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Moving Blainville

Moving Blainville

Moving Blainville – moving to Blainville is the dream of many families to find themselves in a green, peaceful and harmonious environment.

Blainville has been voted one of the best neighbourhoods to live in, in all of Quebec. The diversity, culture and the many things to do in this awesome neighbourhood make it top on the list of amazing places to live.

The amazing festivals throughout the year is just one of this town’s most endearing attractions. So moving Blainville is a very popular destination for many Quebecers. Hiring the Déménagement Total moving company, the best Blainville movers, makes perfect sense.

Our moving company in Blainville offers residential moving services sustained by our best movers in Blainville who will take care of your moving project from A to Z.

Déménagement Total is continuously investing in ensuring that the quality of its services is superior compared to other Blainville movers, attracting our customers by our exemplary moving services at unbeatable prices.

Therefore, if you see our moving trucks in your neighbourhood, it’s meaning that your neighbours have entrusted us with their removals and, thereafter, do not hesitate to seek advice from them as concerning our services and our prices.

Many of our clients are repeat customers or have been referred by friends of family. This makes our moving company in Blainville very proud. We work extremely hard to maintain a first-class reputation when moving Blainville.

Feel free to consult our moving reviews on Google or Facebook to be sure on the choice of a trustworthy moving company. We are confident you won’t be disappointed in what you see!

Stress-Free Moving to Blainville 

moving Blainville

Since moving is one of the most stressful events in the life of an adult, our team will scrupulously assist you in every single step of your move. We try to make your move as an unforgettable and pleasant stage of your life by starting with an estimate and a good planning of the move until the whole process of moving in and putting your stuff in the right place.

When doing an estimate our movers in Blainville will ask you a number of questions in order to gauge the scope and the size of your move. Some of the questions you may be asked are, but not limited to:

  • How big is the property you are moving from? A large home? A small apartment?
  • Do you have a lot of heavy items like a pool table? Hot tub? Gazebo? Piano?
  • In the case of super heavy items, if there is no easy access to these things from the ground floor, we can bring in a crane to lift items from a second story balcony or other raised window. No challenge is too big for our movers in Blainville.
  • Do you require our packing services? Our Blainville movers will come to your home and strategically pack all our items in a professional way.
  • Do you require our junk removal services? We can take you unwanted junk to the dump or local recycling center.
  • Do you need furniture disassembly and reassembly? If so, our expert movers in Blainville can do this for you, regardless of the brand or type of furniture when moving Blainville.
  • Does your place have ground floor access? Are there stairs, elevators or any obstacles that could make it more challenging for our Blainville movers to go to and from your home to the truck?
  • How big of a truck will you be needing? This will be dependent on how many items you have to move. We will be able to recommend a size once we know the amount of things you have. We also have various sized trucks to suit all the needs of our customers moving Blainville.
  • Do you want your vehicle moved alongside your residential move? If so, we offer professional driving services.
  • What is the season you are moving? If you are moving in the winter there may be more challenges, but the cost may be higher during our high-season in the summer. These are factors to consider when moving Blainville.
  • Is your move in date different from your move out date? If this is the case, our Blainville movers will pick up your things and take them to one of our storage facilities. Your things will be kept safe in our temperature controlled, clean and monitored warehouses until you are ready to have your things delivered to your new home.

Our teams of movers in Blainville are made up exclusively of qualified movers, who are well trained by our staff and who will smile at you throughout your move. These are trusted movers who have proven their expertise in moving prestigious villas and houses in Blainville without any damage and always keeping their good level of professionalism.

Moving Blainville
Moving Blainville

Our tasks during a turnkey Blainville moving service are:

  1. packing and unpacking of all fragile and non-fragile objects and personal belongings;
  2. putting all fragile objects in boxes;
  3. disassembly and reassembly of your furniture;
  4. careful packing of your furniture;
  5. loading, safe transportation and unloading of all your goods.

Our customers have spoken and our moving company Blainville offers the most comprehensive and complete turnkey moving service in the business. You get truly masterful service when you hire our professional and accomplished Blainville movers.

We’ll Help You Save Money When Moving Blainville

moving Blainville

If you choose our economical moving Blainville option, we suggest that you take care of:

  • dismantling of your furniture before the arrival of the movers. If you want to be really safe, use blankets and plastic wrap to protect your furniture from bumps while being moved.
  • packaging of your furniture and appliances (please note that in case of a packing made by our customer, the insurance is not applicable). This is because we cannot guarantee that proper packing techniques have been used and therefore items may get damaged and things shift in the moving truck while moving Blainville.
  • putting everything in boxes by yourself (you can buy moving boxes from a specialized store or with us). Our moving company Blainville always recommends you buy the highest quality boxes that you can afford. You wouldn’t think buying a cheap box would be much of a problem, but sadly we have seen first hand the damage done to items in flimsy boxes. We don’t want any of our customers to experience damaged goods when moving Blainville.
  • individual transport of small, non-heavy items. If you are able to box up a few items and transport them in your own vehicle or borrow a friend’s pick-up truck, this can save you a bit of money as you could potentially only need one of our smaller professional moving trucks from our moving company Blainville.
  • Down-size your items. Give things away that you are no longer using or needing. That includes things like toys, old clothing, small kitchen appliances, gym equipment, old furniture, etc. Oftentimes moving is the perfect opportunity to clean house. On a positive note, you can even sell some of your old things and make a little extra money in the process.

If you are unsure of the proper techniques to perform when moving Blainville we are happy to give advice and tips. Check out our Youtube channel to see some examples.

We understand that not everyone can afford the top-tier services, but we are always here to offer support and help regardless of how big or small your move is.

Reliable Movers in Blainville

Moving Blainville - 3

Our moving services in Blainville and moving on the North Shore of Montreal include several related services, including:

Moving can present a lot of unexpected challenges when moving Blainville. Don’t get caught unprepared. Hiring a professional moving company is one of the best things you can do to make your move operate smoothly and succinctly.

Our Blainville movers can take care of everything with your move. You can turn it all over to us and breathe a sigh of relief. Plus peace of mind is often priceless. And peace of mind is exactly what you will get when you hire our best Blainville movers to handle your move.

Are you Moving Long Distance from or to Blainville?

moving Blainville

Déménagement Total provides long distance moving services from Blainville or to Blainville at low and competitive prices.

Entrust us with your “Blainville Long Distance Move” and your stuff will arrive the next day in any city in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Manitoba. Our fast movers will do everything possible to make your express move a great memorable experience to recommend to your friends.

We carry out such long distance relocation projects as: long distance moving from Blainville to Toronto or Mississauga, moving Blainville to Quebec City, moving Blainville to Rimouski, movers from Blainville to Ottawa or Gatineau, or

moving from Blainville to Chicoutimi, moving Blainville to Gaspé, moving Blainville to Sherbrooke, Blainville movers to Halifax, and many other directions…


Book Us Today If Moving Blainville

Moving Blainville
Moving Blainville

The city of Blainville is a popular destination and our Blainville moving company is booked quickly. Do not put it off for longer than necessary.

To facilitate your local or long distance moving preparations in Blainville, our process for obtaining a quote is quick and efficient.

By contacting us, you can receive a detailed estimate within 15 minutes to 2 hours, tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team carefully reviews your requirements and the scope of your move to develop an accurate proposal.

Whether you are considering a local moving service in Blainville or to remote destinations, our commitment is to provide you with a clear and complete quote, giving you an accurate view of the costs and services included so you can plan with confidence.

If you know you are moving to Blainville, call our movers today. Get a free and accurate quote now!

For a long or short-distance moving service in Blainville, Get A Quote now or call us at 514-652-7955


How to choose the best moving company in Blainville?
Déménagement Total stands out for its local expertise, exceptional customer service and years of experience in the Blainville region. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a trusted choice.
What services do you offer for moving in Blainville?
We offer a full range of services, from residential to commercial moving, including packing, secure transportation, and unpacking on arrival, tailored to each specific need.
What criteria guarantee the reliability of a moving company in Blainville?
Déménagement Total is an approved, accredited, insured company with a team of trained professionals, offering a guarantee of quality, safety and compliance with deadlines.
How can I estimate the costs of moving to Blainville?
Our transparent and personalized estimation process allows us to evaluate your specific needs to provide an accurate quote, without hidden costs or surprises, and all within 15 minutes to 2 hours.
Why choose Déménagement Total for my move to Blainville?
In addition to our established reputation, we offer exceptional customer service, competitive rates and a personalized approach to each move, striving to make your experience stress-free and worth recommending to your friends.
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