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Moving Company in Quebec

Moving Company in Quebec

Moving Company in Quebec City

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Finding a moving company in Quebec that will meet all your needs is not an impossible task if you do a little research on the best moving companies in the “Capitale-Nationale”.

Déménagement Total is a Quebec moving company with trucks throughout Quebec, whose goal is to provide local and long-distance moving services throughout the province and elsewhere.

Being a reference and a leader in the moving industry in Montreal since 2016, Déménagement Total invests permanently in its fleet of trucks and in its staff in order to succeed in its services for the inhabitants of all major cities in Quebec.

The advantage of our moving company in Quebec is the impeccable quality of service. However, we can mention and enumerate several reasons why our customers choose us:

  • A fleet of well-maintained trucks of various sizes with plenty of custom equipment for every small or large project. We have 14-foot trucks for small deliveries, 20 to 30 foot trucks for medium and large moves as well as 53 foot trailers for very large local or long-distance moving projects.
  • Professional movers. We only hire experienced movers who are vetted upon hiring. We require criminal records and references from their former employers. Our movers in Quebec also follow mandatory training within our company to get used to our style of work and the meticulousness for which we are known.
  • Exceptional customer service. Our customer service representatives will answer any questions you may have and suggest the best options for you to have a successful move.
  • Complex moving services, including dismantling and reassembly of furniture; moving heavy and fragile objects; delivery of packaging material; sale of moving boxes; complete or partial packing of your belongings; storage, etc.
  • Possibility of hiring our moving services at the last minute (provided that we will have trucks and teams available the same day)
  • Completely affordable prices with no pre-negotiated extras. We are also recognized as a company that offers transparent rates that are based on an exact list and the circumstances described by the customer in writing in the quote request. We always remain correct in relation to the price and to everything that we initially offer to the customer.

Exceptional Moving Services in Quebec

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Our moving company is ubiquitous in beautiful Quebec City, having opened a branch to meet local and long-distance moving needs of its inhabitants.

As in Montreal, our goal is to impress our customers in Quebec City with the high quality of the moving service versus a very affordable price. We will work hard to make you happy during your move and we know that you will be extremely happy to have chosen us!

Déménagement Total focuses on unprecedented customer satisfaction in the field of moving. To this end, we constantly try to optimize current costs, while maintaining the quality of work.

The movers who work for our company are the best paid in the industry in Quebec because we appreciate their efforts and since their contribution to the success of the company is inevitable.

Best Movers in Quebec

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

As everywhere in the province, in Quebec, our movers have the mission to fully satisfy the specific requirements of all our customers without exception. Déménagement Total’s expert movers are universal employees, who are comfortable with different types of moving-related work.

When hiring our movers in Quebec City, you will not only get transportation service for your furniture and appliances, but also such adjacent services as:

  • A free consultation before moving to save money during the process and to optimize costs
  • Complete packing of all belongings to be moved or partial packing of larger items only (depending on the individual requirements of each client)
  • Packing of personal belongings (including the stuff and utensils from the kitchen, the bathroom, etc.)
  • Dismantling and reassembly of your furniture and the installation
  • Moving extremely heavy, bulky, and fragile objects
  • Picking up moving debris after the service (we pick up unused boxes, adhesive tape, wardrobe boxes, moving blankets, used mattress covers, etc.)
  • Picking up old household appliances or furniture to have them thrown away at the Ecocentre
  • After sales service.
Moving Quebec
Moving Quebec

It is also important to mention that the movers of our moving company in Quebec are all full-time employees and are verified over the years.

Beyond the requirements on the legal status, the continuous training and the experience of each mover working for our company, we also evaluate the personal and interpersonal qualities of each candidate, among which:

  • Discipline at work
  • Punctuality
  • Non-consumption of drugs nor alcohol
  • Respect for customers and work ethic
  • Cleanliness of work clothes and uniforms
  • Knowledge of the French language
  • Intolerance towards racism or discrimination
  • Meticulousness in the work and the very high degree of attention

These are just some criteria according to which we offer work opportunities to our movers and it makes a big difference in providing the best quality during a move.

Local Moving in Quebec City

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

As a company on the rise throughout Quebec, Déménagement Total offers local moving services in Quebec City and surrounding areas.

Locally, we charge a minimum of 2 hours of work plus 1 hour for travel time in the case of 2 movers and 3 working hours plus 1 hour for traveling in the case of 3 professional movers.

Hourly rates are fixed according to the following criteria and circumstances:

  1. Date of the move
  2. Season of the year
  3. Floors and stairs to go up and down
  4. Heavy items to move
  5. Size of the truck to be used
  6. Requirement to wrap personal belongings in whole or in part
  7. Packaging material to be used
  8. Special equipment to be involved such as: tailgate, crane, forklift, jigger, etc.
  9. The need to involve additional movers
  10. Moving by the balcony or by the window.

Residential Move in Quebec City

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Residents of Quebec City can trust us for any standard or complicated move. Our residential moving service in Quebec has no limits, no matter how complex the job.

Our movers in Quebec take care of the packaging to the transport and unpacking of any piece to be moved with a n utmost precaution.

In Quebec, we move all types of property, including but not limited to:

We also offer a moving service for students in Quebec. The goal is to help CEGEP and university students move efficiently and inexpensively.

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Our company’s residential movers can move everything except:

  • Animals: it is strictly forbidden to transport animals in our trucks
  • Flammable products: we will not transport any flammable products or perishable goods
  • Food products: transporting food products is not our specialty
  • Hazardous, petroleum, toxic and chemical products
  • Jewels and works of art of great value: we do not assume responsibility for transporting such objects.

Commercial Relocation in Quebec City – Office Movers

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Déménagement Total is also recognized as a solid supplier of commercial and corporate moving services in Quebec. We move all kinds of businesses, from small shops to large warehouses and workshops.

Considering the particularity of Quebec City as a political capital of the province, we also offer government moving services.

It is a predestined service to government structures, including:

  • Relocation of ministerial staff
  • Relocation of offices and workstations for ministries
  • Relocation of provincial agencies and institutions
  • Assembly of office furniture for government agencies in Quebec
  • Moving heavy and bulky objects such as heavy safes, photocopiers, filing cabinets, etc. for SAAQs, SAQs, Revenue Quebec, etc.
  • Transport and moving of archives, libraries, lockers for schools, CEGEPs and universities, etc.

We also offer our hospital equipment moving service in Quebec. It is a service that requires special skills and extensive experience, which Déménagement Total has.

We are open for long- and short-term contracts for office moves, owned by the City of Quebec.

Our commercial delivery service is still available for businesses. Our deliverers can transport all types of merchandise for your business in Quebec, such as: household appliances, furniture, safes, ceramics, pallets, restaurant equipment, decorations, etc.

Trust our commercial movers in Quebec and you will not regret it, given the high quality of service versus the fairly affordable and competitive moving prices.

Moving Heavy Objects in Quebec City

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Déménagement Total in Quebec offers moving services for large weights, oversized objects and extra-heavy items.

We have equipment specially designed and trained for this purpose that will simply impress you with their techniques and working methods.

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Among the heavyweights that we move to Quebec, we can cite the following:

  • Aquarium moving
  • Relocation of marble, granite, quartz countertops
  • Moving bathtubs
  • Moving cast iron radiators
  • Moving commercial stoves and cooktops
  • Moving of commercial refrigerators
  • Relocation of fire vaults and dies, etc.

There are plenty of heavy objects that can be noticed there, but there is no limitation for our strong movers who know how to move them in a smart way.

Piano Movers in Quebec

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

The piano is a very difficult object to move if one does not have special knowledge and skills. Our piano movers in Quebec are used to moving any type of piano.

Our piano moving service includes the following:

1. Upright Piano Movers in Quebec. It is a service for individuals and businesses needing to move an upright piano of any height to any floor.
2. Moving Grand Piano to Quebec. The service is specially designed for music schools, concert halls, special events, etc.
3. Harpsichord Move. The transport of such a delicate and heavy object is carried out mainly for churches in the City of Quebec or elsewhere.

Our piano moving teams in Quebec City are equipped with piano skids, swivel carts, trucks equipped with a tailgate, etc.

We also have the possibility, as the case might be, to even involve a crane truck to lift the piano to the balcony, the terrace, or the window. This is a rare and exceptional service in Quebec City and must be reserved well in advance.

Pool Table Moving in Quebec City

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Our moving company in Quebec also stands out from the competition by the fact that we are very multilateral and we provide related services such as moving pool tables.

Our technicians are specialized in moving and installing billiard tables, carom, French, English or American billiards.

They are experts in replacing pool table cloth and rubber bumpers with high precision and performance. They know how to professionally assemble and level the pool table.

Moving Snooker Tables in Quebec

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

In Quebec there are not many companies specializing in moving snooker tables, because it is a very delicate job that requires skills and training.

Déménagement Total’s snooker table movers have the right skills and competencies to ensure a high level of professionalism for:

  • Complete dismantling of a snooker table
  • Careful packaging piece by piece of the table
  • Transport of the snooker table
  • Unpacking
  • Reassembly and installation of snooker tables
  • Snooker table levelling
  • Change of cloth, if necessary.

Please trust us for this very specific kind of work and you will be satisfied with the attention, meticulousness, and cleanliness that our snooker table movers in Quebec will demonstrate all over the process.

Home Furniture Assembly in Quebec

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Furniture assembly is often part of a residential or commercial move. This is why we offer our furniture assembly services in Quebec.

Often, during a move, it is necessary to disassemble and reassemble more or less standard furniture and this service represents a moving service from A to Z.

However, we offer another service called furniture assembly service with or without delivery. Our deliverers can pick up the furniture from a private individual or a store to have them installed afterwards at your home.

IKEA furniture is the furniture most often encountered in assembly in Quebec. Our IKEA furniture assemblers know all the models and have the right skills to guarantee the best quality of service.

Déménagement Total has also launched a kitchen installation service in Quebec for people who need assembly and installation of prefabricated kitchen furniture.

Quebec City Long-Distance Movers

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

The difference between a local moving company and a long-distance moving company is significant.

Usually, long-distance moving companies in Quebec have more equipment, infrastructure, manpower, trucks, warehouses, etc. in order to better serve people moving to or from Quebec City.

Déménagement Total is no exception and has the most extensive knowledge and infrastructure possibilities in order to provide the best long-distance moving services anywhere in Canada, with Quebec City as a starting point or destination.

Our long-distance movers in Quebec regularly make trips to Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and even to Vancouver and Calgary.

Moving Prices in Quebec City

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

As mentioned above, the price of a move in Quebec and across Canada is conditioned by several factors and circumstances.

However, we will try to give some examples of prices according to the month of the year.

Here is the pricing for our moving services in Quebec City. The price is offered for 2 movers with a well-equipped 20-to-22-foot truck:

• January – $160 to $170/hour
• February – $165 to $175/hour
• March – $170 to $180/hour
• April – $175 to $195/hour
• May – $180 to $240/hour
• June – $220 to $340/hour
June 30 – $360 to $430/hour
July 1 – $390 to $450/hour
July 2 – $350 to $390/hour
• July – $180 to $280/hour
• August – $160 to $180/hour
• September – $150 to $180/hour
• October – $160 to $180/hour
• November – $150 to $180/hour
• December – $150 to $180/hour

Note that to working hours we add travel fees which, generally, within Quebec City are 1 hour for the round trip of the truck to the garage.

For more moving price options in Quebec City (e.g. 3 movers, a larger or smaller truck, special equipment, etc.), please request an online quote or call us.

Moving Quote in Quebec City

Moving Company in Quebec
Moving Company in Quebec

Given a large volume of calls, we encourage you to request an online quote. It’s simple, easy, and very fast! The answer will be sent to you within a maximum of 2 hours during opening hours.

If you need to speak on the phone directly with one of our representatives, do not hesitate to do so. We will be happy to help you, to accompany you in your steps before moving and to suggest tips and advice.


What services are offered by a moving company in Quebec?
A moving company in Quebec offers a range of services, including local and long distance moving, packing, unpacking, secure transportation of goods, assembly/disassembly of furniture, and much more.
How to choose a local mover in Quebec?
To choose a local mover in Quebec, you should first check their legal status, ask for recommendations, obtain quotes from several companies, and compare the rates and services offered to find the one that best meets your needs.
What are the costs associated with a local move to Quebec?
The costs of a local move in Quebec vary depending on the size of the house, the distance, the number of movers needed, and additional services. It is best to get a personalized quote from the moving company. However, the hourly rate for a moving service in Quebec varies between $150 and $200 per hour plus travel time costs.
What is the difference between a local and long-distance move in Quebec?
A local move in Quebec involves moving within the city or region, while a long-distance move involves moving over a greater distance, sometimes even across provincial borders.
How can I estimate the price of my move to Quebec?
The price of your move to Quebec will depend on several factors, such as the distance, the quantity of goods to be moved, additional services (packaging, dismantling/assembly of furniture, heavy and bulky objects, etc.), and the period of the move. To obtain an accurate estimate, it is recommended to request a personalized quote from the moving company.
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