montreal-Ottawa or a move from Ottawa to Montreal and you are looking for an inexpensive mover, try our economical formula. In this specific case, the customer is assuming full preparation in order to minimize the costs of his/her long distance move.

To save money during a residential move or a small moving Ottawa-Montreal, please consider the following before the movers arrive:

– undo the furniture

– pack the boxes beforehand

– carry small items by yourself

– get rid of unnecessary items and take essential stuff and large pieces

– avoid the first and last day of the month, as prices are higher

By taking into consideration the above-mentioned tips, you will significantly reduce your long distance moving Montreal-Ottawa costs. Nonetheless, our professional movers will always be attentive and ready to meet every ordinary and extraordinary need relating to your move. We always have alternative moving solutions!

Commercial Moving Montreal-Ottawa

moving gym equipment

We have the resources to guarantee a turnkey commercial moving Montreal-Ottawa. With our trucks of different sizes, equipped with a ramp or a tailgate, we will transport any heavy equipment for your private business or government institution. Our Ottawa-Montreal movers are comfortable with handling office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, filing cabinets, workstations, safe of various weights, etc.

When it comes to complex business relocation from Montreal to Ottawa or from Ottawa to Montreal, we also provide our packing, professional assembly of office furniture and secure transportation by clean and regularly inspected trucks. We are equipped with everything necessary and our equipment is provided free of charge during the process of moving Montreal-Ottawa, adjusting it according to your specific requirements.

Price for Moving Montreal-Ottawa

Price for moving from Montreal to Ottawa
Type of service when moving Montreal-Ottawa Average Price if moving Montreal-Ottawa
Price for a small move from Montreal to Ottawa, about 1-2 hours loading $1.300-1.700
Price for a middle-scale moving Montreal-Ottawa, about 2-4 hours loading $1.600-2.000
Price for a big moving Montreal-Ottawa, between 3-6 hours loading $1.900-2.700
Price for moving an upright piano between Montreal and Ottawa $900-1.900
Price for a grand piano moving Montreal-Ottawa $1.100-2.100
Price for moving a heavy safe between Montreal and Ottawa $1.000-1.800
Price for a small delivery between Ottawa and Montreal $1.100-1.700
Price for a pool table moving Montreal-Ottawa $1.400-2.100
Price for commercial relocation between Ottawa and Montreal $1.700-3.200

Relocation of Government Establishments between Montreal and Ottawa

Moving Company Montreal-Ottawa

Moving government establishments between Montreal and Ottawa requires specific expertise and flawless coordination.

The Déménagement Total company has distinguished itself in this field thanks to its professional approach and its exceptional logistical capabilities.

To begin with, we have extensive experience managing moves for government entities. Our team understands the special requirements and protocols necessary for these sensitive organizations.

Confidentiality, security of assets and sensitive information are top priorities, and the company has developed special procedures to ensure they are respected.

This type of move, often carried out by our company both in Montreal and Ottawa, represents a major asset. This allows us to understand the particularities of both cities, including municipal regulations, traffic requirements and logistical challenges specific to each location.

Our in-depth knowledge of these areas makes planning and executing effective government moves much easier.

In addition, Déménagement Total is equipped to manage large-scale moves.

Fleets of modern and perfectly maintained trucks, specialized lifting equipment and a team trained in handling bulky or delicate goods allow our company to handle any type of furniture or equipment, whether offices, laboratories, or complex technological infrastructures.

Project management is another strong point of Déménagement Total. Our dedicated planning team ensures careful coordination, from first contact to final delivery.

Every aspect is considered, from the initial needs assessment to the implementation of elements in the new facility, thereby minimizing operational disruption to the government organization.

Moving Montreal-Ottawa
Moving Montreal-Ottawa

Regarding the reasons for choosing our company, several factors stand out:

  1. Déménagement Total’s solid reputation in the field of government moves is reinforced by positive references and testimonials from satisfied customers;
  2. Respect of deadlines;
  3. Transparency in pricing;
  4. The quality of the service provided is regularly highlighted;
  5. Movers number 1 in Montreal according to Consumer Choice;
  6. Plus, our commitment to security and privacy is second to none. Strict security protocols and data protection measures ensure customers have peace of mind, knowing that their assets and sensitive information are in safe hands;
  7. Finally, the flexibility of Déménagement Total in customizing services according to the specific needs of each client is a major asset. We understand that every move is unique and we can tailor our services accordingly, providing a custom-made experience.

In conclusion, our company on moving Montreal-Ottawa stands out as the ideal choice for moving government establishments.

Our expertise, logistical capacity, commitment to security and personalized approach make us a reliable partner to ensure successful and hassle-free moves for these sensitive entities.

Non-Standard Items When Moving Montreal-Ottawa

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We all know how to move boxes and other small items, including small furniture or household appliances.

In all houses, we find items that are already bigger or more complex to move, like massive furniture (a bookcase or a bed, for example) or more fragile items (like a large 4K TV). That will surely be your case when moving Montreal-Ottawa.

But let us imagine for a moment that we also find in your house less common items like an aquarium, a home gym, a piano or a pool table. Even worse, imagine you need to move a restaurant with very large equipment and counters.

How about moving very heavy industrial equipment like a hydraulic press?

In such cases, more than in any other, you need to call upon moving Montreal-Ottawa experts that master the proper techniques and who have the right equipment to do the handling correctly, without injuring themselves or damaging your items.

Montreal-Ottawa Corporate Moving Services

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Thinking of moving your business from Montreal to Ottawa? Company relocation is difficult because the employees, their families and belongings must be physically moved without compromising their social and financial life.

But to thrive and grow, you have to take steps that are temporarily painful but pay off in the long run. Once you have planned the corporate moving Montreal-Ottawa, you may come across moving management companies that offer corporate moving services.

Moving a business from Montreal to Ottawa can be difficult without proper navigation and logistics. The scenario gets worse when the employer comes across an inexperienced moving company.

Corporate relocation is an investment in your business, so do your research thoroughly before making a decision.

Budget-friendly planning and logistics are crucial if you are looking for a corporate moving service provider. Also, you need to be very aware of your budget and your time. This can prevent unexpected problems that may arise in the future.

With the help of the corporate moving services of a genuine and experienced Montreal to Ottawa moving company, budget, logistics and planning issues become less intense.

If you are thinking of moving a business from Montreal to Ottawa, you should opt for experienced and qualified long-distance commercial movers who offer interprovincial moving services and long-distance commercial services.

Déménagement Total is a professional Montreal-Ottawa long-distance commercial and corporate moving company with highly equipped and qualified hands.

Choose An Authentic Moving Montreal-Ottawa Service Provider

Moving Montreal-Ottawa
Moving Montreal-Ottawa

Always opt for Montreal-Ottawa long-distance commercial movers who offer a diverse network of suppliers, which can accommodate all sizes of residential and commercial moves.

Déménagement Total offers corporate relocation across Canada, long-distance commercial moves, long-distance office moves and dedicated relocation services on their highly equipped trucks of various sizes (size of 20, 22, 30, 53ft trucks).

Opt for a Montreal-Ottawa moving company that offers more structured control over your move and provides services including:

  • Moving employees and their families
  • Moving their household
  • Help employees find permanent accommodation
  • Transport their cars, etc.

These are complex and unprecedented services in the long-distance moving industry between the two cities and we are very proud to achieve it!

Trust the most experienced and reliable Montreal-Ottawa movers since 2016 and you will never regret it thanks to the professionalism of our employees, the excellent customer service and our competitive rates.

Moving from Ottawa to Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Moving Montreal-Ottawa

When it comes to a high budget long-distance move, each person is shopping around in order to find the most optimal and appropriate solution, taking into account the value for money.

Déménagement Total offers strategic long-distance moving solutions from Ottawa to any city in the provinces of Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador or Prince Edward Island. Although our company is based in Montreal, we do also serve such directions as:

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Quebec City

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Chicoutimi

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Val-d´Or

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Rimouski

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Rivière-du-Loup

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Saguenay

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Gaspésie

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Winnipeg

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Saint John

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Halifax

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Fredericton

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to St. John’s

Long-distance moving from Ottawa to Charlottetown

Pricing of long-distance movers Ottawa
Type of service Average price for moving from Ottawa
Price for a small move from Ottawa to Toronto $2.500-3.700
Price for a middle-scale move between Ottawa and Toronto $2.800-4.100
Price for a big move Ottawa-Toronto $3.800-5.200
Moving price Ottawa-Quebec City, loading between 2-4 hours $2.100-3.700
Price for moving from Ottawa to Quebec City, loading between 4-6 hours $4.600-6.900
Price for moving from Ottawa to Halifax $5.800-8.500
Price for moving from Ottawa to Val-d’Or $3.700-5.200
Price for moving between Ottawa and Mont-Tremblant, up to 2 hours loading $1.800-3.500
Price for moving from Ottawa to Winnipeg $7.800-13.800
Price for moving from Ottawa to Gaspésie $6.800-9.700
Price for moving from Ottawa to Calgary $14.000-25.000
Price for moving from Ottawa to Vancouver $18.000-27.000


Montreal to Ottawa Moving Quote

Moving Montreal-Ottawa
Moving Montreal-Ottawa

Choosing a reliable mover is very difficult considering so many Montreal to Ottawa moving companies.

Déménagement Total is proud to have won the recognition of excellence award from Consumer Choice for the category “The best moving company on the Island of Montreal in 2024” and it is not by chance.

Our team stands out for the different attitude towards the whole process; the attitude of excellent customer service, the movers’ attitude towards your belongings, the owners and founders of Déménagement Total who constantly invest in the fleet of trucks and equipment, etc. Everything we do, we do for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Before submitting your moving Montreal-Ottawa get a quote form, please make sure to take everything into consideration. For us, every single moving detail and circumstance is important to have a transparency and in order to provide you with the best moving offer.

Get a Quote for Long-Distance Moving Montreal-Ottawa or call us at 514-652-7955


When should you order a service if moving Montreal-Ottawa?
Ideally - as soon as possible. It is desirable that you book a long-distance moving Montreal-Ottawa at least 1 week before the big day.
What is the best moving company from Montreal to Ottawa?
For the past few years, Déménagement Total has been considered the leader in long-distance moving in the province of Quebec. The Montreal-Ottawa moving service is no exception.
How much does a Montreal-Ottawa move cost?
Normally, a moving Montreal-Ottawa for a medium-sized apartment or a small house costs between $1400 and $2300. However, several factors could influence the total price.
How to choose the right Montreal-Ottawa movers?
It is very important to check the reviews of the movers on Google and on different social networks, as well as to check how long the moving company has been in business.
Can you save money on a consolidated move from Montreal to Ottawa?
Definitely yes! A grouped or consolidated move gives customers the possibility of grouping their personal belongings with the stuff of other customers, thus offering the chance to save money and reduce transport costs. Usually, we exercise this type of move over long distances and when it comes to a few items to be moved during a grouping.
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