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Moving Griffintown

Moving Griffintown

Moving Griffintown

Moving Service in Griffintown: Punctual and Reliable Movers
moving Griffintown

Déménagement Total is a professional moving company based in Montreal, providing affordable moving services in Griffintown at the very best price. Our professional and highly trained Griffintown movers mainly provide services to our local Montreal community as well as to all our customers moving from or to its surroundings.

Our mission is to simplify your moving process and to guarantee the best moving specialists in the city so that you won’t have to worry. Our reliable movers in Griffintown will provide residential and commercial moving services you can trust. These are all inclusive specialized services that are provided exclusively by professionals. Our movers will take care that your items are properly secured during the move and that they are transferred to your designated location in the same condition as initially seen at the pickup address.

When Moving Griffintown, Déménagement Total offers:

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Should You Tip the Movers and If So, How Much?

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Tipping a mover in Montreal is a very delicate matter. Since all members of our staff are currently or have been in the past professional movers, we can just give some advices on tipping movers.

NB: this is our own opinion on tipping movers and it is based on our personal moving experience. Before going into figures, please consider:

  1. Your satisfaction level in general and how efficiently movers have contributed to your move
  2. Such moving circumstances as floors and stairs, the length of your move, the heavy objects they moved in or out, the weather conditions, the extra they did for you, etc.
  3. The movers’ kindness and responsiveness to your specific requests
  4. If the movers came on a last minute call and in case of emergency
  5. And finally, make a simple comparison between tipping servers in Montreal who, normally, are serving you during 1-2 hours and get a 15-20%, and tipping movers who have been working for you half a day or even all the day, working hard and physically.

Eventually, we encourage our customers to tip all movers based on their individual performance. This would stimulate movers to keeping working and practicing such a hardworking job.

An average moving tip is estimated to $5/hour per each mover. Nevertheless, nobody could force nor insist on tips and it is really a matter of our customer’s pleasure, confidence and appreciation of the movers’ work.


Trust Us, We Are Professional Movers!

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