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Last Minute Moving
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Need Last Minute Movers in Montreal or Its Surroundings?

Déménagement Total offers its emergency moving and last minute moving services with no moving price inflation. Our mission is to help people who are looking for fast moving and cheap moving services in Montreal, by observing and always taking into account their moving budget.

Do You Need a Last Minute Small Move in Montreal?

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Our teams of professional movers are daily on the roads of the metropolitan area of Montreal and this gives us the possibility to intervene ASAP in the event of rapid moves and last minute moving solutions without any prior planning.

Call us right now at 514-652-7955 for an urgent move and you will be a witness that our last minute moving team is coming within 30 to 45 minutes to start your small move or your emergency delivery in Montreal, on the South Shore or the North Shore.

What’s the Last Minute Moving Cost in Montreal?

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According to our availability, the price of last minute moving will never be affected by your need to move urgently, whether it is a move cancelled at the last minute by another moving company or that the movers of another company showed up with a small and improper truck that is not big enough to take in your stuff in one shot.

We approach the last minute residential moving as a phenomenon that can occur even to very organized and disciplined people and that is why we never punish our customers with our moving overpricing. We recognize that everything could happen, especially when facing force majeure circumstances.  

The average cost of a last minute moving service follows the same trend as the regular or standard moving price depending on the moving period, the objects to move, the floors, the complexity of the movers’ work and the distance between locations. It is adjusted only in the event that additional human resources and logistical solutions are urgently solicited.

Last Minute Office Relocation in Montreal

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Our last minute commercial moving service is always available and accessible. We are able to plan a last minute moving process and organize spontaneously the relocation of your company involving a lot of human resources as well as several trucks and moving equipment at a time.

The cost of last minute moving service is never exaggerated at Déménagement Total! We simply do our job and we are always ready to help people and companies upon an extremely short notice when last minute moving.

Last Minute Long Distance Move from Montreal

When it comes to a long distance move, of course a detailed planning is required. However, life brings us surprises and sometimes we overcome the needs and problems of moving at the last minute over a long distance.

Déménagement Total is always ready to help you in your long distance last minute moving project, either in the province of Quebec or for any emergency moving needs such as last minute moving from Montreal to Toronto, Montreal to Ottawa, Quebec City, or to any other city across the country.

Last Minute Moving Trucks

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Our moving trucks allow us to provide professional last minute moving services to several clients at the same time, our reliable movers being always ready to serve you.

You will always benefit from absolutely clean trucks because, after each move, we do the cleaning and we make sure that each of our trucks is equipped correspondingly.

We are also able to intervene urgently for your last minute moving needs in Châteauguay, Saint-Constant, Boucherville, Blainville, Boisbriand, Mirabel, Saint-Eustache, Mascouche, anywhere on the North Shore and the South Shore and even in the Laurentians.

Follow our customers’ reviews on Google, Facebook or YouTube to see our contributions on their last minute moving and do not hesitate to contact us to make your moving appointment!

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